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5 Best and Free TV Show Apps for Android

Do you always miss out on some of the episodes of your favorite TV shows because you stayed too late at work or you were caught up in traffic?

Are you just a student who lives off their parents’ income or are depending on part-time work to pay the bills but find yourself adjusting your budget to pay for Netflix or Hulu which you really can not afford?

That won’t be a problem with these great TV show apps for Android. You don’t have to spend money or miss your favorite TV shows.

I won’t guarantee you that these apps can give you everything you want but it’s worth trying since they are free. Here’s a list of some of the best TV show apps for Android you may use to watch some of your TV shows.

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1. Tubi

tubi app
Follow your favorite shows on Tubi

Tubi is one of the free TV show Apps that lets you cut your subscription and cable bills by allowing you to register at no cost in order to access its free content anytime, anywhere.

This app has a pretty decent design and it has a feel similar to Netflix. If you are fond of watching so many shows, this app provides you with a selection of over 1,000 titles and a wide range of genres to select from and add to the queue.

The queue will keep track of all your favorite shows and their latest episodes so you can relax and binge watch anytime.

You still don’t know what show you should be watching? Well, don’t worry about that because this app lets you watch a short trailer of any title of your liking before you decide to add it to your list.

This app provides good video quality and lets you watch at adjustable resolutions. If you use cellular data connection and wants to save some MBs for later, this app is definitely for you.

This app can do a fast forward or even a rewind in case you were distracted and missed out some bits of the show.


  • Organized and neat interface
  • Great video quality
  • Useful playback features


  • 30-second ads
  • Limited selection of TV shows
Google Play

2. Pluto TV

Pluto TV
Keep up with your favorite News broadcast channels with Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a satellite TV package that contains many channels you won’t find on your regular TV. You will find different categories to flip through such as news, sports, comedy, entertainment, lifestyle, and music.

Unlike some TV show apps that require you to create an account, this one lets you use its free content without signing up. You can watch full length shows with great content at no cost.

For those who are looking for great news to watch, you won’t be disappointed because it provides broadcast channels such as CBS, NBC, and others. If you are into learning and sports, you’ll find really nice channels that provide you with that content.

Pluto TV is just like actual television but this one airs through satellite and you’ll find some channels you’ve never seen before.


  • Great channels for news and sports
  • No need to sign up for an account


  • There are commercial breaks in between the show
  • You need to follow the show’s schedule when it airs

Note: You won’t find this app on Google Play Store.

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3. ShowBox

Showbox has the latest TV shows for your Android device

Catch your favorite shows of all time on ShowBox. This app gives you good quality videos with high resolutions.

One thing you would love about this app is that it is always up to date with the shows and movies it provides. There’s a feature on the app called New Releases where you can view the dates of the shows and videos that have been released.

For those of you who watch so many shows, this app has a feature called Favorites where you put your shows and keep track of them anytime, anywhere. You won’t forget what episode you last watched when you have this enabled.

It also lets you watch a trailer of any titles before you decide that it is something meant for you. Why waste time on something you don’t like, right?

Aside from the first two apps I mentioned, this one has most of the shows you are searching for. I tried it out to see whether I could find my favorite show of all time, Game of Thrones. It was there, right from season 1 to 7.

This app so far lets you download the shows to watch later without signing up. Check out this app because you won’t be disappointed.


  • Latest movie and TV shows
  • Allows video downloads for offline viewing
  • High-resolution videos


  • Pop-up ads
  • Considered risky since it’s not from the Google Play Store
  • Content here are mostly from torrent files

Note: You won’t find this app on Google Play Store

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spb tv app
Cut your cable bills with SPB TV

Another good app for watching TV shows is SPB TV. If you are looking for foreign channels, this app provides you with shows of multiple languages you may enjoy.

The quality of the videos is good enough for a free app. On top of that, the interface is very user-friendly. You can keep up to date with your favorite programs and shows anytime and anywhere.


  • Excellent to average video quality
  • Intuitive interface
  • Movable window for easily accessing other apps while watching


  • It doesn’t have enough streaming channels
  • Most channels are in Russian
  • Ads play every time you watch a video
Google Play

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5. YouTube

youtube app
Catch your favorites on YouTube

Almost everyone knows this app except a few. YouTube is one of those apps you can watch some of your shows but not all of them. There are a few titles you may search and binge watch for free any time of the day.

This free streaming app has a great interface. Almost anybody can navigate through it without difficulty. Besides, it has great streaming performance. The video quality is impressive and you are able to adjust it to fit your liking.

This app comes pre-installed on your Android mobile devices.


  • Lots of videos to choose from
  • Option to skip some ads
  • Great streaming performance
  • A part of Google’s app family (so it’s safe to use)


  • Unauthorized videos are taken down
  • You may not find every show you want
Google Play

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There so many apps out there to stream free TV shows. It can be difficult to decide which one satisfies your needs. This list tells you some of our favorite picks. I hope it helps you keep track of your shows while saving some hard-earned cash.

We recommend YouTube for safe and reliable streaming experience, but there’s no harm in trying these other apps on the list.

If you have tried one of these apps, tell us how it worked out for you. Did you find even a better one? If so, we would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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