5 Free-to-play Bowling games for Android

Bowling used to be a cheap entertainment, at least where I live. Now there is a premium price for some quality bowling action. Thanks to Android, I can cheap out a bit with the great bowling games for Android. While they are not the same as the real thing, they require a lot less effort to play. Bowling in my sweat pants is a huge plus for me.

I’m not that great at bowling, but I can handle myself well. However, come towards the virtual side of bowling and suddenly I’m the boss. The touch controls of the Android devices make bowling an intuitive affair. The controls translate well into finger gestures, and the games feel as dynamic as they can be.

Note: The best bowling games for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps performed fine, and there were no problems faced during testing. Some features may require an internet connection to work. Some of the apps will also need to download additional files before starting.

1. Bowling King: The Real Match

Usually when I make lists, I don’t clearly say that this app is the best. In this case, I would like to say that Bowling King is indeed the best bowling game on Android. The game comes with a lot of features I didn’t know I needed.

One of the best features of the game is the one-on-one multiplayer match. Having a multi-player option means you can play with people from all around the globe and yes, friends too. The single player challenge is a great way to hone your skills and post high scores.

Bowling King knows that you will need some tight physics to make bowling work. The ball has an almost realistic heft to it. The pins also scatter and fall with some great physics.

That’s not all; there are multiple balls you can unlock and many famous alleys you can conquer. I would go as far as to say that this game is the best free bowling game on Android. Get this one right off the bat.

Free Version

2. Strike! Ten Pin Bowling

Strike! Ten Pin Bowling features a unique control system that allows you to launch the ball accurately. Want the ball to curve to the right? You can achieve that easily with the intuitive controls introduced in this game.

The game has a full classic 10 pin mode that can be replayed over and over. The game is also of small size and runs well on almost all devices. The game also comes with mini-games to keep you entertained and challenged.

Free Version

3. Action Bowling 2

While the name might imply that this game is exploding with arcade action, but the game itself is pretty tame. It’s a simple Android bowling game with solid controls and accurate physics. The game is nothing remarkable but does provide a stable and smooth experience.

The relatively low graphics make the game playable even on older Android devices. There is a practice mode for the new comers to test their skills. You can also play some great solo modes. It comes with a multiplayer mode to test your skill against other players.

Free Version

4. Ball-Hop Bowling

If you are looking for a unique bowling experience, you are in for a treat with Ball-Hop Bowling. The premise is simple, you need to bounce balls into the marked sockets. There is a slanted ramp that will assist you in that, and the sockets are also positioned at an accommodating angle.

These kind of games are usually found in the arcades or carnivals. The game is highly addictive and a lot of fun to play. I played the game for around 30 minutes, and the only bad thing is that there is no sense of progression.

Free Version

5. Galaxy Bowling ™ 3D Free

There is a large number of similar bowling apps on the Google Play Store, and I had difficulty selecting the best ones from the wide range. This app is not the best of the best, but it does run stable and uses very little battery resources.

The graphics are good but certainly not the best 3D games for Android level. The gameplay is kept simple which is a good thing in my book. All you need to do is drag the ball into a suitable position and simply flick your finger to send it rolling. You can also use tilt controls to change the spin of the ball. The controls are very intuitive and can help you nail that last pin down.

Free Version


I hoped there would be a lot of bowling games for Android available on the Play Store. I was right about a lot, but unfortunately not all of them were of great quality.

As a game developer myself I know that coding a bowling game is fairly easy. So a lot of college projects end up hosted on the Google Play Store. Sadly this means most of the games lack the polish we desire in our games.

The best bowling games for Android were selected according to their stability and good controls. These games also provide something new to the tried and tested formula. I hope these will satisfy your pin killing urges.

Do tell me your opinion on these games in the comments below. If you have better bowling games installed, I would love to play them as well.

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