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6 Best Treadmill Calorie Calculator

Want to know something cool? There are now treadmill calorie calculator apps for Android.

Here’s the thing:

Keeping yourself healthy by exercising is necessary. It helps improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance. Also, it is a great way to lose weight.


It is no wonder that so many people are enrolling in gyms. These places provide various types of exercise equipment to help gym members enhance their strength much faster and better.


Paying for gym membership fees can be expensive, so many are trying to work out in their own homes. In line with this, some are buying pieces of exercise equipment like stationary bikes, pull-up bars, workout machines, dumbbells, and treadmills. Also, people have also been buying smartwatches that keep track of their health.

However, there is a negative side to this.

We, regular people, do not know how every piece of equipment works. So, it is such a relief that we can use our smartphones regarding this. Searching how these machines work is easy with just a few clicks. Furthermore, there are also mobile applications you can download on your Android phones to help you with these tools.

Getting back…

There are now treadmill calorie calculator apps so that you will find it easier to see your progress as you exercise. However, there are a lot of apps like this in the Play Store, so you might get confused about which one to download. To help you with this, we curated a list of the best treadmill calorie calculator apps for Android.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

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6 Must-Have Treadmill Calorie Calculator

1. BitGym: Treadmill Trails App for Cardio Motivation

treadmill calorie calculator apps for android bitgym app logo
App Logo

Reaching your fitness goals is made fun with this app we found.


Well, BitGym lets you travel inside your home while you are exercising. The app shows you places around the globe as you run on a treadmill. Also, you can get advice from professional fitness trainers that will help you exercise more effectively.

But, the best part about this app is the treadmill calorie calculator feature. It indicates how many calories you have burned while you are running on your treadmill. This feature is a great motivator since you get to see immediately the effects of your activity.

If you are interested in using this app, you can press the Google Play button we placed below that will let you download it.

download best treadmill calorie calculator in google play

2. TreadR – Treadmill HIIT Smart Cardio Coach

best treadmill calorie calculator for android treadr app logo
App Logo

What is the use of a treadmill if you cannot even use it correctly, right?

With TreadR, you do not have to worry about that. This app walks you through how you can use a treadmill the right way. TreadR gives unlimited treadmill workouts you can choose from. And, you can even customize your workouts according to the app’s advice.

Here’s the deal:

This app also calculates how many calories you burned while you use the treadmill. And, it can also project how much you will burn when you follow each of the workouts the app offers.

download best treadmill calorie calculator in google play

3. Treadmill Workout

treadmill calorie calculator apps for android treadmill workout app logo
App Logo

Do fewer treadmill exercises but get more benefits with the Treadmill Workout app.

This app applies the HIIIT method of exercising that uses the alternation of low and high-intensity workouts using treadmills. The main purpose of this method is to let users lose weight and build more muscles in a small time frame.

What’s more:

The app also calculates the calories you will need to burn to achieve your target weight. It also gives you a treadmill workout plan to reach it. And to motivate you more, Treadmill Workout has a calorie calculator that immediately tells you how many calories you burned while you are using the treadmill.

download best treadmill calorie calculator in google play

4. Fitness App Bodyweight Workout Step Counter App

best treadmill calorie calculator Fitness app Bodyweight Workout Step counter app
App Logo

You might be thinking that this app is for a stationary bike and not for a treadmill because of the app logo, but that’s not the case.


This app is used for counting the steps you take while walking or running on a treadmill. Also, it computes how many calories you burned as you workout. You can specify when you started using the treadmill and when you stopped anytime you want.

And, to effectively use a treadmill, this app gives you workout plans that will apply to the fitness goal you are thriving for. This app also gives workouts like aerobic exercises that let users focus on their abs, leg muscles, arm fats, buttocks, and more.

But, that is not the best thing about this app.

You see, Fitness App Bodyweight Workout Step Counter App is free. This way, you will not have to pay for anything to have a fitness coach. Cool, right?

download best treadmill calorie calculator in google play

5. Calorie Counter – EasyFit free

best treadmill calorie calculator for android calorie counter app logo
App Logo

Just like the previous apps we mentioned, Calorie Counter Easyfit counts how many calories a user burns as they do treadmill exercises.

But, that is not the only thing you can do with this app.

download best treadmill calorie calculator in google play

Aside from the app offering treadmill workout plans that let users lose weight quicker, it also gives users a chance to track their progress quicker and easier. Users can even choose to input the calories they intake daily, for the results of the calculator to be more accurate and precise.

Note: This app has a paid version that you can get for $5.49. It has more features and does not contain any ads. You can download the PRO version of the app by clicking on the button we placed below.

best treadmill calorie calculator Calorie Counter - EasyFit pro
App Logo
download best treadmill calorie calculator in google play

6. Calories Burned Calculator

best treadmill calorie calculator for android calories burned calculator app logo
App Logo

If you are looking for a treadmill calorie calculator that is straightforward and simple, then this is the right app for you.

Calories Burned Calculator lets users see clearly how many calories they burned according to the information the user inputs. Like age, gender, height, weight, fitness level, and average heart rate. These data can help improve the accuracy of the app.


After inputting all of that, you will need to indicate the activity duration and what activity you did. Then, the app will show you the calories you burned during the said activity.

What makes this app one of the best ones in the App Store is the simple interface it has. A beginner can use it even if they know only a little about how to use it. Also, according to reviews and our test, the app shows accurate results.

download best treadmill calorie calculator in google play

Frequently Asked Questions

Do treadmill calorie calculator apps work?

Yes, treadmill calorie calculator apps work. All of the calculators we have included in our list work just fine. We tried and tested them, and they gave accurate results.

Are these treadmill calorie calculator apps free?

Yes, all of the treadmill calorie calculator apps we listed are available for free. Although, some of them include some ads in them due to this. However, we think that an app having ads because it is free is reasonable.

What is the best treadmill calculator app for Android devices?

The best treadmill calorie calculator that we have tried, tested, and included in our list is the TreadR app. It gives accurate and precise results. Also, it is a great app for beginners since it also gives a walkthrough of treadmill workouts users can do and the number of calories they can burn through it.

To Sum It All Up

We understand that not everyone will know about how workout equipment works. So, there is no harm in relying on mobile apps that can make learning these tools quicker and easier. In line with this, we searched for applications that can help us understand what a treadmill says while you are using it.

Now, we found these Android apps on Google Play that will tell users how many calories they burned while exercising on a treadmill. And, we hope this article could help you with understanding your treadmill better.

Did our article help you with your search for the best treadmill calorie calculator? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. Subscribe to our newsletter to know more about the latest Android news, apps, and more!

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