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6 Best Watch Bands for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 in 2020

Bored of looking at your same old Watch Active2? Maybe it’s time to revamp it! We listed here the 6 Best Watch Bands for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2!

Now, if you are interested, please keep on reading.

Let’s be honest:

There are many Galaxy Watch Active2 wrist bands available in the market both online and not.

And most probably, you are having a hard time with which one you will buy because of the tons of varieties.

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But… Here’s our advice. Choose the band which makes you comfortable to wear every day. The one that will not limit you in doing the things you love, whether indoor/outdoor activities or in personalizing your watch apps.

Furthermore, you should also consider your personal taste and style. Nobody wants a watch that clashes their outfit, right?!

So now, let’s get started!

Best Watch Bands for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Best Over AllVALKIT Stainless Steel Solid Strap
CheapestLWSENGME Silicon Band
Highly RecommendedOLYTOP Premium Nylon with Leather Sport Band
Best ValueLEOTOP Leather Band
Runner UpsVIGOSS Metal Bracelet
 ARESH Stainless Steel Strap

Top 6 Choice of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Bands

Have you been thinking about changing the looks of your Galaxy Watch Active2? Well, we’ve listed some bands for your watch that can match your looks and mood. And another thing is, since we love you, what we listed here are the bands that are compatible for both 40mm and 44mm Active2 watch.

1. ARESH Stainless Steel Strap

“Classic and Elegant”

Rose Pink  Stainless Steel Strap

If you want to go Classic and Elegant at the same time, you can try this premium stainless steel band from Aresh. It is easy to install or remove links, and it can fit you perfectly. It can fit a wrist size of 6.1 inches to 8.1 inches and weighs 6.4 oz. It is also available in different colors, Black, Silver, Rose Gold, and Black/Gray+Black, which will make you sparkle anytime and on any occasion.

2. VALKIT Stainless Steel Solid Strap

“Stylish and Lightweight”

Two (2) Pack Black Metal and Stainless Steel Bands

Stylish, lightweight, which only weighs 4 oz,  and breathable bands from Valkit. Comfortable for everyday use. The Stainless Steel bands can fit a wrist size of 5.51 inches up to 7.68 inches while the Metal bands can fit a wrist size of 6.1 inches up to 10.24 inches. Aside from color Black, you can also choose from other colors, Silver, Rose Gold, and Silver + Rose Gold. These straps are also compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm.

3. OLYTOP Premium Nylon with Leather Sport Band

“Sporty and Durable”

Blue Premium Nylon with Leather Band

A No-Tool quick-release leather wrist band from Olytop. It can fit a wrist size of 5.9 inches up to 8.1 inches and made from high-quality nylon with leather. Its design is perfect for your everyday casual look. It’s also water-resistant, tough, and durable, so you don’t need to worry about doing an extreme activity. You can choose from its five (5) colors available, Black, Blue, Burgundy, Army Green, and Beige. This band is also compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm.

4. LWSENGME Silicon Band

“Flexible and Breathable”

Blue/Pink Silicone Band

The band designed for summer, lightweight, breathable, and washable. Perfect for any indoor or outdoor activities. The air hole design will make your skin breathe, so you don’t need to worry about your wrist sweat, and if it got dirty, no worries! You can remove the bands easily because of its quick-release feature, and wash. It can fit a wrist size of 6.5 inches up to 8.5 inches. There are 11 double colors available you can choose which suits your personality.

5. VIGOSS Metal Bracelet

“Designed for Women”

Butterfly Silver

Simply elegant and fashionable metal bracelet designed for women by Vigoss. Easy to install and remove because of its quick-release pins. This is made from High-Quality Stainless Steel and weighs only 1.6 oz. It can fit a wrist size of 5.5 inches up to 8 inches by adjusting the position of lock pendant. This is a perfect gift for women on any occasion. Aside from Galaxy Watch Active2 40mm and 44mm, this bracelet is also compatible with Galaxy Watch 42mm.

6. LEOTOP Leather Band

“Vintage and Retro Style”

Black Genuine Leather Band

A genuine leather band with distressed Crazy Horse Calfskin finished from Leotop. Easy to install and remove without any tools. This can fit a wrist size of 6.9 inches up to 8.07 inches. And if you are worried about blocking your watch heart’s sensor, worry-no more since the cuff leather is designed and adapted to your watch design so it won’t block and will stay in contact with your wrist.


Final Thoughts

When choosing a replacement wrist band for your Active2 Watch, you need to consider the size and which Active2 Watch do you have. Not all bands are compatible with both 40 mm and 44 mm watch. And who says, you can only buy one (1) band? If you have extra bucks, you can purchase two (2) or more bands to match your looks.

What do you think of the wrist bands we have listed? Have you decided which one to buy? Comment down below, and we love to hear it from you.

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