The 4 Best Car Finder Apps for Android

We all know how expensive it is buying a new car, and we all know how much of a hassle it is sifting through shady dealerships. If you’re looking for a decent second-hand car, used car finder apps will solve this problem of yours.

If you’ve experienced looking for a used car, you’ve experienced a lot of trouble, right? You might have gone to websites to try and find a decent car there but found the seller shady, or you might have checked some listings only to find that it wasn’t worth your time. Believe me, I know the feeling.

When I found out that there are apps that let users find reliable used car dealers, I tried them out. These apps help users search for pre-loved cars from trusted sellers. The apps let users specify what they’re looking for so that users can find what they want. But that’s not the best part. Some of these apps also compute the price, tax, and value of the car you want, and they also notify users when there are discounts or price drops.

To save you from all the trouble of looking for used car finder apps, I made this list!

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4 Reliable Car Finder Apps

Finding a brand new car that’s within the budget is already hard. So, what more if the car you want to purchase is second-hand? I understand the struggle, and I want to help. That’s why I made this list of used car finder apps for your Android devices.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Autolist

Autolist app logo
Autolist logo

I previously discussed Autolist in the 5 Worthy Cheap Car Buying Apps. Autolist is a car finder app that lets users find the cheapest car the users prefer by filtering the list they have. The products can be filtered by make, model, price, and age of the vehicle. Users can also find used cars near them so that users can see which vehicles are more convenient for them to buy.

Interface of used car app - Autolist
Home page

Sellers from this car finder app are general car owners that want to get rid of their automobiles by selling it. The best part? The cars sold in this app are offered at a reasonable price. This means users get to buy decent second-hand autos without spending too much.

So that users can save money, Autolist also notifies the buyer whenever a price drop happens. They only have to save the car they like, and then the application will instantly tell them if the seller gave a discount. Buyers can quickly converse with the seller by clicking the “Check Availability” button. This way they can connect and further discuss the deal they want to make.

Notification settings of used car finder app - Autolist
Notification settings
Google Play


OOYYO app logo
OOYYO logo

OOYYO is a used car finder app made by OOYYO LLC. If you’re looking for the best car deal you can find, then using this car finder app will benefit you. It lets users search for a car they like by filtering the results of their search. Users can search for cars that are near them, makes and models they like, price range, and other useful filters.

One of the most useful features of this app is the categorizing of the price of autos. The app will tell the customers if the price offered by the seller is a good deal, fair deal, too high, or overpriced. Now, if you’re like me – stingy when it comes to money – then this is feature will be helpful.

Categorize cars based on price with used car finder apps - OOYYO
Home page

The greatest thing that this app offers is the compare function. The user can mark all the cars they liked that they want to compare. Then the app will let the user know which of the used cars is the best one. The app does this by highlighting the pros of buying the car on the list.

The downside to this app is that it only gives the users the info on the car and the seller. So, if the user wants to talk to the seller about the product, then they are redirected to another website. Compared to the other car finder apps on this list that feature an integrated messaging system in their apps.

Find cars based on price using used car finder apps - OOYYO
Comparison page
Google Play

3. Mitula Cars

app logo
Mitula Cars logo

Mitula is a known producer of hotel finder apps. Now, they are also offering a used car finder app, called Mitula Cars. Mitula Cars is a search engine for users that want to find the best deals for used cars on the internet. The app scans multiple sites for car listings and showcases it to the users. Mitula Cars tries to give users the best choice they can get by looking at the price and quality of the cars.

Mitula car finder app interface
Home page

If you are specifically trying to search for a car, you can filter your search by model, make, location, fuel type, price, age, and mileage of the autos. After finding an automobile that you like, you can check with the seller. But the thing is, the app will redirect you to the website where the car is listed. Meaning that the app is not responsible for the actual transaction between the seller and the buyer.

Mitula car finder app - location-based search
Saved searches page
Google Play

4. iSeeCars

used car apps autolist
iSeeCars logo

iSeeCars is a car finder app that was made to help used car enthusiasts to find the perfect car for them. The app lets the user search for a car model, make, price range, and location. It will show the results and give some recommendations.

Now, those filters are only a few of the ones users can use. They can also search for cars based on horsepower, the power to weight ratio, the average market price, the days on the market, and many more filters. With the app having the ability to filter results based on your preference, finding the best automobile is quicker and easier.

Used Cars Apps
Home page

But, that’s not the only great thing about this app. iSeeCars also has a notification function. So if you find a car that you like, but it exceeds your budget, you can turn on the notify button for the car. This will inform you if there’s a price drop for that automobile. The app will also inform you if the price offered by the seller reasonable or not (It will indicate if the seller is overpricing.)

Amazing, right? Now if you find a car that you want to buy, you can check its availability by contacting the seller. Although you have to sign-up before you can do anything. You only have to provide your name, email address, location, and phone number. You can even call the seller if you want to.

Note: New cars are also available in this app.

iSeeCars used car finder app sign-up screen
Contact seller page
Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best used car app for Android devices?

rom the research we have done, we have concluded that the best used car finder app is Autolist. It has a great user interface that makes it easy for users to explore. What’s more, it notifies customers whenever a car is on sale, or there are available discounts and promotions.
But, in the end, you are the one that is going to choose which app is the most suitable for you. So we suggest that you check all the apps on this list so that you can discover which app is the best for you.

What are used car parts buying apps?

Used car parts buying apps are applications that let users find car parts that are for sale on the internet. It gives users the chance to explore their options without having to go to different locations. They can go check items on this app and converse with sellers to make deals. It is quite similar to vehicle finder apps but in this case, the products are auto parts.

In Conclusion

The struggle of trying to find a decent second-hand vehicle is hard. It’s tiresome and time-consuming. The trouble of having to go to numerous car dealer stores, and not knowing whether or not you’re going to find something you like is a big hassle. Knowing that there are apps you can use to search for used autos, is definitely a relief. My goal is to help you with your car search by listing authentic used car finder apps.

Did you find the best car finder app you can use? Share your thoughts with me and leave a comment down below!

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