6 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android to Track Your Meetings

Voice recorder apps for Android are huge time savers especially if you are tasked with listening to others. I attend 3 classes and a few meetings on a daily basis and by the time I’m home my brain is like scrambled eggs.

Thankfully I have some of the best voice recorder apps for Android working for me during the classes and meetings. I simply record everything and listen to them when I’m feeling forgetful.

Note: The best voice recorder apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The app performed fine and no problems were faced during testing.

1. Smart Voice Recorder – Free with In-app Purchases

Smart Voice Recorder

The Red Button

Smart Voice Recorder is not one of the best looking apps on the Play Store but it does a fine job recording sounds. One of the best things I like about the app is the record button, yes you read correctly.

The record button on other apps is either small or located at an odd place but this app comes with a giant red record button. The large button leaves little room for errors and is very easy to hit even if you are not looking at the screen.

Test Recording:


In-app Purchases: $1.49 per item


  • The app comes with a spectrum analyzer.
  • Sample rates are adjustable.
  • The app is capable of recording in background, even when the screen is turned off.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with a skip silence mode which automatically removes any silent parts of the recordings. This feature is in beta but works almost always.

When the professor is writing something on the whiteboard, the app automatically skips the silence and records only when he speaks. A rogue student may break the silence though.


2. Dictaphone – Free with In-app Purchases

Dictaphone - voice recorder apps for android

Sound Looks

Voice Recorder Dictaphone is the best looking app in the best voice recorder apps for Android list. The interface is simply marvelous and the usability is top notch.

The app also comes with silence detecting and skips the boring (no sound) parts. The app has a sound threshold controller so you have some level of command over when the device stops recording.

The only problem I had with the app is its record button is placed on the bottom left side of the screen. This makes it hard to hit it with my left hand thumb.

Test Recording:


In-app Purchases: $0.99 per item


  • Cloud storage integration.
  • Manual control over recording quality.
  • Share recordings with ease.

Notable Feature:

The app supports background recording and shows playback controls in the notification bar for easy access. This saves a lot of time and battery, as the screen can be turned off when necessary.


3. Skyro Voice Recorder – Free

Skyro Voice Recorder apps for android

Where You Are

Skyro is yet another great looking app in the list. The app follows a simple design philosophy and presents a clean interface. The app looks good on both tablets and smartphones which is rare in this day and age.

The app records clear recordings but there is a down side to all of this. While the audio is very clear and crisp, the app also picks up ambient noises in the background. Even the phone vibration can be heard during the recording. This can be a great or a bad thing, judging by your needs.

Test Recording:



  • A modern looking user interface.
  • A great recording organizer.
  • The app has a timeline-like search feature.

Notable Feature:

This is the only app on the 6 best voice recorder apps for Android list which comes with location-based name tagging. Turn on your GPS and you will never have to worry about managing multiple recordings. You know where your office is and the recording will reflect that too.


4. Voice Recorder – Free

Voice Recorder

Detailed Recording

Simply named Voice Recorder, the app is anything but simple. If you want total control over your recordings, this is the app made for you. The interface has a nice red and white color scheme but could use a tiny bit of tweaking.

The app however records in great quality but sometimes there are crackling noises, which is odd. Most of the time, no anomalies occur during recording.

Test Recording:



  • Solid and serviceable interface.
  • Supports stereo and mono recordings.
  • Change recording storage location.

Notable Feature:

The app not only allows you to record your surroundings but also incoming calls. This is a two in one app which is not as good as some of the best call recoding apps but is still a competent backup option.


5. Voice Recorder – Free

Voice Recorder

Fast and Stable

This app is an example of bad interface but great usability.  I would have really liked the app if it offered a better user experience though.

That being said, the recordings are saved in an instant, no matter how long they are. I assume the app periodically writes data to the storage all the while recording, I might be wrong.

Some apps take ages to store hour-long recordings, but not this one. The app also comes with background recording which makes it easier to concentrate on the meeting, lecture or interview instead of fiddling with the Android screen.

Test Recording:



  • There are seven different quality options.
  • The management is very easy.
  • Sharing options are aplenty.

Notable Feature:

The app offers really low quality recordings which may not be important for those with large storages, but is critical for those who record a lot.


6. Audio Recorder – Free

Audio Recorder

Sony’s Poster App

This is an official Sony audio recorder, the only official one on the list. This is a straightforward and easy to use recorder which records great quality audio.

But there is a catch, while the app works flawlessly on Sony smartphones, there are sometimes audible noises on other devices.

The pros far outweigh the cons and I would recommend this app to anyone using a Sony device. Others can also use the app but why take risk when there are more stable options available.

Test Recording:



  • A clean and simple to use interface.
  • The app is optimized for Sony smartphones.
  • Great audio quality.

Notable Feature:

The app can be used with smart watches and official Sony headsets and microphones. This is a great app if you have invested into the Sony digital ecosystem.



Whether you want to record a sermon or cooking recipes, the best voice recorder apps for Android are always going to be a worthy companion. But remember not to push your luck with candid recordings; you can get into trouble with that.

Now go and be a modern age Clark Kent. Let us know if you have any questions below.

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  1. So in the end, which is the best recorder if I want to be able to record in-person conversations / lectures, but can operate in the background or when my screen is off/locked? I don’t care about the size of the files it creates, I just want the best quality. Please let me know you’re #1 choice based on this criteria. Thanks!

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I would recommend the first app on the list. You can also check out the sample I made to gauge the quality.

  2. I’m looking for an Android voice recorder (mp3) that can record snippets of notes or spoken ideas over a time period, of for instance several days, and leave me with just ONE file. Yes, even if the device has been switched off and on again in the meantime. Look at it as a replacement for a cassette recorder, which also produces one (concatenated) recording session.
    Do any of the reviewed apps meet this request ? (or do you have any other ideas on how to do this?)
    Thanks in advance – Hap

    1. Hi Bethmm,
      Thanks for your suggestion and your feedback on the app. I´m sure other will benefit from it. =-)

  3. I am looking for an app where I can use it in a meeting. I want it to capture what people are saying but not kludging all the words together when more than one person is talking. Take the voice recording and put it in text but again, without putting everyone’s words together. Any ideas?

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