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9 Intense Workout Apps for Android to Sculpt Yourself

A few days back I felt ashamed when writing about the diet apps because I was not in great shape myself. However, this week, I installed some great workout apps for Android and started working out in my spare time. I’ll be honest with you here, despite now working out almost an hour per day, I’m still the same lazy guy as before. So I’m making a list of apps that I already tested and tried so you can get on with the fitness program too!

Some of the apps listed in the best workout apps list will need additional equipment to get noticeable results. Don’t worry though, you won’t need to get thousand dollars’ worth of gym machines. A little exercise mat and a few dumbbells and you’ll be ready to rock a “hot bod” in no time.

Note: The awesome workout apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. I accidently cracked the top left corner of my screen while squatting. I recommend that you be more careful, so the same doesn’t happen to you. The apps, on the other hand, worked perfectly fine, no problems arose during testing. Some apps will require an active internet connection for all features to work.

1. GymTraining

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If you are just starting to use the gym and can’t afford the help of a dedicated trainer, I’d highly recommend this app for you. Starting out with a good foundational knowledge of the fundamental movements is important.

Lifting weights at the wrong angle can have adverse effects on your physique and give you slow results, if any. I’ve seen people use gym equipment with odd methods that, in the end will do more harm than good.

This app will also help you determine which part of the body you should train first and how. In short this is the guide you need to start living the healthy and fit life.

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2. Sworkit

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If you need a fast and reliable app that is extremely flexible, get Sworkit. This app can make you a 5-minute workout routine, as well as a one-hour routine. Once you’ve taken the first steps and are determined to get into shape, this app will help you motivate you further.

The 5-minute workouts are remarkably intense and can certainly get your heart rate up, even if you’re in the office. I highly recommend this app to anyone who works indoors and has to sit for extended periods of time.

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3. Push Ups Workout

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Pushups are a great way to work out your upper body. I thought I would at least do 20 pushups in one go… I only managed to do 3.

The app starts you out with testing to see how many pushups you can do. Based on this number, a plan is set to help you eventually get to 100 or more pushups. Thankfully this app will be helpful in increasing my pushup stamina and ultimately the number.

I like how the app handles the counting of pushups. The app counts your reps by placing your Android on the floor under you. As you lower yourself, the phone counts it as one repetition. The proximity sensor counting is a blessing in disguise.

This feature will come in handy because you can focus on the workout instead of counting. I figure once I hit more than 20 pushups, it will be hard to keep count.

Combine this upper body workout app with one of the best running apps for Android and you have a great workout scheme.

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4. 7 Minute Workout

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I know you don’t have much time in the day for working out. It’s hard to go to the gym after a full day at the office and we sure can’t afford to get fat right? The developers of 7-minute workout know this too. This is exactly why they’ve crammed intense workout routines in the span of only 7 minutes; to help you stay in top shape.

When I tried this “7 minute” thing, I ended up spending around 34 minutes on it. I guess the aim is to do the series of exercises in 7 minutes. The workout is intended

None the less, I had fun trying to reach that lofty goal. I will update the article once I actually manage to do the routine in 7 minutes.

This video will runyou through the workout so you can see what you’re getting into.

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5. Squats Workout

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Doing squats is a great way to tone your lower back and legs. It’s no wonder that this type of exercise is so popular among the ladies. The app is designed with ease of use and fast workouts taken into consideration.

It is by far the fastest launching app in the best workout apps for Android list. The app comes with a simple interface which allows you to count all your squats. The gravity induced counting is a great way to count the squats.

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6. FitNotes

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Now that you are using all these great workout apps for Android, you will need to keep track of your progress. You have the calorie counters for all your calorie counting needs. Then there are the pedometer apps for the walk counting. There is definitely a need for keeping track of your workouts.

FitNotes takes notes of all your activities and keeps a through log of them. You can even attach comments and notes to sets you accomplish. The controls and navigation are swipe based and remarkably responsive.

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7. Total Fitness

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If you need a complete list of exercises and how you can perform them, get Total Fitness on your Android device. This Android workout app is amazing when it comes to correct information.

I highly recommend this app for those who have just started going to gym and exercising. You will gain valuable information just by reading the app and its entries.

The elaborate pictures in the app will make it easier to understand a particular exercise. It also comes with a body mass index calculator, which is of almost the same quality as the BMI apps for Android we listed.

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8. Workout Trainer

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This app is for those who don’t know anything about working out. The exercise app for Android allows you to follow workouts with audio instructions and progress cues.

The cues make it really easy to follow the precise instructions given to you. The instructions also ensure that you do the exercise the right way and cannot damage any joints or muscles.

You can also play your favorite music while working out with the app. I recommend the best music players for added features.

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9. 30 Day Fit Challenges

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This workout app for Android is for those of you seeking a challenge. I recommend using this app with friends and competing against each other for additional fun, and of course motivation.

The app starts the exercise off slow and gradually increase the difficulty. Day by day the challenges and workouts will become harder and so will your body.

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Well, this ends the list of great workout apps for Android. Because a healthy lifestyle is not just about going to the gym, check out the grocery list apps, weight loss apps, as well as GPS apps for Cyclists to make your own workout combination.

I will be following a healthy lifestyle until Christmas holidays since I just can’t stop eating this time of year.

How many pounds are you going to shed and how much muscle you are going to gain? Do share your progress story with me in the comments below.

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