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5 of the Best Vegan Recipe Apps for Android

Going vegetarian is a big step, and it’s quite hard for those who love meat. Thankfully, there are a ton of vegan recipe apps for Android that will make the transition a lot easier and delicious. I’ll be honest, I’m not a vegetarian and neither I’m interested in becoming one but checking out these dishes has me drooling all the same.

Vegan dishes are remarkably well made, and they are extremely healthy as well. I have tried vegan burgers a while back, and they were pretty tasty, almost as tasty as meat burgers. These vegan recipe apps for Android showcase some of the best vegan dishes that are not only easy to cook but also taste amazing.

I tried a simple dish myself from one of the apps in the list, and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t completely mess it up. The fact that the instructions were remarkably clear and even a novice like me was able to follow them is the testament to their good app design.

Note: The 5 best vegan recipe apps for Android were tested on a Sony Xperia Z smartphone. Some of the apps may require an active Internet connection to work properly and to load different recipes. There were no problems faced during the testing and all of the apps performed well.

1. I’m Hungry: Vegetarian Recipes

I'm Hungry icon

Apps that show recipes in colorful pictures are my personal favorites. This allows me to check out how the finished dish would look like and gives something to aim for. Granted, I don’t cook as much as I would like, these beautiful images are enough to make me hungry.

I’m Hungry is one of the finest vegetarian recipes app for Android, from having succulent images that will make your mouth water to great browsing features. You’ll also be able to save as well as share your favorite recipes across multiple social media apps.

I also like how the app gives you the option of removing ads if you feel like it, however, the ads are not that intrusive.

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2. Vegetarian Recipes Free

Vegetarian Recipes Free icon

Just as the name suggests, Vegetarian Recipes Free provides a lot of different recipes that are purely vegetarian. The app comes with a fairly standard interface that is instantly recognizable.

This makes the familiar interface a joy to use. The app offers detailed and easy to follow recipe instructions that you’ll have no trouble using. There is also a very intuitive search feature that allows you to look up recipes by ingredients or name.

This means that even if you have a certain ingredient, you can easily find a recipe that utilizes it and it won’t go to waste. I also like how you can easily add ingredients from the recipe to the shopping list, it can also double as one of the best grocery list apps for Android.

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3. All Recipes Free

All Recipes Free icon

All Recipes is a strikingly similar app to the one I have listed above. The interface is almost identical and offerings are almost the same as well. It’s because both the apps are made by the same developer.

Thankfully, you can easily check out some of the best vegan recipes simply by checking the category. I think the number of recipes is the same but I was able to spot a few different ones included in this app so, it is worth a look if you are short on having a ton of recipes.

I was actually quite surprised to see not many apps that offer vegan recipes on Android, therefore I have to include this one on the list as well because of its easy to use interface and a respectable number of recipes.

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4. Yummly Recipes

Yummly Recipes icon

Yummly Recipes was also featured in the best Paleo recipe apps for Android simply because of its beautiful looking interface and abundance of recipes. The app displays recipes in beautifully shot pictures that will surely entice you into making them.

However, you’ll need to follow a few steps to actually reach vegan recipes but that is not a big deal. After that, you’ll be presented with detailed instructions on how to cook your meal.

If you want you can easily add the whole recipe to your shopping list, which incidentally is also built into this app. I also like how the app tries to recommend recipes according to your personal taste after a little while.

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5. Cookpad

Cookpad icon

This app comes with a bit of very retro interface and it is frankly a refreshing touch. There is a persistent search bar right on the top of the screen, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

The recipes are presented in a very neat way with the name on the left side as well as a smaller picture on the right. I also like how the app tells you how long it will take to make the dish, so you can easily select the one that suits your needs.

That’s not all, the app also allows you to access recipes uploaded by other users so you can easily expand your vegetarian palette. You can also upload your own homemade recipes to the app along with pictures taken from your friends, so others can benefit from them as well.

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These were a few vegan recipe apps for Android and I hope that you have enjoyed reading the list. I certainly had a great time browsing through vegan dishes and will probably try them out in the future as well. I’m a big fan of vegan burgers that are not only healthy but also tasty.

What do you think about this list? Are you a long time vegetarian or just starting out? Tell us your experiences in the comments below.

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