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Best VoIP Providers — Get Connected Around the Globe

Voice over Internet Protocol is best to use for business purposes. VoIP services have slowly become the standard phone system. It gives you the advantage to make efficient local, domestic, and international calls offered at a lower rate.

If you are still starting up a new business and you are in need of an affordable communications service provider, you might want to consider the cheapest VoIP phone services.

VoIP providers have integrated features that help entrepreneurs be more productive with lesser operating expenses. Thus, people expect that these best VoIP providers offer quality, efficient calls with lower calls.

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5 Best VoIP System Providers

1 Vonage — *Starts at $14.99 per month/user

Vonage App Logo - Best VoIP Providers
Vonage Logo

The Vonage Business Cloud started as a residential VoIP service provider. Later on, they’ve become one of the best cloud private branch exchange (PBX) that uses SmartWAN solution. Enabling them to provide a quality service.

SmartWAN dynamically re-route call and message traffic to ensure reliable and dedicated service connectivity.

They have a new update on their web-based console. It now has an administrative integration helps you control and manage reports through the call control dashboard and set up a virtual receptionist. Furthermore, you can have additional services with Google G Suite, Microsoft, and other CRM integrations available.

Vonage supports conference calls and online meetings as it is supported by Amazon Chime. Moreover, if you do not want to listen to voicemails, it can accurately transcribe the voicemail into text.

Vonage Price - Best VoIP Providers
Vonage Price

Vonage offers 3 pricing tiers for its subscription plan. It begins at $19.99 per month/user for a mobile account and is limited to 2 to 20 lines. It comes with unlimited calls, chats, mobile app, and a desktop app. The premium account, on the other hand, cost as much as $29.99 per month/user. It offers mobile features that include conference calls, file sharing, online meetings powered by Amazon Chime, CRM integrations, and multi-level auto-attendant.

Nevertheless, Vonage has an advanced account that has the mobile and premium plan features including call-recording, visual voicemail, group calls, and orange-glove setup. They offer the plan at $39.99 per month/user.

Take note that you can customize a plan that you think is best for your business.

You can easily start communicating with Vonage with just 3 simple steps:

  • Choose the plan that would best suit your needs.
  • Plug-in your equipment to the Internet or download the application on your phone.
  • Start a call or chat and enjoy other features of Vonage.

Vonage Business Cloud is reliably one of the best VoIP providers for entrepreneurs with small to middle-sized businesses. It is a fully-featured cloud PBX service that can surely handle and provide a large number of users. Visit the website of Vonage for more information.

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2. RingCentral — *Starts at $19.99 per month/user

RingCentral Logo

RingCentral is known for small businesses and enterprises, it leads the business VoIP industry as it is one of the reputable and oldest VoIP providers. This provider has features and services that are up to date, you would not know that it is the oldest!

It has tight integration with file-sharing platforms, with this you can easily process documents that your business needs.

RingCentral - Subscription Plan - Best VoIP Provider
Subscription Plan

All of the subscription plans of RingCentral has almost the same features, the premium account and ultimate plan have some distinct features to offer. Also, each plan has a difference in the number of users, minutes, and conferences it allows.

Among the pricing tier of RingCentral, most consumers choose to have a premium account. You can have access with the features and services of RingCentral starting at $19.99 per month, their most expensive plan is given at $49.99 per month.

There is a slight difference with its prices if you choose to bill the subscription monthly or annually, you can save when you pay annually. Saving 33% off annually is already a frugal act! Moreover, you can try their service for 14 days, by then you can continue their services if you think it fits the needs of your business.

We cannot deny that RingCentral is truly made for business purposes. You will not have to worry if you leave your office, this VoIP provider is also available for your smartphone. You can use it anytime, anywhere. For more inquiries, you can freely visit the website of RingCentral.

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3. Mitel — *Starts at $20.99 per month/user

Mitel Logo - Best VoIP providers
Mitel Logo

Mitel is one of the best VoIP providers that enables small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses to have a connection, collaboration, and quality service to their customers. It offers a unified communication system through hardware and software providers, it has pre-configured business phones that you can avail or download the software in your computer or smartphone.

It is outstanding for entrepreneurs to have 15 different CRM integrations for their growing business, and Mitel can confidently offer this wide selection of business integrations. Moreover, the functionality of Mitel with its mobile app is beyond what is expected. It can handle core calls, multimedia sharing, messages, call configuration, and management capabilities.

Mitel Price Plan - Best VoIP Providers
Mitel Plans

Mitel starts their subscription plan at $20.99 per month per user, this essential plan only includes PBX features, collaboration, and conferences. Meanwhile, their most popular plan starts at $26.59 per month per user. This premier plan includes the features offered in the essential plan with additional features of call recording and CRM integration. Furthermore, if you need an archive and operator, you have to get the elite plan starting at $38.49.

If you want to have more information about the plans and features they offer, visit the website of Mitel.

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4. Nextiva — *Starts at $5 per month/user

Nextiva Logo - Best VoIP Providers
Nextiva Logo

Nextiva has an unbreakable reputation of providing the best and most popular VoIP services in the United States and Canada. Small to middle sized businesses can rely on the features Nextiva offers. The basic features Nextiva offers are:

  • Barge-in
  • Cloud PBX
  • Free local number
  • Free toll-free number
  • On-hold Music
  • Voicemail into text

Other additional features that you can avail in higher subscription plan includes:

  • Software integration
  • Automated greetings
  • Nextiva mobile app
  • Conference bridge

Nextiva is probably the most comprehensive provider on this list. They offer 3 different systems designed for communication, customer relation, and team collaboration.

Communication plans have all the features that a business would ever need from a phone system. Customer relation plans is a trimmed plan that’s only good for communicating with customers. The team collaboration plan is the cheapest service they can provide. This plan is similar to Skype, but without the capability to accept calls and communicate with customers. It is only designed to let your staff and employees communicate with each other.

The cheapest communication plan that they offer starts at $20 per month per user. Moreover, this subscription plan has a 3-year contract bind.

If you want to get started and have more information about the features and plan subscription they offer, visit the website of Nextiva.

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5. Ooma Office — *Starts at $19.95 per month/user

Ooma Logo - Best VoIP Providers
Ooma Logo

Ooma is one of the best VoIP providers, its plan price made it feasible for startup small businesses. It is cost-efficient and ideal for entrepreneurs who have their communication system on a tight budget. They offer quality features that can help your business grow, you have the will to pay the features you only need or add more features that you think is best for your business.

At an affordable rate, Ooma supports virtual PBX that allows it to accommodate more devices and extensions. Ooma requires a hardware or base station, this is helpful when the time will come that you need to upgrade your phone system for a larger hardware. Data transfer from one base station to another is less hassle, you would not lose the progres and information.

If you need more features, you can have the Enterprise plan of Ooma, where you can connect to more lines and have CRM integration to manage more of your customer relationship. Along with the discussed features, Ooma Office also offers:

  • Call reports
  • Call transfers
  • Extension-by-extension dials
  • On-hold music
Ooma Price - Best VoIP Provider
Plan Price of Ooma

Ooma Office has only one subscription plan, it starts at $19.95 per month per user. For this rate, it includes free toll number, 500 toll free minutes, it supports over 500 phone products, and provides 24-hour chat support. Furthermore, if you want to have a quote of their services, you can visit the website of Ooma.

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Is VoIP a good idea for a business?

This may not be in general, but there are some VoIP providers that still needs to improve their Quality of Service. Thus, you have to look for a reputable VoIP provider to prevent any inconvenience on your business. You should also consider the mobile phone or desk phone you are using and the Internet connection you have. If you are not confident with your Internet connection, you can download an Internet benchmark app to check on your connection.

Is VoIP good for the home?

Yes, it is actually one of the advantages of VoIP. You only need a good Internet connection to make efficient calls at a lower rate, some users also make calls for free. You heard it right, you can communicate through free VoIP. Download the best VoIP apps and SIP apps for your Android phone!

What can go wrong in a VoIP provider?

There are some situations that can affect the services your VoIP provider offers. You have to check whether you have an inadequate Internet router, weak Internet connection, firewalls, and strict security measures. If your problem is the layers of security measures, then it is best for you to download Android browsers with VPN.


VoIP providers will always need a stable and reliable Internet connection for you to make efficient calls all over the globe. However, it needs a high Quality of Service to make your experience worthwhile. Thus, you have to choose the best VoIP provider available. Choose one of the mentioned VoIP providers, it will surely help you communicate your loved ones for residential uses, or build more connection for your business.

What is the best VoIP provider for you? If you think the article is a great help, share it with your friends, colleagues, and family. Moreover, if you have a question, feel free to leave a comment below.

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