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7 Best Vizio Smart TV from All Sizes – Hand Picked

Are you trying to start your year with a new Smart TV that would perfectly fit your TV stand? Say no more. To lessen the hassle, we’ll share our top picks for the best Vizio smart TV from different sizes.


Smart TVs are essential to every household nowadays. One big perk about this kind of TV is that it can connect to the Internet easily. Isn’t that convenient?

You can effortlessly watch the latest news, your favorite sports, and even cartoons for the kids. You can also check out your social media accounts in a whiff.

Not only that:

Some Vizio Smart TVs also come with an Android tablet remote, which can help you control your Smart TV from afar. You can adjust the volume and select a movie to play from this remote. Sounds like a good deal, right?

I remember when my aunt bought her first Smart TV. Everyone was utterly amazed.

My uncle watched a movie, and my young cousin watched videos on Youtube. We took turns trying stuff so that everyone could try experiencing the new TV.

I immediately tried to watch anime, and boy was I astonished on how this TV is so user-friendly. In just a few clicks, I’m already on the website. Isn’t that just handy?

Now here’s the deal:

Vizio produces Smart TVs that have the best bang for the buck. They incorporate the latest innovations in TV technology and provide high-class performance in all their model units.

Now don’t worry if you’re currently confused with the model you want to purchase. We made it easier for you and compiled a list to search the best Vizio Smart TV from different sizes.

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Best Vizio Smart TV from All Sizes

Best 24-Inch TVVIZIO D-Series
Best 32-Inch TVVIZIO D32-D1 D-Series
Best 40-Inch TVVIZIO D40-D1 D-Series
Best 43-Inch TVVIZIO M-Series Quantum 4K HDR 
Best 50-Inch TVVIZIO V-Series 4K HDR 
Best 55-Inch TVVIZIO D55u-D1 Ultra HD 
Best 65-Inch TVVIZIO P-Series Quantum 4K HDR 

Top Vizio Smart TVs from Different Sizes

1. VIZIO D32-D1 D-Series 32″ Smart TV

VIZIO D32-D1 D-Series 32″ Smart TV – best Vizio smart TV

The Vizio D32-D1 D-Series boasts 1080p full HD resolution. You can enjoy watching your favorite shows with an incredible level of detail.

This model has built-in Vizio Internet Apps Plus, wherein you can easily enjoy most updated movies and music straight from the Internet.

It has a 120Hz effective refresh rate, which helps produce super-sharp pictures. It also has clear action 240, which is very advantageous for watching sports.

If you have difficulty in understanding new gadgets, this TV would not be a problem. It has a seven-position app launcher and a very user-friendly app home, which can help you navigate for the apps that you want easier.


2. VIZIO D55u-D1 55″ Ultra HD Smart TV

VIZIO D55u-D1 55″ Ultra HD Smart TV – best Vizio smart TV

The Vizio D55u-D1 displays an Ultra HD resolution. You’ll experience unbelievable detail and clarity with more than 8 million pixels. Well, how amazing is that?

It has an incredible feature wherein it can transform 1080p Full HD shows, movies, and sports to a spectacular 4k Ultra HD Resolution. To ensure Ultra HD video streaming, this Smart TV has a dual-band Wi-Fi, which makes your connection 3x faster.

This Smart TV also has the VIZIO Internet Apps Plus, which provides the user with more convenient access to the most well-liked shows, movies, and more. Wow! This Smart TV gets more comfortable and easier to use.

This Smart TV also has extensive LED backlighting and 14 LED sections, which deliver superior light evenness even inside a dark room. Action and sports fans will surely appreciate the Clear Action 240 of this Smart TV that helps produce incredible detailing even in fast scenes but also with the assistance of the 120Hz refresh rate.


3. VIZIO M-Series Quantum 43” 4K HDR Smart TV

VIZIO M-Series Quantum 43” 4K HDR Smart TV – best Vizio smart TV

A significant advantage of this Smart TV is it’s a quantum color display. What exactly is that? It is the next-generation technology that delivers cinematic color intensity as over one billion colors pop off your TV simultaneously.

It has Ultra bright 400, which may deliver highlights up to 400 nits of brightness. Equipped with 12 local dimming zones, it can display stunning depth and contrast.

Another factor to think about is that this Smart TV also has 4k Ultra HD technology. Why accept 1080p once you can go Ultra HD, right?

Finding great content isn’t an issue with this Smart TV because it comes with a smart cast mobile app. Netflix and Hulu are only one click away. Isn’t that great for our fellow movie lovers?

It also has Vizio WatchFree, wherein you’ll be able to enjoy 150+ channels at no cost.


4. VIZIO D-Series 24” Smart TV

VIZIO D-Series 24” Smart TV – best Vizio smart TV

You might be wondering how this relatively small Smart TV made our list? Well, here’s why:

It’s small so it can fit comfortably on a table, a little TV rack, or you can also hang it on the wall. It’s also easy to transfer. Less hassle, right?

But not only that:

This model comes with SmartCast 3.0; finding good content to watch is as easy as 1-2-3. It comes with a remote that can switch to Netflix or Hulu in just a few clicks.

It has a 1080p high definition resolution and an aspect ratio of 16:9. This Smart TV is just as powerful as the other big competitors out there. This Smart TV surely gives off small but terrible energy.

It also comes with VIZIO WatchFree, which gives you access to 150+ channels for free.

There is also an available app for your Android phone called VIZIO SmartCast mobile wherein you’ll be able to power on/off, adjust volume, switch inputs, and stream any show to your big screen using your mobile phone.


5. VIZIO V-Series 50” 4K HDR Smart TV

VIZIO V-Series 50” 4K HDR Smart TV -Mbest Vizio smart TV

The Vizio V-Series 50″ comes with HDR Vision from Dolby. It can display a broader range of colors and detail.

This Smart TV carries Ultra HD technology, which is fourfold higher than 1080p. This Smart TV will get you amazed with its capacity to display millions of pixels simultaneously.

With full-array LED backlighting, light is evenly spread at every corner to enhance picture performance. You’ll be able to witness peak performance even in a dim-lighted set-up.

Streaming high-quality 4k HDR is astonishingly easy with this Smart TV because it comes with SmartCast 3.0, which can be accessed using the remote, or you can install the mobile app to your Android phone.

Can’t find a great show from Netflix or Hulu? Don’t worry because this model is built-in with Chromecast, wherein you can find a lot of streaming apps. You can also enjoy 100+ channels at no cost.

This model has an octal core processor, which is an excellent factor in reducing lag in smart home apps or while switching activities.


6. VIZIO P-Series Quantum 65” 4K HDR Smart TV

VIZIO P-Series Quantum 65” 4K HDR Smart TV – best Vizio smart TV

This smart TV from VIZIO runs the amazing quantum color technology. It can deliver up to 115% more color than standard 4k TVs.

It has Dolby Vision HDR and ultra-bright 1100, which delivers up to 1100 nits of brightness and 200 local dimming zones. See the slightest details even if you’re watching a dark setting movie.

With the help of VIZIO Smart Cast 3.0, browsing for a show, or listening to music would be so easy. Navigating in Netflix and Hulu can be done on the TV itself. Isn’t that convenient?

Still can’t find a show from Netflix and Hulu? Don’t worry because this TV also comes with VIZIO Watch Free, which gives free access to 150+ channels.

It also supports hands-free voice control with the help of Alexa and Google Assistant. You won’t have to touch the remote to adjust the volume anymore.

This model also won the best Smart TV last 2019 in the Best of CES awards. It’s such a powerhouse, and it’s also the TV with the most massive screen on our list.


7. VIZIO D40-D1 D-Series 40” Smart TV

VIZIO D40-D1 D-Series 40″ Smart TV – best Vizio smart TV

Last but not least, in this list, is the VIZIO D40 with a screen measuring 40″. It has a resolution of 1080p full HD, which provides the viewer crystal-clear pictures while watching any show.

This model has a full-display backlight LED that distributes the light at the back of the whole screen to deliver uniformity and excellent picture performance.

Like all Smart TVs, this model also is Wi-Fi integrated, which helps the user to connect to the web fast. You can then enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, and music using the app of your choice.

With a refresh rate of 60Hz, swift action scenes and sports are more exciting due to the stunning sharp details.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stream Netflix from my phone to my Smart TV?

Open your Netflix App. Select the cast icon within the lower or upper corner of the screen. Select your Smart TV in the given options. Choose a movie or TV show then press play.

What is the difference between SmartCast and Smart TV?

SmartCast is the ability of your TV to use apps on your smartphone. You can download the SmartCast app to your phone, and it will give you a list of apps wherein you can SmartCast to your Smart TV. Smart TV means that your TV can connect to the web.

Does Vizio have Android TVs?

As of the moment, Vizio does not sell any Android TV, unfortunately.

Ready, Set, and Buy!

Smart TVs are widely used nowadays due to its convenience and quality. A lot of people are relying mainly on their Internet to watch their favorite TV shows and movies, and this device can significantly help them enjoy it.

With today’s technology, connecting our TVs to the Internet would only require a few clicks. Apps are also widely available when already connected to the Internet; finding great content just became easier.

There are currently many companies that produce Smart TVs, but Vizio is one of the cheapest ones that deliver excellent quality. With a relatively lower price, you can already watch in 1080p or even in 4k Ultra HD.

In general, TVs have evolved dramatically during the past years and are getting more comfortable to operate; even our grandparents can use them with ease. So what are you waiting for, get one from Vizio now!

Have you tried purchasing a Smart TV from Vizio before? If no,  choose from our list and share your experience in the comment section below.

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