7 Best Video Players for Android to Watch Movies and More

Fact: video streaming has changed our viewing experience.

But…this does not mean that we’re totally ditching the still trustworthy video files. Despite the dominance of Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Amazon, and other streaming services, we still watch movies and video files on our Android devices. Thanks to the best video players for Android that make our viewing experience more convenient.


Many of us experience issues when playing videos and movies, even audio files, on our smartphone’s default video player. They cannot deliver the kind of viewing experience that we get when video streaming.

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But now:

Many video player apps for Android can now play video codecs without encountering issues. With these apps, it’s easier for us now to view our favorite shows and movies.

Gone are the days when video players don’t support particular video and audio files. Things have changed for the better, especially now that we are becoming more and more dependent on our Android devices.

How about subtitle support?

Well, that’s a common issue with video players before. But not anymore. Many of the best apps our there can now play your video with subtitle. Some even come with widgets for our viewing comfort and ease.

These video and music players are hardware-accelerated for Android smartphones.

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7 Video Player Apps for Android


Standard video players that come pre-installed in our smartphones do a decent job. But this is only good for simple viewing experience. And these players, in most cases, do not support certain audio, video and subtitle files.

To maximize your viewing or listening experience, don’t settle for just the basics. Get more options by downloading the best video players for Android.

Check them out below.

1. MX Player

Back when many video players don’t support formats yet, MX Player already did. While many of its rivals have now amped their game, this video player has still retained its charm. It’s still one of the best apps to this day.

This video player was one of the first to introduce and include hardware coding and hardware-accelerated playback. It supports most subtitle formats and almost every codec. That means you can enjoy any video type you have on your phone.


  • Advanced hardware acceleration
  • Supports multi-core decoding
  • Zoom and pan option
  • Supports various subtitle formats
  • Fast file transfers (MX File transfers)

Among its new features are the gesture controls where you just pinch and swipe the screen to zoom and pan the video. Not only that, but it also comes with a Kids lock. That means, they can only watch kid-friendly content.

2. AllCast

If you want a video player app specifically for casting content to your Roku, Chromecast, and other DLNA devices, then AllCast is the best in the list. This app allows you to cast the files locally stored files on your phone to your smart TV via Chromecast and others. It also supports other files aside from videos.

Send videos, audio files, photos, and others from your phone to another. You can also make it work the other way around. Turn your Android phone and device into an Allcast receiver to cast content from Chromecast, Roku, and other DLNA renderers to it.

However, the free version has a 5-minute limit. You’ll have to get the paid version to enjoy this app fully.

3. Archos Video Player

Another video player app for Android to consider is the Archos Video Player. Its strengths are its simple controls and modern interface. It even contains information from themoviedb.org, IMdb, and other sources in case you want to read up on the movie before watching it.

Like the other apps in the list, it supports most video files. This includes FLV, MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, and many more. It supports various subtitle files too, such as SUB, SRT, SMI and even ASS. Speaking of subtitles, it has an integrated subtitle download feature.

With this app, you can play videos with ease from any server, computer, NAS, or even from external USB storage. It’s TV-friendly as well.

4. BSPlayer

BSPlayer may not be a new app. But it has managed to stay in the game despite the emergence of newer rivals. It has remained relevant throughout the years. This app is hardware-accelerated for better smartphone or tablet viewing.

It has multi-core hardware decoding which speeds up playback and in effect reduces battery consumption. It also supports streaming from DLNA devices. It plays embedded and external subtitle files of various formats. You can even search for subtitles automatically and play from compressed formats.

bsplayer free video player app for android
hardware-accelerated for android smartphones


  • Multi-core HW decoding
  • Hardware-accelerated playback
  • Multiple audio streams
  • Embedded and external subtitles
  • Playlist support

With its pop-up window feature, you can view it with more ease. Use the children lock too to prevent accidental video change and to prevent your little ones from prying on your not-so-kid-friendly videos.

5. Video Player All Format

Video Player All Format is a popular choice among many users. This professional video player app supports all video formats, including HD, ultra HD, and 4K video files. It’s a great app for playing high-definition content on your Android device.

It boasts a private folder so you can keep your videos and movies privately and out of reach from your children and other prying eyes. Want to watch videos while multi-tasking? No problem. You can do that through its background play, split-screen, or pop-up window feature. You can cast content on your Chromecast too!


  • Hardware acceleration
  • 4K and Ultra HD video player
  • All video formats support
  • Multi-playback option
  • Easily share and manage videos
  • Quick mute and night mode

The free app is ad-supported. But if you want to get rid of the apps, well, you’ll have to spend $3.99 to unlock its ad-free version.

6. VLC for Android

Who doesn’t know VLC? Over the years, this app has become synonymous with a video player. Yes, it’s that popular. And that popularity has not been affected by the coming of newer apps. That’s because VLC for Android has continued to impress.

It boasts most features that the other the best video players for Android in the list offer. If features full-media and subtitle support, multi-track audio, and others.


  • Local video/audio files
  • All formats supported
  • Browse folders directly
  • Multi-track audio and subtitle support
  • Aspect-ratio adjustments
  • Auto-rotation support
  • A widget for audio control

What separates VLC from the rest is its unique features. For one, it can play even the most obscure formats, such as DVD ISO. It has all the codecs built-in, so no need for you to download additional plugins for that. But its most glorifying feature is its streaming ability. As long as you have the URL, you’ll be able to stream it using this app.

And it’s completely free!

7. FX Player

FX Player is a new app to reckon with. It’s a full HD and 4K video player that also supports Chromecast play. Since it’s a new app, it puts more focus on mobile UX over the classic media player. Designed better for local and network streaming.

Aside from supporting Chromecast and all video formats, it also offers a wide array of other features. Enjoy streaming and watching better with it. Thanks to its adjust playback speed, mirror mode, floating video player, fascinating interface, hardware acceleration, and more.

Supports Chromecast


  • Supports all video and formats
  • Cast videos with Chromecast
  • 6 video playback functions
  • Easy gesture control
  • Built-in network client
  • Hardware acceleration

While it’s relatively new in the game compared to the more seasoned video players for Android, it’s an app that’s worth giving a try. If you want to experience the app yourself, just download it below.


What is the default video player on Android?

It depends on what Android phone you are using. But in most cases, the default player is either simply called or labeled as Videos or Gallery.

How to change the default video player on Android?

To change the default video player, follow these steps. Go to Settings, then Apps. There is a menu button on the upper right beside the search icon. Tap this menu button and then select “Reset app preferences.” But in some Android devices, the method is different.

How to zoom in a video player on Android?

It depends on what video player you are using. In the case of MX Player, you just pinch and swipe to zoom in and zoom out a video.

Now Watch and Chill

Just like always, we would recommend that you don’t rely on a single video player for your video viewing needs. Oftentimes, what one app lacks can be found in another, and vice versa.

But things have changed. The best video players for Android are now better equipped than they were 2 or 3 years ago. With any of these apps, we can enjoy watching movies in bed on a cold night.

While many of us now rely on video streaming services, we have not completely abandoned our video players. In case the show or movie isn’t available for streaming, we can still watch it at the comfort of our Android devices, of course with the help of a reliable video player app.

Give these apps a try and enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and videos. Just watch and chill.

What do you think of this list? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions by leaving your comments below.

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