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Blogging is one of the best ways to express your views on almost anything and, with the power of Internet on your fingertips, blogging has never been this easier. The best blogging apps for Android not only allow you to run your own blog, but also to post on blogs that are not your own property. This means you can make a living posting blogs on various websites, even on the go.

The best blogging apps for Android also allow you complete freedom of movement, especially if you are a micro blogger who loves to post short and sweet posts on your blog, but doesn’t want the additional baggage of a laptop everywhere you go.

One of the best things about Android is its ability to connect with almost any Bluetooth enabled keyboard, so combining a full keyboard with your Android smartphone or tablet is very easy. It is also easier if you have an OTG adapter that converts the micro USB or USB type C into a fully sized USB port that you can use to plug in a regular keyboard into your Android device. This will make it extremely easy to type full-sized articles on your Android device without having to carry around a large laptop.

Note: The best blogging apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and a Sony Xperia Z smartphones. All of the apps worked fine and without any major issues, I did run into a few update issues but they were due to my bad Internet connection. Thankfully, most of the apps allow you to save post as drafts, so you can later update them when you do have a better connection. All the apps will need an active Internet connection to provide the full feature set.

1. WordPress

WordPress has dominated the blogosphere for a very long time and there are quite a few reasons for that.

First of all, the platform is very user-friendly and allows almost anyone to easily post text based blogs on their website. Now you can get the power of publishing on your Android smartphone or tablet and easily create blog posts for your WordPress-based website. Although not all of the browser based tools are available on the mobile version of WordPress, basic posting, and editing features are present, writing, editing, and publishing your posts is as easy as it is on the desktop.

I would say that overall the app developers have done a great job of keeping the interface simple and easy to understand. Posting from almost anywhere is quite easy with this app, and it’s completely free. I consider the WordPress mobile app a must have for those who want to update their website on the go.

Free Version

2. Blogger

Blogger is an app made by Google themselves, but it is not quite on par with what we are accustomed to when it comes to quality offered by Google. Blogger is missing a lot of essential features, so I can only recommended it if you are in a hurry to post your blog posts and don’t have access to a better platform.

This app is really meant for composing a post that you can easily save as a draft or immediately publish. It also allows you to edit the existing posts on your blog, view your saved and published posts, and embed that image into the post you’re writing, but that’s the extent of the app. Quite honestly, sometimes that’s all you need. However, we would have loved a little bit more support from Google themselves, and perhaps a better array of editing tools.

If you are simply looking to post short and sweet blog posts on your website, this is certainly the best app you can get.

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3. Medium

Medium may not be a traditional blog, but it does allow you to share your thoughts and opinions in a very concise and easy manner. Publishing posts on this platform can be done from anywhere, and the editor is also very easy to use and provides all the functionalities you are accustomed to right on your palm.

One of the best things about Medium is that it gives you access to a community of other writers who will surely read your content, and you can read theirs, too. This results in a sharing of ideas and reactions that far exceeds what you can achieve with an independent blog.

I highly recommend Medium if you are a very opinionated person and want others to listen what you have to say. You can always link your personal blog at the end of post and, if your thoughts are valuable to others, they will inevitably follow your blog. This is also a great way to post guest articles and drive some traffic to your own blog.

Free Version

4. Blogaway for Android (Blogger)

If you’re already using and are in need of an app to quickly and easily publish articles while on the go, then Blogaway for Android is made just for you.

It’s a simple blogging client for your Android devices that allows you to post without having to sit in front of a desktop. It keeps you connected to your blog wherever you are. Currently the app only works with but more support is on the way. With Blogaway on your side, you’ll be able to post and publish your blog in seconds, tap in a few words, and attach photos and videos directly from your phone.

One of the best things about Blogaway is that it handles multiple accounts and blogs with ease and allows you to read your existing posts without any hindrance. Adding multiple photos and videos is quite easy with Blogaway. Upload speed is also adequate; a lot of other apps struggle while uploading bulk photos to a single blog post, but Blogaway won’t stutter.

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5. YourQuote — Best Writing App

Cover art

YourQuote is a nifty little microblogging app that allows you to post your words as beautiful images. This is exactly the kind of app you need if you are trying to take advantage of social media to get attention for your blog. You can write, add photos, and create a great looking portfolio of your writing.

One of YourQuote’s best features is the wide variety of fonts available for you to use. Another advantage is that your quotes will become Google searchable, especially after you’ve posted 20+ quotes. Finally, the platform recognizes you as the creator of the images and text, so you’ll get full credit for it.

Free Version

Final Thoughts

Sometimes blogging is easy and sometimes you need to be in a perfect space to type out more than a few words, but with these great blogging apps for Android on your side, you’ll decide when and how to write. For optimal on-the-go workflow, you can even combine these with a great voice to text app, so you can write hands free from almost anywhere.

What do you think about these apps? Any favorites that we missed? Leave a comment below and start a conversation.

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  1. Hi Billa! I am trying to use WordPress on my IPad after using free blogspot on my PC so easily for years. I bought the iPad to blog and thought I could find a free app that worked as smoothly as blogspot. Are there support user groups for beginners and intermediate users? It looks like I need to pay for it.

  2. Android OS becomes a very popular and fast growing platform for smartphone and tablet devices. Thus is a Awesome and article about blogging help. I’m saved this article on my browser’s bookmark. Thanks a lot for sharing this list of apps , keep sharing more on this.

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