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7+ Best Websites for PC Building in 2023

What Is PC Building?

Are you interested in building a PC with the components of your choice? Does your PC have all the hardware equipment based on your requirements? If you are customizing the PC all by yourself, it could be a tedious process. You need to research all the parts you need before you assemble them. It could be a tedious process, but you may be excited to find out that there are websites available to help you customize your own PC.  

A custom PC is one that is assembled with various pieces selected by the user. This helps a user to have a higher level of performance with the PC acquired by him. A custom PC is the best choice available for gamers, video editors, or any other demanding applications. 

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The Best Websites for PC Building

We have listed the best websites available for PC building. These websites offer both pre-built units and specific parts you can order to create customized PCs.

  1. Build My PC
  2. PC Builder
  3. Xidax
  4. BLD (By NZXT)
  5. Cyberpower PC
  6. Falcon NorthWest
  7. Origin PC

1. Build My PC

Best Websites for PC Building

Best overall website for PC building

Build My PC was started by a group of young professionals who strive hard to provide the best Custom PC for you. Even if you are ignorant of the technology, you will be able to create your own Custom PC.

Build My PC is a website that came into existence to serve all custom PC requirements. You will be able to make a computer part selection as per your requirements. Build My PC can also help you to choose parts based on the compatibility of your existing machine.  It is the one of the best websites for PC building.

If a specific component is not available, Build My PC also provides a wide range of equivalent components to choose from. 

There are three pre-built PC categories. They are: Gaming PC, All-In-One PC, and Budget PC. These categories list already assembled PCs with specifications, such as graphics cards, OS, processors, and memory.  If your requirements fit in with the specification mentioned, you can buy them. The price is given on the website. 

Build My PC has all the technicalities that help you select the best components without any technical hassles. 

A warranty of one year is given to all the parts that are purchased. 

Cost-effective components. The interface is not user-friendly.
Specific compatibility guide to creating a Custom PC.There is no search text box.
Construction guide is given for each section.

2. PC Builder

Best website that provides business laptops

Best website that provides business laptops

PC Builder was started in the year 2020 with the primary objective of creating user-based PCs with the best compatible parts available in the market. 

PC Builder is a website builder that provides you with pre-built gaming, cheap, and all-in-one desktops. They also provide you with a set of gaming and business laptops that are some of the cheapest laptops available in the market. 

They have developed a set of computer-based algorithm that is capable of testing the market’s PC parts and recommending the best PC component based on budget and performance. 

With the changing technology happening on a regular basis, you will have the latest and more accurate compatible parts selected at your fingertips. PC compatibility can be the toughest task sometimes, but PC Builder provides you with ease with the best compatibility parts available.  PC builder is one of the best websites for PC building.

There are more than 4000 compatible components available on this website. 

Set of computer-based algorithms available.None as of now.
Best budget PCs available according to your needs. 
More than 4000 compatible components are available.

3. Xidax

Best website with customization options

Best website with customization options

Xidax has a whole range of PCs that can be customized and configured for you. They include both desktops and laptops. 

The customization option that is available with Xidax includes RGB lighting, CPU & GPU overclocking, and faster shipping.  They also provide financing using Affirm, so you can make payments in installments.

Xidax is not a very popular company, but they offer the best budget laptops and desktops for gaming PCs. These PCs come with the best-matched components that work well together.

Xidax offers a lifetime free warranty for new desktop purchases. This might be of great help to many of its customers. This also means that there will be a complete replacement for all the components in the PC, in case they are not working properly. But the final verdict will be with Xidax.

With regard to their laptop, they provide a two-year limited warranty period. With so many advantages in line, you can consider Xidax as one of the best websites for PC building. You can also read our post on

Lifetime free warranty availableMinimal storage capacity
Financing through Affirm for EMI
LED lighting available

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4. BLD by NZXT

Best website that provides aesthetic design

Best website that provides aesthetic design

BLD from NZXT is the best website for PC building available. This particular website is best to build websites for gaming purposes. The selection of hardware that is been given by the website is outstanding. Apart from the hardware, you can also select a good aesthetic design for your PCs. The PC builder is capable of building the best gaming PC for hard-core gamers. 

You will be able to build your own PC by filling in the requisite specifications in the questionnaire provided. You will be able to sort the components based on various parameters, such as the game you intend to play, cases, cooling components, color schemes, RGB lighting, and other accessories.

The website also provides you with specifications based on your budget. The Gaming PCs that have been provided by the website has got both pre-built PCs and Custom PCs. This can also be considered as one of the best websites for PC building.

Best choice for professional gamersBad customer service
Two-year warranty
Personalized questionnaire on hardware requirements
No complex customizations

5. Cyberpower PC

Best website with a large number of components

Best website with a large number of components

If you have no knowledge of building your PC and you are confused about the technicalities of whatever comes with it, Cyberpower PC is your best choice. There is a wide variety of components involved to build a PC with Cyberpower PC. This website was launched way back in 1998, and they sell both custom PCs and custom laptops.

You will be excited to know that you can build a gaming PC here for as low as US$800. And you also have inexpensive gaming desktops available. If you are on the lookout for the best websites for PC building on a budget, this could be the best choice.

If you are in a rush for a PC, this website might disappoint you as their delivery time can take a couple of weeks. If you want, you can order through Amazon. In fact, their products are eligible for the Amazon Prime facility, which means you can get your products in about two days with no extra payments. You can get rush shipping from the website, which can have the product delivered in 3 days.  

The website also provides financing options through Affirm, so you can conveniently make EMI payments. 

Whatever PC you purchase from the website, the PC is eligible for a one-year warranty. You can also go in for a 3-year service plan and lifetime technical support. 

Wide variety of componentsTake time to deliver the product.
Lifetime warranty

6. Falcon NorthWest

Best oldest website available for PC building

Best oldest website available for PC building

Falcon NorthWest is the oldest website available for PC building. It was launched in 1992. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly website for customizing your PC, Falcon may be the right choice. Even if you are on the lookout for a high-end laptop or desktop, packed with good performance, this would be the best fit.

This website offers good hardware configuration and excellent aesthetics for your laptops or desktops. All the hardware parts have a warranty period of three years. 

A standard three-year warranty is available for desktops and laptops. You should be able to get a customized laptop or desktop starting from $2500 USD. The only disadvantage with Falcon is that you can’t pay in installments. If you want to use the EMI facility, you need to provide the credit card details. 

Good Aesthetics choice.No EMI options available.
Experienced PC building website. 
Good performance-based hardware equipment is available.

7. Origin PC

Best website for building a top-notch gaming PC

Best website for building a top-notch gaming PC.

Origin PC is a company that builds award-winning custom PCs for professional gamers and working professionals. The gaming PC produced by the manufacturer is used by some of the top gamers and professionals. Origin PC offers custom desktops, laptops, and gaming PCs. 

Origin PC has got custom-based PC builder tool that can help you build a system based on the company’s own components. 

Origin PC does not have lower-rate PCs, but you can always use financing options that are available and get lower monthly payments for your customized PCs. They also have a small section of laptops and systems that are available on Amazon, in case you are looking for a faster mode of delivery. 

They offer a one-year warranty for gaming PCs, which can always be extended up to 3 years. They also offer free lifetime technical support for the system you purchase from them. 

Enlists the PC-compatible parts with one another. Non-availability of budget-friendly laptops or PCs
Provides in-depth detail about the technical information available.
Information is given on the best available PCs and laptops in the market.

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What do you mean by PC building?

PC building is the art of building a customized PC with the best components available in the market.

What is the oldest PC-building website available?

Falcon West is the oldest website available for PC building. There are both high-end laptops and budgetary ones available. This way the website satisfies the need of both sects of people. 

Which website is the least popular?

Xidax is the least popular website available. 


PC building is an art in itself. It is always interesting to build your PC based on your requirements. You can always choose the components that you like or the best components that might work for you. But doing all this by yourself will take a lot of time and effort. We have listed the best websites available in the market for PC building. Go ahead and make the right choice to build a good aesthetic and performance-based PC for yourself.

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