5 Special Weight Loss Apps for Android to Stop Going Gym

Extra weight on your body can be a real pain to shake off. I know that because I went from insanely obese to moderately obese in a whole year. But thankfully there are some great weight loss apps for Android which can help you in the process.

About a year ago I was pretty much overweight, well this is sugar coating it; I was grossly fat. But now I think I’m on my way to a healthier lifestyle. This is thanks to few apps, healthier diet thanks to mom and a gym instructor who is not a buff head. If I can shed 40 KG off in almost a year, you can do that in shorter span of time. I’m the laziest guy I have ever known, I have a water cooler installed right next to my work desk.

I also recommend that you take a look at the 10 best fitness apps for Android which will surely help you in weight loss. This is the very article which motivated me to move off the couch and do something about my flappy belly. Thankfully using the fitness apps in combination with the best running apps on Android, I’m looking at actual results.

Note: The best weight loss apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III and a Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphones. The apps worked perfectly fine and there were no bugs or problems faced during testing. Some apps will require an active internet connection to work properly.

1. Weight Loss Tracker – Free

Weight Loss Tracker

Tracking It All

If you need results, you will need a good weight loss tracker app to know if your routine is working or not. I used this app to know if running around blocks was working or not. Turns out I was not exactly running, just power-walking for 30 minutes. This app comes with a great interface which makes tracking weight an ease. The app is really smooth and is well polished. I really liked that I can change the interface color to something I actually like. I recommend the black and weight scheme which looks really nice.

Enter your details and remember to be honest. You won’t trick anyone but yourself if you enter wrong information. The very first step to betterment is excepting you need to get better. The app will tell you how much you need to work out before you start seeing results.


The app reminds you daily via notifications. This enables you to enter information regularly which will result in better weight loss tracking. If you need more information about tracking your health, check out the detailed guide about tracking your complete health.


If you are not used to the data entry, this can be a bad thing. At first I was really annoyed by the daily entry. But trust me, it becomes a simple routine.


2. Noom Coach – Free with In-app Purchases

Noom Coach -Weight Loss Apps for Android

The Concerned Coach

Noom Coach is one of the top rated weight loss apps for Android. The app comes with amazing looking interface which really engages the user. I used it for a while and it is an amazing experience. The search algorithm is really responsive and combined with the built-in bar code scanner it can log in meals in absolutely no time at all. It also comes with a good calorie counter but it’s not as comprehensive as dedicated calorie counter apps. This app was also compared with the other top ones in business in the article Noom vs Instant Heart Rate vs My Fitness Pal. I would recommend you take a look at that article for deeper details.

In-app Purchases: $0.99 – $199.00 per item


The interface is magnificent. Entering data and keeping track of your diet is really easy when you are using this app.


The basic app is free but if you need more feature you will need to pay a hefty amount of cash to get them. Don’t get me wrong, the app is worth asking the price but for students it is sort of unaffordable.


3. 7 Minute Workout – Free with In-app Purchases

7 Minute Workout

More Like 17 Minutes

7 Minute Workout is one of the best weight loss apps for Android. It knows that we are lazy and need to get the workout done as soon as possible. That 7 minute tagline in the name is actually quite true. If you are a dedicated person who has the capacity to do intense workouts then it will take 7 minutes indeed. It took me nearly half an hour to complete that 7 minute workout they promised. But I think the workouts are well balanced and will actually help you in becoming a healthy person. Use one of the heart rate monitor apps if you think it is going to explode (it will feel like it).

In-app Purchases: $4.96 per item


If you get into it, 7 minute workouts is not a bad way to get fit. I recommend using the app three times a day an hour before any major meal. The interface and instructions are amazing too. Just take a look at the animation and you will know what to do.


The exit process is a bit confusing. I want the app to go away when I press the back button not ask me with a weird pop up if I really want to or not.


4. BMI Calculator – Free with In-app Purchases

BMI Calculator

A Shame Calculation

BMI Calculator is a calculator which takes in data from you and tells you your body mass index. It’s a simple calculation made to determine the state of a person’s fitness. Simply enter in your age, gender, height and weight and the app will tell you how much BMI you have. I’m currently listed as over weight in the index but thankfully it is going down. You can also determine the waist to height ratio, body fat percentage and energy expenditure.

In-app Purchases: $0.99 – $2.99 per item


Very easy to use and understand. It will help you keep focus and lose weight at a steady pace. Use this app with the best pedometer apps for Android to keep that BMI in check.


Apart from calculations, there is nothing more the app has to offer. It is not a pure con per say but I would have liked some additional features.


5. Calorie Counter – Free with In-app Purchases

Calorie Counter

Its Easy Now

If you want to lose weight with ease and at a steady pace, you will need to look at what you eat. Simply by phasing out junk food from your diet will result in automatic weight loss. For that purpose use Calorie Counter, an app built to log in what you eat and provide constructive feedback. The app has more than 2,000,000 foods in the database and the number is growing. So if you are eating some exotic squid ink dish, there is a chance it is already on the app.


Sync with other devices to log in from anywhere. Use your smartphone when eating out and at home use that tablet after dinner in bed. It also comes with a bar code scanner for easy logging.


Sometimes, I mean sometimes the app will try to push you. It is not a big con but for someone like me who loves to eat, it becomes somewhat painful. I really love pizza and the app repeatedly tells me it’s bad.



These were some of the best weight loss apps for Android. If you are serious about losing all that fat and becoming a better you, these are the apps which will aid you. I’m not saying that these apps will make you fit, that part depends all on your determination. These apps will definitely ease the process and somehow make it manageable.

There is a tip from me, just start today. Don’t say you will start tomorrow or next month because that tomorrow or that next month will never come. Start now so that next year, you will feel awesome. If you have any questions or suggestions, put them in the comments below and I will respond as soon as I can.

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