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10 Best Travel Apps for Android, Destination: Paris

There is a high chance that visiting Paris is on your bucket list, I sure have it on mine. But if your stars have aligned and you are planning to travel to the city of love, take me with you please. If that is not feasible, take the best travel apps for Android suggested by me here. By this way, a small part of me goes with you (not in a creepy way).

Let’s establish this early, I have not been to Paris myself. All the expert tips and hints which you will find in this article are provided by my uncle who went there for his second honeymoon last year. Some of the apps were suggested by him too and worked great during my extensive testing.

Note: The best travel apps for Android were tested on Samsung Galaxy Note III. Some apps, especially the ones involving maps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S IV smartphone late last year in Paris. All the apps worked great.

1. Paris City Guide – Free

Paris City Guide

The Best Guide

Paris City Guide is the best among the travel apps for Android. This app is made by Travel Adviser, a developer which is highly proficient in making dedicated city guides. When I travel to Dubai, I used their app for business and fun. The app comes with an easy to understand user interface which is great in expressing all of its features without the need of a tutorial.

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The app also works offline but it is advisable that you download additional data to further expand offline usability. As any good city guide this travel app for Android will point you in the right direction, whether you are looking for a hotel to spend the night or a restaurant for lunch.


  • A highly user-friendly and streamlined interface.
  • Information is top notch and kept up to date.
  • The Create Your Own Trip journal is a nice touch.

Notable Feature:

The app is highly community driven and provides you insights about off the map locations and great food joints. I always try to eat from local restaurants instead of big chains and this app is very helpful in providing on hands details from fellow travelers. For general food hunting be sure to check out the best restaurant finder apps too.


2. Aeroports de Paris – Free

Aeroports de Paris

Time to Fly

This is the official Paris airport app which will save you some precious time and quite possibly money too. My French is a bit rusty but I’m pretty sure Aeroports de Paris means Paris Airport. Anyways this app comes with schedules for flight arrivals, departures, boarding gates, airline information, check-in area info and even real time notifications to any changes in flights. The app also conveys breaking news in case there are some unusual circumstances. In short, this app is almost a must if you are travelling by air.


  • A bit blocky but highly stable interface.
  • Information is very accurate and reliable.
  • You can have your own personalized tab.

Notable Feature:

The app features translated information of the signs placed throughout the Paris airport terminals. There are a bunch of languages supported too. But if you want to translate yourself, try out some of the best translator apps on Android.


3. XE Currency – Free and $1.99

XE Currency

Easy Conversions

3.A Free Version

This is for those who are traveling on a slightly tight budget. XE Currency is a nice looking currency converter which you can use to quickly convert your dollars into Euros. The app sometimes has zero impact on the prices but can certainly aid in making wise decisions. Now that we are on the topic, don’t purchase anything being vended by a person on streets, its common knowledge but we can ignore it during fun times.

Don’t purchase overpriced things which you can just as easily get at home, especially if the price back home is less. Use this app for a while and you will have general idea about how much a thing costs in Euros. If you are looking to save even more money use the best budget apps to plan accordingly. You know not everyone is a millionaire some people write about Android for a living too.

In-app Purchases: $9.99 – $90.99 per item


  • Quick and highly accurate.
  • Offers proprietary currency rates and charts.
  • Can also work when there is no internet.

Notable Feature:

One of the best things about this app is that it knows you don’t have much time. There are small touches which makes it easier to use the app at a moment’s notice, for instance you can shake your device in order to reset the rates.


3.B Paid Version

The paid version of the app removes any third part advertisements from the app. It also allows you to compare 20 currencies instead of the 10 available in the free version. There are other changes included in the paid app too, like deeper personalization and offline usage.


4. 99Taxis – Free


I’m Walking Here

Let me get one thing straight, Taxies in Paris are extremely expensive. Most people hop on one as soon as they land and later realize they just burned through 30 Euros for a 15 minute ride. So only order a taxi if you highly need a personal ride, otherwise you can travel via metro.

Now let’s get to the app at hand, 99Taxis as the name might have spoiled, is an app about ordering a taxi. The app locates you via GPS and after than you can order a taxi. It is that simple. The interface of this travel app for Android is simple and there is actually very little need to tap fingers on your smartphone.


  • A wide range of payment options is available.
  • The app claims to send a taxi in 5 minutes.
  • The app is completely free with no ads.

Notable Feature:

In case you are wondering if the app is safe or not, it is as safe as it can be. The drivers are required to register themselves with proper pictures and documents before they can start using the app.


5. Visit Paris by Metro – Free

Visit Paris by Metro

The Best Way

In the previous app I mentioned that the Metro is the best and cheapest way to travel in Paris. This app further makes it easy to travel via subterranean transportation. The app comes fully translated into German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Japanese and of course English. The RATP operates the metro, tramway, rail and bus services in the city so the information is official and authentic. The app even geo-locates your position and provide great suggestions for sightseeing.


  • Calculate your itineraries easily.
  • Can check railway routes even in offline mode.
  • Comprehensive information about tourist locations.

Notable Feature:

If you want to further expand your Metro information you can download additional but completely optional 20 MB of data. This will enable smooth offline usage.


6. TripAdvisor – Free

TripAdvisor - travel apps for Android

Take Heed

Yes this app is almost identical to the first app on the list because it is made by the same developer. This app comes bundled with new Samsung smartphones too and while I hate OEM (original electronic manufacturer) bloatware. This app is among the few bloatware exceptions which can actually be useful. This travel app for Android has a very clean interface designed to immediately provide sufficient information. If you are looking for a cheap hotel, use this app and book it.


  • Incredibly smooth user experience.
  • Details about almost every city there is, including Paris.
  • See photos of monuments and book tours.

Notable Feature:

My uncle told me there are tourist offices located in Paris which sell discounted tickets to museums at one convenient place and even without long lines. There is one located near the Opera House Gernier if I remember correctly. Book museum trips there and for the rest there is this great app which can book for you.


7. Maps by Sygic – Trial with In-app Purchases

Maps by Sygic

Guided Tours

Sygic is the best GPS navigation app for traveling abroad. The app has incredibly detailed maps which can even be used offline. The interface is hassle free and provides accurate and detailed information. The navigation works really well even when you are offline. The only downside is that you will need to download the data first. For travelers going to Paris, they will have to download 500+ MB worth of data before they can begin using the app. I recommend using a WiFi connection for faster downloads and that too before you embark on your adventure.


  • Some solid GPS navigation.
  • Powered by constantly updated Tom Tom maps.
  • Download and use the app completely offline.

Notable Feature:

Use this app when traveling on a local cab or the new friends you make. With this app you will know if they deviate from the mainstream path. It is always better to be a bit paranoid than get robbed. You can also check out the best offline navigation apps to further expand your library.


8. Duolingo – Free


Learn French

Duolingo is the number one app on the 10 best language learning apps for Android list and for good reason. This app is incredible at teaching how to speak a new language. I cannot recommend this app enough to those who are going to travel to far off lands. If you are planning a trip to French it will not hurt to know a few basic things about the language. Certainly it beats having to check the translator apps every 5 seconds. While most of the people in France can speak or understand English it never hurts to at least great in local language.


  • A truly innovate teaching method.
  • Picture to work association works.
  • Makes learning a small mini game.

Notable Feature:

You know that flight you will take is going to take a while. The time can be harvested optimally by booting up this app and learning a phrase or two in French. This makes it one of the most essential Android travel apps in my book.


9. Google Camera – Free

Google Camera

Snap Safe

You may ask what a camera app is doing in the best travel apps for Android list. Well in France you may be awestruck to see a building and stand to take a picture, the locals will surely bump into you at a surprisingly high frequency. My dear uncle broke a perfectly great DSLR because he abruptly stopped on a sidewalk to take a picture. Google Camera is simple and is hassle free. It also launches with surprisingly fast speed on almost every Android smartphone there is. Now stand to the side and snap away. Also you can check the best camera apps to broaden your selection.


  • Starts in a matter of few seconds.
  • An extremely simple interface.
  • Has a nice lens blur feature.

Notable Feature:

The photo sphere feature of this camera makes it uniquely qualified to take 360 pictures of a landmark. I personally recommend that you use the feature at least once.


10. Paris Night Light – Free

Paris Night Light

The Digital View

This is a nice live wallpaper you can put on your phone while you wait for your anticipated vacation. The soft tones of the live wallpaper make it look really attractive. This combines with gyroscope effects and animated snow makes it one of the best looking live wallpapers out there. While it is does not strictly belong to the travel apps for Android list, it certainly can brighten up your smartphone with a good view of the Eiffel tower.

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  • Runs smooth and crisp.
  • The animations look lovely.
  • The tilting effect is amazing.

Notable Feature:

You can change the amount of snow falling, the size of flakes and even the speed. This live wallpaper puts a lot of variables on your fingertips. Use the best weather widgets to ensure it is not actually snowing outside though.



Well this ends the journey of 10 best travel apps for Android and starts a new chapter in your life of adventure and fun. If you are planning to visit Paris soon, these apps will be of great assistance to you. I highly recommend learning a few important phrases of French before you go. Also remember that you greet the patrons or salesmen when you enter an establishment, this is the French custom. Generally speaking, try not to grab too much attention and don’t fall for the usual pickpocket schemes. Now then bon voyage!

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