10 Best Video Editing Apps for Android: Turn Your Film Into Oscar Gold

Gone are the days of bad mobile phone cameras and their grainy, low-resolution videos. The age of full HD, even 4k, smooth as silk videos is here and it is getting better every year. Shooting videos is good but video editing apps for Android can take them a bit further and make them great.

Do you know what makes us cringe? Videos shot in portrait mode and videos that take hours to show any action. The best video editing apps for Android can easily remedy those fallacies and make run of the mill videos look amazing.

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Best Video Editors for Android

1. Adobe Premiere Clip – Free

adobe premiere clip
App Logo

This video editor is one of the best apps on the Play Store today. Besides all the basic features that you would expect a video editor to have, it also has something extra. You can auto-generate movies with the photos and films you already have on your device – if you want a quick clip.


  • Automatic video creation
  • Stock music choices
  • Photo motion effects
  • Share film to social media

Another cool thing about this app is that you can synchronize your finished products with the Premiere Pro CC and pick up where you left off. Additionally, after you’ve rendered your video, it is really easy to share it on your favorite social media channel if you want to.

Google Play

2. FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor – Free with In-app Purchases

filmora go video editor
App Logo

Filmora, made by Wondershare, is definitely one of the easiest apps to use. It has all of the primary features a video editor should have, but with a few extras. This is an app that is targeted at sharing on social media – you can export films in the 1:1 square format, special for Instagram, or 16:9, that is great for Youtube.


  • Pre-made stylish themes
  • Export to fit popular ratios
  • Stock music to chose from
  • Share to social media

The nicest thing about this app is that it is free – while there are some premium features that can be bought, you can enjoy this app for a long time without needing anything extra. But if you decide that you want to support the developers, it will be entirely your choice.

Google Play

3. ActionDirector Video Editor – Free with In-app Purchases

action director video editor
App Logo

This is one of the few apps that supports 4k footage. But apart from that, it doesn’t have too many special features. Just like with the others, you can trim, play backward, edit and import your own clips from your device. It is mostly free, without too many extra features – only basic editing.


  • Video filters
  • Animated stickers
  • Share to social media
  • Import music

You should check first if the app is compatible with your device first, as there have been recorded problems with compatibility. However, the developers update it frequently, so this problem could get solved at some point.

Google Play

4. VideoShow Video Editor, Video Maker, Photo Editor – Free with In-App Purchases

videoshow video editor
App Logo

One of the few video editing apps for Android which ask everything before editing, VideoShow is a great one. If you like total control over your videos and want to know what is happening every step of the way, this is the best app.


  • A great video editor interface.
  • The app works really fast.
  • Trimming is fast and easy to execute.
  • Add stickers or draw on your videos.

The live preview tells you how the video is going to turn out. The app comes with 10 great looking filters which make the preview all the more important.

Google Play

5. Funimate: Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects – Free with In-app Purchases

funimate video editor
App Logo

Funimate, as the name suggests, is not a very powerful app – it is aimed more for fun and sharing on social media. It praises itself for its collection of video filters and themes, some cut out for Tik Tok. It’s also pretty easy to use, but it doesn’t have any complicated features – just the basic ones.


  • Create your own video effects
  • Add emojis, texts or stickers
  • Make video loops
  • Get a Funimate fan base

If you’re looking for a fun app to edit your short films before sharing them on social media, and not actual video productions, then this is the perfect app for you.

Google Play

6. PowerDirector – Video Editor App, Best Video Maker – Free with In-app Purchases

powerdirector video editor
App Logo

With this app, you can create powerful and professional videos, without breaking a sweat. It has a timeline-like interface, so there’s nothing confusing about that. You can even create green-screen videos, to feel like a real pro. Additionally, and this is really, nice, the developers have made tutorials for all the features available, so you will have no problem mastering the app.


  • Video stabilizer
  • Create your own video effects
  • Photo editor
  • Slow-motion

The app is mostly free, but you need to upgrade it if you want features like the watermark removed or to extract videos in 4K of 1080. However, it is supported by most versions of Android, supposing you have one above 4.3.

Google Play

7. VivaVideo – Video Editor & Video Maker – Free with In-app Purchases

App Logo

VivaVideo is the most popular video editing app on the Google Play Store thanks to its stellar interface. The easy to use app allows you to edit videos to your liking. Want to trim a clip? The app can do that, want to add music or dubbings? The app has you covered on that too.

The app allows you to merge clips with great transition effects. The app also features an awesome storyboard style video mode which is ideal for small video stories you want to tell.


  • A video Picture in Picture mode is available.
  • Can change the speed of the clip.
  • Great themes are bundled with the app.

The app comes with its own video recorder which caters to the needs of modern movie makers. Want to make a Vine or post a video on Instagram? The app comes with dedicated modes to assist you in making some wonderful videos for social media sharing.

Google Play

8. Video Editor & Video Maker – InShot – Free with In-app Purchases

inshot video editor
App Logo

This app is made for those who like to post videos on Instagram. As you may already know, Instagram wants all of the photos and videos in a square, which is the sole reason I don’t use my account anymore.

Instagram basically forces you to crop a nice video but you can avoid that by using this simple video editor. The app allows you to select a background color and fit the whole video in a box. The app is named InstaShot in-app so don’t be alarmed.


  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Multiple background colors.
  • Can add borders and frames too.

The app edits videos with remarkable speed. Although there isn’t much to process, it is still an astoundingly fast process, even if you are using full HD footage.

Google Play

9. AndroVid – Video Editor – Free with In-ap Purchases

App Logo

One of the most stable entries in the best video editing apps for Android list, AndroVid is the rock. No matter how long the video is, the app handles it with grace and ease. Time, transcode, split or merge videos in this great app. The only downside is its average interface and oddly placed buttons. On a normal smartphone, these may be accessible but on a phablet, they are really hard to reach.


  • Add music to your videos.
  • Marge small clips into a big video.
  • Grabbing video frames is a piece of cake.

Notable Feature:

The video effects are aplenty in this video editor. From mirror to slow motion, there is a large collection to choose from.

Google Play

10. Video Editor by WeVideo – Free with In-app Purchases

App Logo

WeVideo is one of the easiest apps on the best video editing apps for Android list. The app comes with a pleasantly simple interface which is easy to digest. The app allows you to use photos and videos from your collection and make something beautiful out of it.

You will be able to arrange and merge clips to tell a complete story in no time at all. The app works well on smartphones but really shines when used on a big-screened tablet.


  • The effects are really good.
  • You can write captions and give titles to your videos.
  • You can save videos in HD and share them easily.

You can actually have control over the music you add to your videos. Most of the apps completely mute the original video and blare music at hundred percent volumes. This app allows you to adjust the levels according to your needs.

Google Play

Best Video Editors for Android – Film Making Made Easy

This concludes the best video editing apps for Android list. We recommend one of the best video players to fully enjoy and showcase your creations. No matter if you’re looking for a serious, professional application, or a light, fun on to do some quick edits to your clips before posting them on social media – you’re sure to find something here.

We suggest that you try and try again as film making is not a simple gig. Who knows you might be the next Spielberg. Happy shooting!

If you have any questions or need help with any of the apps, or have other recommendations, feel free to comment below!

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    1. This needs to be updated. Adobe Premiere Clip doesn’t seem to exist any longer. They now have Adobe Premiere Rush, and it’s FAR from free.

      Of all the apps that I’ve used for editing on Android, Power Director is my favorite. I’m surprised to see it so far down on the list.

      1. Hi Jeff! Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we’ll remove Adobe Premiere Clip when the article will be updated next. Also, glad to hear you had a great experience with Power Director. However, the apps aren’t in a particular order, so its position on the list doesn’t mean it’s not as good as the others.

        Have a nice day!

  1. I made the awful mistake of video recording a niece’s wedding on my Samsung Note 4 in portrait mode…after reading your top 10 video editing app reviews, I’m still not clear which one will allow me to most easily trim the video to “fit” the landscape format…what do you recommend?



    1. Hi Wayne,
      According to the author, There is no way to “fit” a portrait mode video in landscape without making the condition worse. One way is to full the screen which will make your niece look extremely wide thus making her mad at you. Another is to fit the footage by cropping and this will result in just torsos without heads and legs.

      I’m really sad that you made the video in portrait mode but we can´t do anything about it now. Sorry to break this to you, you are stuck with that footage.

  2. Hi
    I have my Micromax canvas nitro a311 with 13mp
    But when ever i edit the video using an app
    it makes in low resolution
    clearly I want a very good HD video editing app
    you have any suggestions..?

  3. No of fence but I got some and they weren’t good quialtl!!! So what good quiltly apps could u reccommend!!!


  4. Hey everyone please recommend me one best app that can merge few video clips but it should not have a watermark on the video. I have been using kine master and its good but on the video it is appeared as video “made by KINE MASTER” Please recommend me one. thanks ☺

    1. Hi Mert,
      The free ones that I am aware of have the watermark. That is how they get free publicity with free users. =-) If I come across one with no watermark, I will let you know. Thanks for commenting.

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