Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy A7 feature image

10 Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy A7

Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy A7 feature image

The Samsung Galaxy A7 released last year and did really well in the upper-mid range market. The smartphone sold well and is still considered a great option for a budget conscious customer. If you happen to own that great looking device, this article will introduce some tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy A7 so that you can enjoy the device to the full extent.

The 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with its full HD 1080p resolution makes for a great viewing experience. I have said this before; Samsung displays are some of the best you can find on a smartphone, and it holds true in the case of Samsung Galaxy A7. Sure, it lacks the sharpness of a QHD display, but you won’t even notice that unless you look really close.

The tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy A7 will range from common to rare, but chances are, you will have a great time learning about the smartphone you own. I certainly had a great time researching. So without further banter, let’s start with the tricks and tips for Samsung Galaxy A7.

1. Turn Off Flipboard

Turn off Flipboard

Samsung for some reason decided to include Flipboard on the home screen of Samsung Galaxy A7, and it didn’t go over well with a lot of users. Flipboard is cool and all, but I don’t want the app as my home screen.

Thankfully you can turn off this feature if you don’t like it. You can turn it off by giving a blank spot on the homescreen a long press the screen until the home screen manager pops open. Then, tap on the Home Screen Settings >Flipboard Briefing and uncheck the option. The Flipboard is a good addition for those who want to get little nuggets of information but usually ends up being an annoyance in the long run.

2. Change the Font

Change the Font

The default font featured on almost every Samsung smartphone is good, but it is not great. If you want your smartphone to look different than the millions of other users, you can surely use a change of font. While it may seem like a small change, swapping a font radically alters the whole look of your smartphone.

To change the font head over to the Settings > Display and wallpaper > Font. From there not only you will be able to change the font but also select its size. If you are nearsighted and need a larger font, the extra-large font option can help you out greatly. It is also advisable to use a bigger font on your smartphone to avoid straining the eyes.

3. Take Palm Selfies

Take Palm Selfies

Taking a selfie on your Samsung Galaxy A7 is fairly easy, but the large size of the smartphone sometimes makes it hard to hit the shutter button. Especially if you are taking a group selfie and the smartphone is in landscape mode, it becomes even harder to hit the shutter button.

Thankfully you can raise up your palm, and the smartphone will automatically detect it and take a picture. A simple point to be noted here is that you don’t have to shove the palm on the lens for the phone to detect it. Raise your palm, keep it steady and the phone will do the rest. The feature is turned on by default, so you don’t even have to go to the camera settings for this one.

4. Ultrapower Saving Mode

Ultrapower Saving Mode 1

The Samsung Galaxy A7 comes with an ultra-power saving mode that helps you conserve battery. This mode is different than the regular power saving mode in some ways. The standard power saving mode simply closes down certain features to save the battery and even turns the brightness a bit lower.

The ultra-power saving mode makes some drastic changes to the smartphone. Your screen will turn greyscale; that is a fancy word for black and white, and a ton of features will be shut down. You will be able to make regular calls and even send the good old fashioned messages, but apart from that, the functionality will be restricted. The best thing about this mode is that it can make one charge last for days.

Ultrapower Saving Mode 2

That’s right; I said days instead of a couple of extra hours. Remember how old school smartphones needed to be charged once a week? This mode makes the Samsung Galaxy A7 just like them, not only regarding battery life but also functionality. You can easily enable it from the notification bar.

5. Use Themes

Use Themes

The new themes featured on the Samsung Galaxy A7 allow you to drastically change how the smartphone looks in a few clicks. Last time I checked the theme menu was not very populated, especially when compared with the theme store found on the Samsung Galaxy S7 but there were still plenty of options available.

Not only the theme can change the whole color scheme of the phone but also replace the icons. To access the themes setting easily, long press on the home screen, and then select the Themes option and you will see a lot of different themes. Select one and tap Apply; the theme may take a little while to apply completely.

6. Change Lock Screen Animation

Change Lock Screen Animation

The lock screen animation is one of the coolest things about the Samsung Galaxy A7. It makes the phone feel alive for some reason and sets it apart from others.

Did you know you can change that ripple effect into something else entirely from the settings? That’s right, to change the lock screen unlocking effect, head over to Settings > Lock Screen >Unlock Effect. Now you can see various unlock effects; I highly recommend geometric mosaic effect.

7. Enable Developer Options

The developer options are hidden on almost any Android smartphone, but they are easy to activate. All you need to do is go to the Settings > About Device > Build Number and tap a couple of times on the Build number option in quick succession.

After a few taps, app pop-up will appear informing you that the developer options are enabled. You can do a lot of stuff in those options, but the most important one is making the animations faster.

8. Make Animations faster

Now that you are in the developer menu go to the Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and animator duration scale and turn all of them to either 0.5x or off.

You will immediately notice that the smartphone feels a lot more responsive. This is because the animations that seem to feel laggy are now shorter and faster.

9. Take Screen Shots

Take Screen Shots

To take a screenshot of any screen on your Samsung Galaxy A7, simply swipe your palm on the screen. That’s it, if you swiped the palm correctly, the smartphone would take a screenshot. It will even show the captured screen in the notification bar so you can do quick edits or shares. This option is turned on by default, so there is no need to turn it on.

10. Change Screen Mode

Change Screen Mode

The Super AMOLED screen may look beautiful, but it is certainly not a 100% color accurate. So head over to Settings > Display > Display Mode and change it to a setting that suits your needs.

There are 4 different modes available to choose from, and all of them have different looks. AMOLED Photo is the closest to reality, at least to me but a lot of people like the saturated look of the dynamic mode.


This concludes our tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone article. If you find this article helpful, do tell us about it in the comments below.

Just like always, if you have suggestions, questions or concerns, feel free to type them out in the comment section. Until next time, keep on loving Android.

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