10 of the Best Wallet Cases For The Samsung Galaxy S7

The Galaxy S7 is Samsung’s latest flagship for the year 2017 and it’s absolutely brilliant! All the way from the hardware to the material design, Samsung has managed to preserve the premium finish that it always does, and the Galaxy S7 is no exception.

You can applaud the glass and metal build all you want. However, it comes with a serious caveat; usability. So, to tackle that issue, and to add a dash of functionality to the fray, I’m going to recommend 10 of the best wallet cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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1. Tauri Case


This case is made of premium synthetic leather which feels soft to the touch and has slots for all your various needs if you’re the kind of person who carries around a lot of cards.

There is also an additional large slot to store some cash as well which helps your Samsung Galaxy S7 to act as a wallet as well, significantly diminishing baggage when you’re going outside.

As smartphones become tougher, the Tauri case can only complement its robustness by protecting your Galaxy S7 from the elements if you’re that guy who is down-to-earth. It also simultaneously gives you access to all your ports so that charging and listening to music does not become a hindrance rather than a blessing.

Notable feature: It also integrates a kickstand feature for convenient media consumption like your typical scenario of Netflix and chill and also has a magnetic strap for closure to prevent your contents from spilling out.

2. Moze Case


If you’re looking for what makes a wallet case a wallet case, The Moze case for the Galaxy S7 is just like any typical one. It is made from synthetic PU leather that makes the smartphone feel good in the hand which does not compromise the excellent aesthetic and ergonomic performance the Galaxy S7 delivers. The inner lining is made from soft TPU as to not scratch your premium investment whilst the case is in use.

It provides you with access to all the ports unobstructed so charging your Galaxy S7 is a breeze and also has a magnetic strip for security that gives you some peace of mind while putting in all your cards and cash in it.

It also has a kickstand which allows for more comfortable media consumption experience, which means YouTube, hands-free.

Notable feature: It has a wrist strap for convenience which is a tad bit more comfortable to use when you’re going out. Also, it prevents your Galaxy S7 from falling from your hand.

3. Ulak Case


This case a folio-type case which can protect your smartphone from all sorts of things from dust to water when you’re interacting with the elements. It also has a wrist strap for additional convenience that prevents your glass-backed Galaxy S7 from slipping away from your hands.

It can also be transformed into the form of a kickstand for comfortable media viewing. So no issues with hands-free usage. and also has a magnetic strip to secure the smartphone to the case. It also gives you unhindered use of your smartphone by having easy access to all ports which helps your Galaxy S7 to charge while the case is in use.

Notable feature: However, the most notable feature of this case is that it has a whopping 9 slots to store your various cards and cash. So, if you’re the kind of guy that hands out a lot of business cards, you know this can be a very helpful investment.

4. FYY Wallet Case


This case trumps every other one on this list due to the sheer amount of variations it has. But, the main feature of this case is that It has a lot of variants. Over 44, in fact. So, it’s quite sure that you’ll find the one that perfectly suits your need after you check out the Amazon link. Three cheers for customizability!

The FYY case is made from a premium feeling PU leather, and it does feel good to the touch which is a must for any case that you purchase. It has all the features typical to the other cases on this list as well.

Notable feature: It does a pretty good job in protecting your device from the elements while also integrating a wrist strap for a more convenient use of the case.

5. Verus Wallet Case

Verus Damda

A departure from the traditional style of wallet cases and one of the more unique cases on this list, the Verus wallet case is not a folio-type case. It completely complements the smartphone’s design by remaining thin and compact, while still offering protection and functionality which helps to reduce additional bulk in your pocket.

The double PU-TPU layer protects your Galaxy S7 from serious collisions and drops, while the compartment-style slot on the back gives you ample storage to put in your various cards while composing its slim form-factor.

It also scores points in the style department as well, with its slim and snug fit of the already thin Galaxy S7. It has rounded corners to protect your smartphone’s display, along with full access to all ports to give unhindered use of the device.

Notable feature: The lack of a folio design might be appealing to you if you’re the kind of modern man that this world needs.

6. Abacus 24-7 Wallet Case

Abacus 24-7

Abacus 24-7 manufactures cases for every kind of smartphone out there. So it’s no surprise that they have already made a wallet case for the Galaxy S7 and an excellent one at that. Why?

It provides all-round protection by integrating a hard PU leather exterior while having a soft TPU interior so it protects your Galaxy S7 from hard drops and scratches as well.  It is quite slim which complements the design of the Galaxy S7 quite nicely. The exterior is made from the finest quality PU leather, and it feels that way too. Along with all of this, it has a kickstand feature for a more comfortable media viewing experience.

Notable Feature: It has 2 slots for storing various cards, a transparent one for storing ID, and a hidden one in the back to store some cash as well which really serves its purpose as a wallet case.

7. Spigen Slim Armor CS

Spigen Slim Armor CS

Spigen is a well-established case manufacturer that is renowned for making slim and stylish cases and the slim CS is no exception to that trend. It is unique in the sense that it is not a folio type case which breaks the regular form-factor of the other cases on this list.

It protects your device quite well by incorporating Air Cushion technology and also adopting the dual-layer protection that most of the cases on this list has.

The compartment slide on the back actually slides (duh) out to reveal a slot which can hold 2 cards. The raised lip also provides protection by making sure that the display does not come in contact with whatever surface it’s on in case of a fall.

Notable feature: The style, along with the protection and the modern look makes it a worthy competitor in this list.

8. Pasonomi Wallet Case


The Pasonomi wallet case provides a luxurious experience, while still throwing functionality into the mix. It is made from a premium PU leather exterior which glistens and shines like it’s the real deal. Protection is still an issue since the case is quite soft. However, from an ergonomics point of view, that’s not a caveat at all as It also prevents scratches from day-to-day use.

It has 2 slots to store your various cards and money as well. Also, it integrates a kickstand function, like many others on this list, for comfortable media consumption. It is also slim fitted to be present the Galaxy S7’s already slim form factor. It also has a magnetic strip to make sure the case is secure to prevent the contents from spilling out.

Notable feature: It looks like genuine leather and feels like it, too. So, if you’re the kind of person that values real leather, this is a budget-friendly to get what you’re looking for.

9. STI:L Agnes

STIL Agnes

The STI:L Agnes for the Galaxy S7 is truly the case of the century. With its modern design and clean-cutting features, how can it not be? It is made from a premium feeling genuine leather which is designed to impress and help you stand out. It also makes sure to protect your Galaxy S7 from collisions that are unavoidable in this day and age.

On the other end of the spectrum, the inside of the case is made from soft Italian PU, which makes sure that the case does not scratch the Galaxy S7 while it’s in use. The wallet function is hidden with 5 slots to store a variety of cards and cash, which is pretty convenient. Sure, it’s a bit on the pricey side, but the price does justify the product in every way.

Notable feature: Also, it has a sophisticated key ring which is attached to a slot on the case. It comes free with the package. So, why not?

10. ACO-UINT Wallet Case


The ACO-UINT wallet case for the Galaxy S7 has an elegant form factor when compared to all the other cases on this list. It is made of a premium looking PU leather which has a particularly ergonomic grid design, that feels quite good.

It is rugged enough to protect your smartphone, and the inner TPU is soft enough so that your smartphone does not get scratched while the case is in use. Two birds with one stone, I’d say.

It has built-in pockets to store your various cards and some cash as well while also incorporating a magnetic strip to secure your phone in place, and also has a kickstand feature for comfortable entertainment.

Notable Feature: The elegant design might be what you might be just what you’re looking for if none of the other cases caught your fancy.


The Galaxy S7 is a relatively new device. However it has a large number of cases to choose from, and we’ve listed the best ones.

However, it is to be noted that the above choices are firmly arbitrary. The ubiquitous nature of these cases makes sure that we might have missed something. If so, please do use the comment section below if you think there are better alternatives present.

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