7 Best VTuber software in 2022

7 Best VTuber software in 2022

Anime continues to play a large role in popular culture. There are some people who wish to experience what it must feel like to become an anime character or to adopt a persona they carried since childhood. If this sounds like you, then you can actually choose your own virtual avatar with the best VTuber software, and present yourself to the world in the way you always imagined.

You might have seen VTubers in a virtual suite in live streams and wondered, “What is this VTuber software?”, “What is the best VTuber software?” and “How do they do it?”. This article focuses on the answer to these questions and offers a list of the best VTuber software available on the market.

The best VTuber software list is as follows,

Firstly, let me elaborate on what a VTuber is.

What is a VTuber?

A VTuber or virtual YouTuber, is someone who does live streams on YouTube and Twitch using a virtual avatar generated by computer graphics. 

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What is the point of VTuber software?

VTuber software is ideal for someone who likes to do live streams on the internet without revealing their true identity. The major reason is the anonymity, and it also comes across as cool and induces curiosity among the audience.

1. VRoid studio

VTuber software- VRoid studio
VTuber software- VRoid studio

[Image source: VRoid studio]

VRoid studio is a free-to-use software available that has an easy setup. With this VTuber software, you can personalize your facial features, hairstyles, and outfits in parameters like color, length, shape, and design.

This app lets you customize your natural figure with only minor changes according to your preference. The unique thing is that you can customize your avatar with focus on minute details until you get your preferred look. The outfit templates are the perfect place for you to show off your fashion designing skills like overlaying outfits to fit your silhouette.

You can also export your avatar to other apps if these apps support a virtual reality model format.


  • Easy to use.
  • Improved and straightforward editing features.
  • The conversion is smooth.


  • It lags a lot.
  • The final exported model seems to have bugs.
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2. Live3D

VTuber software-Live3D
VTuber software-Live3D

[Image source: Live3D]

With Live3D, you can create high-quality virtual avatars. It offers smooth hand tracking through a webcam and other devices. You can enhance your virtual avatar by adding props, paints, and VTuber backgrounds. Live 3D offers rich VTuber backgrounds and overlays for you to choose. 

It allows you to customize your avatar by loading your own VRM models, backgrounds, 3D animations, avatar emotes, sticker effects, and more.

It features a real-time facial motion capture and leap motion, real-time lip-syncing, and real-time stream show for VTuber creators. You can enrich your VTubing experience with resources like 3D VTube experience, special effects, and prop resources.

There is a free version available. However, if you want to try the paid version, the pricing starts from $3.90 per month.


  • Live3D VTuber offers online and live chat help around the clock.
  • It integrates with not just YouTube and Twitch but also with Discord, GoogleMeet, Skype, TikTok, and Zoom.


  • The advanced features require a subscription.
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3. Wakaru

VTuber software-Wakaru
VTuber software-Wakaru

[Image source: Wakaru]

If you want to become a VTuber without breaking your bank then Wakaru is the best VTuber software choice for you. It has a clean interface that is easy to use and works well with streamlabs OBS. Wakaru lets you add a greenscreen to the avatar while streaming or recording, which can help with the background 

With Wakaru, you can create not just one, but a set of different avatars that you can switch between during your streams.


  • No additional features or software.
  • Beginner-friendly.


  • The tracking system isn’t the best.
  • It feels a bit laggy hence making the movements delayed.
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4. Hyper

VTuber software- Hyper
VTuber software- Hyper

[Image source: Hyper]

Hyper is accessible to both Apple and Android users. After downloading it on your smartphone, Mac, or PC, you can customize your avatar according to your liking and use it for not just YouTube streaming but also for making video calls.

Hyper offers you high-quality avatars with eye movements that don’t feel too odd. The app is free but if you want to access all the features, control boards, and motion capture, then you must pay for them. With this software, you don’t have to be in front of the camera to continue streaming, as you can share the motion capture.


  • The looks are modern.
  • Has an easy setup.


  • The customization feature for hair color is limited.
  • Does not support full body tracking.
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5. VMagicMirror

VTuber software-VMagicMirror

[Image source: VMagicMirror]

With VMagicMirror, you can manipulate your avatar without any additional devices required. It  uses your keyboard and mouse, with the added benefit of supporting a game controller and MIDI controller. It supports lip sync from the microphone, head tracking, and movements through web cameras. 

When it comes to facial expressions, you can control them with a keyboard, controller, or MIDI

controller. It is ideal for gaming, streaming, presentation with an avatar, and desktop mascot.


  • Supports webcam-based face tracking.
  • You can play with other applications by setting the background to transparent.


  • The eyeblink tracking seems laggy.
  • The shadow looks odd and unnatural.
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6. Facerig

VTuber software-Facerig
VTuber software-Facerig

[Image source: Facerig]

Facerig can transform you into any digital character of your wish. It tracks your face with a webcam and lets you customize it in real time. The face recognition and response rate is close to real-time. 

Facerig currently supports around 50 built-in avatars that favor realism. It facilitates the natural extension of the tongue and the arms, but the natural extension is not very natural in some positions.


  • It supports 50+ built-in avatars.
  • The quality of the avatar is clear.


  • The character’s integrity is not satisfying.
  • The so-called natural extension feels unnatural.
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7. VTube studio

VTuber software-VTube studio
VTuber software-VTube studio

[Image source: VTube studio]

VTube studio is one of the earliest virtual avatar software programs, with millions of fans worldwide. It has over 100 features that will allow you to manage your webcam presence, control motion, and even add new details to your avatar. 

It is an excellent choice if you want to show your entire body on the webcam since not every VTuber software allows you to use a full-body avatar.

This software gives you access to a plethora of useful features and filters. If you’re not sure which sort of avatar you want or how you want to appear on these streaming platforms, then this is the best option for you. It also offers support with the developers, so you can request new features.


  • Has a straightforward and intuitive interface.
  • It is beginner friendly.


  • Limited to apple devices.
  • Cool features are limited by subscription.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can you use VTuber software on a mobile phone?

Although most VTuber software is only compatible with a PC or Laptop, there are many VTuber software available that you can access on a mobile phone.

2.How does VTuber software work?

The VTuber software tracks your facial expressions, gestures, and movements then projects them into an avatar using motion capture technology.

Bottom line

VTuber software is ideal for someone who wishes to stay anonymous and keep streaming with the added benefit of becoming like an in-real-life anime character. The fact that VTuber software is not an expensive hobby anymore is your sign to try it out soon. Now that you know the basics about VTuber software, what are you waiting for? Just shoot your shot at VTubing and have fun designing your preferred avatar.

Do let us know what VTube software impressed you the most in the comment section below.

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