Best Apps to Download Videos

The 7 Best Video Downloader Apps for Android

Best Apps to Download Videos

None of the best video downloader apps for Android allow you to download videos from YouTube. I thought I should start with this bold statement instead of my usual opening paragraph that’s because let’s face it; many people do want to download videos from YouTube.

The terms of service have changed over the years and it has become really hard to get videos off YouTube with ease. Unless you are using a PC and dedicated software, there is no app which can help you achieve that. But if you are in the market for a good video download app for Android, you came to the right place sir or madam!

I personally download hardware reviews off DailyMotion and watch them on my university lunch break. This way I don’t have to spend my 4G LTE data on videos which are not that important. I do this by using the number one app on the best video download app for Android list. I admit the process is a little complicated for my tastes, but if it works, it works right?

If you are new to the Android business, we will soon write a detailed tutorial about how you can easily download videos on Android. As for now, I have gathered 7 best apps which will help you download any video on Android phones or tablet.

Note: The 7 best video downloader apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. All of the apps require an active internet connection to work. The apps performed perfectly and there were no problems faced during the testing phase. Sometimes one of the apps might not play nice with your device, I suggest you try the entire app list and then decide which one is for you.

1. Fastest Video Downloader


The Fastest Video Downloader may not be the fastest one around but it sure is very convenient. The interface is kept really simple and the app allows you to download from various websites with ease. I was able to easily download videos from different websites including Dailymotion and Vimeo.

And for the fastest video downloader claim? Well, it was good, but the rest of the apps on the list are also very comparable. It may have to do with the slow Internet speed my ISP provides, but I don’t really have any complaints.

While using this app you have to use the inbuilt browser to access different videos. After that, a button will appear on the interface and you have to tap it. The app then takes over and downloads the videos for you. That’s all there is to it. I’m impressed with the way things are presented in this app.


  • The interface is kept really simple.
  • Tap on the button to start downloads.
  • The download speed is really great.


  • Some of the websites are supported but that is to be expected, not all websites allow you to download their content. This means no YouTube video downloads using this app.

2. Download Video: Downloader


This is another great app that allows you to download videos directly to your device. The interface is also well designed and service purpose with flying colors. I had no trouble at all downloading videos from this app. I was surprised that videos exceeding one GB limit were also available for download just as easily.

The download speeds varied from site to site but I reckon it’s not up to the app to control the download speeds, but the sites themselves. One good thing about this app is the ability to select the download quality of the video. For example, if you want to download an HD 720P video, you’ll be able to do that with ease here. Some videos do not require higher resolution, like audio blogs etc., you can select the lowest quality and be done with downloads in a short amount of time.


  • Simplistic and easy to use.
  • Downloads large files with ease.
  • Select the quality and resolution of downloads.


  • The app is riddled with ads but that is understandable.

3. All Video Downloader


All Video Downloader is added to the list simply because it provides the exact same services the top two ones do. So, if for some reason, the first and second app on the list don’t work for you, you can check this app as well. The interface is average but it serves this purpose so there are no complaints here.

Tap on the browse button to go to the website you want a video from and press the orange button to start the download. The download screen is a bit murky as well and doesn’t really show much, but you can easily access the download speeds from the notification panel. I tested this app on and a number of sites and they all seem to work very well with it so you’ll have a good time watching downloaded videos.


  • A bit bland but very serviceable interface.
  • The big orange button is easily accessible.
  • The download speeds are commendable.


  • The app is oozing with ads.

4. AVD Download Video – Free and $2.99

AVD Download Video

Free Version

AVD Download Video is a great app for downloading great quality videos easily. The app comes with a dedicated browser which can automatically detect any streaming media and offer to download it on your device. I really love how simple and easy to use the app is. AVD which stands for All Video Downloader is indeed one of the best video downloader apps for Android and it shows.

The interface is relatively clean and easy to follow and the app itself is highly responsive. The developers are quick to support new iterations of Android while keeping backward compatibility intact. The bugs are non-existent and apart from Youtube I was able to download videos from almost every site. IGN gave me problems but the rest was smooth sailing. 


  • The browser is surprisingly well equipped.
  • Downloaded videos look great.
  • You can check the progress of downloads easily.

Notable Feature:

The pop-up nature of the download catcher makes it one of the best ones around. Simply load a video in the dedicated browser and the pop-up will appear asking you if you want to download or not. Click on download and that is it. Then you can use any of the best video players for Android to watch the videos.

Free Version


The paid version of the downloader comes without ads. There is nothing added in terms of features and usability. If you dislike ads, get this version.

Paid Version


5. Fastest Video Downloader – Free

Fastest Video Downloader

It Is Fast!

Fastest Video Downloader for Android claims to be the fastest video downloader around and thankfully that claim is sort of true. Downloads started a little slow but then retained the full one MB per second download speed for the entire duration. For me, this is great speed on a mobile device. I admit I have downloaded large HD video which was around 800 MB in size and this downloader did deliver.

The interface is nice and provides enough visual cues for you to understand it immediately. The app hung up on me once, but thankfully the downloading kept going on and was not terminated. Depending on the site you are downloading the video from, you will also be able to pause downloads easily.


  • Pause and resume features are great.
  • External browsers are also supported.
  • Comes with a fully loaded browser too.

Notable Feature:

The app is completely free and the ads are not really that intrusive. If you are looking for a free video downloader for Android, this is just the app for you.



6. Video Downloader – Free

Video Downloader

Works On Everything

This app won’t be winning any awards for creative naming but just like its name it is simple and straightforward. If you want to download a video quickly, this app can certainly help you in that. But that’s not all, the app is also able to rip images and download music as well.

All you need to do is simply type in the URL of the video in the address bar and the app will catch the video or audio music for you. Basically, anything which can be streamed on your device can be downloaded with this great app. So combine it with the free movie streaming apps and you have a winning combo.


  • Comes with a great browser.
  • Simple usage and clean downloads.
  • Downloads can also be paused.

Notable Feature:

The app works amazing on almost every device. I tested it on an old HTC smartphone running an outdated version of Android, the app worked perfectly on that too. If you have a slightly weathered Android device, this app will perform great on it too. The landscape interface on the tablets is also well designed.


7. Download Manager – Free with In-app Purchases

Download Manager

All Downloads One Place

Download Manager for Android is one of the best apps available if you need to download something. It can be anything really, from images to zip files to documents and yes videos too. The download management system is top notch and the app makes it very easy to download.

The download page shows ample information regarding the ongoing downloads. You can check the download speed, download completed and even pause downloads with dedicated buttons.

In-app Purchases: $0.99 per item


  • Can download music as well as document files.
  • Supports Java Scripts as well.
  • Comes with voice search as well.

Notable Feature:

The app integrates itself with Google, Twitter, Yahoo! and YouTube searches so you can find the content you need quickly.



These best video downloader apps for Android are far from being perfect. They lack some important features and cannot download videos from YouTube at all. They are however remarkably fast and reliable. Most of them come with pause and resume features which actually work. If you are downloading let’s say a documentary and need to leave your home, you don’t need to end the half done download.

I think Android has come very far when it comes to media downloads and I see a bright future as the apps mature. If you run into any problems or have some quirks you need to discuss, kindly talk to us in the comments below. We will love to help you out. Let the downloads begin!

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  1. An app called simply youtube downloader downloads youtube videos with options for various quality or just the audio version. This app is not in the playstore but it has never failedme yet. Amazing app only for the joy of android

  2. I disagree with not having an android app to effectively download YouTube videos. I download How-to video all the time to my android phone using TubeMate.

    I have yet to have one issue downloading videos.


    1. Yeah, its a good app but it is not on the Google Play Store and is against the terms of use of YouTube as well.

    2. I recommend you a better option. I use BYTESLOADER ( ) for download videos from youtube in Android mobile and Tablet. this site is very easy to use and it have a lot of other features like Download entire website, Youtube playlist, 22Tracks, Vimeo plus 700 more websites which covers almost all your daily needs and interests..

      Try at least ones

  3. Yes, there is an app that lets you download Youtube videos with ease. Its called TubeMate. Google it! Its just not on the PlayStore, but it is on its on website. Just by that sentence you wrote i would like you never to write something about Android again, but i guess that’s not possible.

    1. It is not on the Google Play Store sir. Many users don’t want the hassle of installing third party apps.

  4. I don’t think the author is very knowledgeable of android apps. There are a number of apps that allow you to download YouTube videos. One of the best is Tubemate. Also YouTube allows to to download videos on your mobile device. Just tap on options. Configurations are limited with the YouTube app. Tubemate has a plethora of options.

    1. I believe that the app was taken down from the play store. I’m sorry if I missed such an app, I’ll look into it.

  5. I have mirimay downloaderror and it saves the videos but only on their browser, not in my library. Are they all like that?

  6. Hi,
    Really nice article. I am using “All video downloader” app on my android device to download YouTube videos.
    Thanks for sharing this video. Keep sharing nad keep updating. Thanks a lot.

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