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Bluetooth Games for Android [Play With your Friends]

There used to be a time when phones came with small Java-based video games. Some of those games were capable of using Bluetooth and providing local multiplayer. Now, thanks to some amazingly well developed Bluetooth games for Android, we can enjoy the same feelings again. There are times when going on the Internet and playing an online game is not feasible. In those dire times, some epic downloaded games for Android can rescue you from boredom.

Just last week, I was traveling with a bunch of friends. During the journey, there were pockets of no Internet connectivity. I enjoyed the ride with my buddies and had a lot of fun. But I knew that the journey back home would be uneventful because we were all exhausted. So naturally I downloaded a few Bluetooth games to play with one of my other Android loving friend and urged him to do so as well. Suffice to say, the journey home was incredibly fun and for a whole other reason.

Note: All of these great Bluetooth games for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone and a Sony Xperia Z. the apps worked fine, and there were no problems faced during testing. There might be some connectivity issues depending on the distance between the two devices. I recommend that both players use a minimal distance while gaming. The apps are in no particular order.

1. Sea Battle 2

We have all played or seen this game in one form or another during school years. I, for one, have enjoyed it countless times during math classes. This game is probably the reason I scored so low in algebra and why my friend flunked it.

This Bluetooth game for Android is kind of a rip off of our favorite childhood game named Battlefield but hey we do get to play it on our phones now. Sea Battle 2 also brings in some new arsenal and features to the mix.

You will have ships, submarines, planes, mines and even radars at your disposal. The game involves some guesswork as you need to attack your opponent without actually seeing their board. One of the things I like about Sea Battle 2 is the notebook style graphics. They are reminiscent of my crude doodles on the notepads during high school.

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2. Dual

If you’re as old as I am, you’ll probably remember a little video game called “Pong”. Dual is kind of like Pong but played on two devices. However, it is not as simple as shooting a ball with paddles. Dueling in the game is a hectic affair.

You’ll need to move your smartphone around to dodge bullets in the game. You also need to charge and shoot your friends in this great standoff videogame.

The beauty of the game is that the action takes place simultaneously on both screens. Given how fast-paced the gameplay is, this is remarkable.

The graphics of the game are nothing to write home about but, the 2D nature of the assets allows the game to run smoother. There are a lot of other features tucked around this video game. However, some of the in-app purchases are kind of harsh.

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3. Warlings

This is a very simple but exciting Bluetooth game for android. Warlings has a unique way of turning friends against each other. The premise is very simple, you get a side of the screen and your opponent gets the other. All you need to do is kill them to win.

You can use different tactics, missiles, guns and even dirty tricks to maneuver the fight in your favor. The game comes with six very different maps to play. The maps matter a lot because, the terrain is completely destructible. However, Warlings has a unique way of destroying things, especially the metallic items.

The game somehow reminds me of a very popular game called Worms, which in my book is a good thing.

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4. Dots Online

I played a lot of board games for Android, but never got the chance to test out a game like this. Dots Online is a unique twist on the game we used to play in school. It is a great mind game, which can really challenge you at times.

There is a checkered board, and you need to fill it with your color. You can achieve that by plotting dots and capturing the ones belonging to your opponent. You can do so by ensnaring the opposing color within your Dots.

I know, explaining the game in words is kind of confusing. This is exactly why I highly recommend this puzzle game for Android to you. Playing with friends takes a game to a whole another level of hardness.

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This concludes the best Bluetooth Games for Android list. I really enjoyed playing these games with my friends and two of them will constantly remain on my smartphone. There is a certain charm in playing these game without actually having an active internet connection. I recommend these great apps for those power outages in storms. The games will keep you entertained for a long while.

If you have any questions about the apps listed here, feel free to connect with us in the comments below.

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