Best War Games for Android

5 Unforgiving War Games for Android

War is in our nature and we cannot deny that. Look at the top grossing videogames these days and you can clearly see war games topping charts everywhere. I personally love war games which allow me to make an army and feel really powerful. Thankfully we have a lot of amazing war games for Android available on the Play Store.

I have played thousands of hours of war games on consoles and PCs. Recently I have made Android my main war gaming hub. That is because I was bored with generic war shooters on the platforms and craved something different. Android, like always was quick on giving me an easy fix on things. Right now, I’m deeply rooted in playing a game which pockets millions each month.

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This list about 5 Great War Games for Android and I have avoided shooter games in it. This is because we have already covered some great shooter games for Android and what will be the point of including them again. We have also indecently covered RTS (Real Time Strategy) games for Android as well. I recommend a look at both of those lists for even more fun.

Note: The 5 best war games for Android were tested on a Sony Xperia Z smartphone. The games ran fine on the mid-range hardware and no problems were faced during testing. An active internet connection will be needed for optimal gameplay.

1. Clash of Clans

I used to hate Clash of Clans or COC as my friends called it. Every day in office I could see them tapping away on the screen playing that game. I pride myself on playing quality videogames which are interactive to a certain extent. Clash of Clans seemed like any typical farming game for Android with added armies and fights.

That was back when I hadn’t actually played the game. Now I’m also tapping away on my Android screen any chance I get. Clash of Clans is a highly addictive game which should be listed in the most addictive games for the platform as well. It has made me a feral tapper who tracks times of constructions.

The game is simple; you build armies with resources. Then when you are strong enough, you attack other armies, they are called clans here. That is not all though, you will also be attacked by other people and you need to arm the defences.

This is a simple idea made highly addictive by the developer. Usually games like these skimp on graphics but Clash of Clans is actually quite beautiful to look at. Sure it is not one of the most graphically impressive games on Android, but it is not an eyesore either.

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2. Boom Beach

This is another war game that is doing well on the Google Play Store. While the premise of this one is almost the same as Clash of Clans, the game has some significant gameplay differences. Boom Beach is all about exploration and defeating a competent and evil enemy. You can band together with your real life friends in the quest of saving lives and capturing enemy islands.

The gameplay is simple and yet highly addictive, especially if you have your friends with you. This is not a multiplayer game by a long shot but it sure gives you a feeling of unity. You manage resources and develop your army, then you attack outposts for loot.

The way you attack and with what you attack can determine the outcome of the battle. The game is not hard to understand but at later levels the enemy becomes competent as well.

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3. Dinosaur War

Everyone loves dinosaurs, these are epic lizards which were once real. The fascination and wonder of having an army of dinosaurs never gets old, even for the older audience. Dinosaur War game on Android recognizes this void and aims to fill it with epic dinosaur battles.

I came here hopping to see some amazing fights between dinosaurs but that was not what made me stay. Sure you can battle your dino army with another player but the game’s main focus is raising your own army and making it the best.

The graphics are OK at best and are fully 2D. I was kind of disappointed because I wanted to see 3D dinosaurs dishing out the pain, but the gameplay softened the blow.

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4. World War™

Another interesting game in the best war games for Android list, World War is something unique. A nuclear war has broken out and many of the countries have been destroyed. You get to select a country from the five emerged super powers. USA, Germany, UK, China and Russia, all have their unique bonuses.

The gameplay is simple and involves fighting different adversaries live. You can make your army stronger by winning battles and also by farming resources. The game allows you to do missions, build and maintain your army.

I recommend that you use Russia because of the faster energy refills, they factor a lot in the battlefield. This is an old school number crunching game which doesn’t actually have epic 3D battles but the spirit is there.

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5. Tactile Wars

This one here is an amazing game, the kind of game which makes playing on a touch screen device a pleasure. The graphics are simplified but the game looks amazing. If you have an Android tablet, get this free game on it as soon as possible!

The premise is simple, you select a color and attack other colors in this highly interactive game. While other games on the list are war games on Android, this one captures the heat of battle perfectly. There will be attacking forces on all side and you will need to be extra nimble to repel the attacks.

You get to make troops, plant mines and place turrets and deploy tanks in the battle to gain the upper hand. The best part is, this all happens in real time so there is no waiting time. The game plays fast and demands your undivided attention.

One of the best things about the game is the design. I remember playing a critically acclaimed game on the PSP called Patapon which had the same design. Tactile Wars captured the fanatic nature of war really well in its addictive and fast gameplay.

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War games are a lot of fun if you give them a chance. While war itself is a tragic experience, these light hearted war games for Android will sure make your day brighter. Android is still a long way from getting PC quality war games but thankfully we don’t need those on this platform.

The simplicity and charm of these games is enough to entice a hardcore gamer like me. Sometimes you need to take a break from Battlefield and Call of Duty and relax with Clash of Clans.

What do you seek in a war game? What makes a game feel alive to you? Share your virtual war stories with me below.

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