10 Candy Crush Tips, Trick and Hints to Finish Level 158

Candy Crush is an insanely popular mobile game and it is highly addictive too. Most of my friends and family have cleared 400 levels and are still going strong. I will be honest from the start; I did not actually play the game, I have a very short attention span and I don’t really like the free to play model. So, what makes me a better person to offer these tips to you? I have some of the most addicted candy crush players on my speed dial.

These 10 Candy Crush tips directly come from the veterans and pros of the game. How did I identify a crazy Candy Crush fan? I just counted how many times a day they drove me crazy by sending me candy crush request on Facebook!

Candy Crush Saga was featured on our best puzzle games for Android list as well. It is a fairly straightforward puzzle game in which you need to match up same nature candies. But if you are reading about the Candy Crush tip, you probably already know how the game works. If you are here for a hand guiding tutorial, this article is not that. These tips are for those who have played the game a little and know their way around it. So let’s start shall we?

1. Straight Aim

Many levels come with a score mission as well as an additional task. I recommend that you complete the score requirement before making the final move on the task.

2. Bottom Is Best

When playing the game try to crush the bottom candies first. This way you will have a chance of getting a pre-made combo on the top when new candies fall into play. Also crushing multiple candies at the bottom will result in those special candies which can be very beneficial overall.

3. Save the Specials

Many people simply like to spend the specials as they get them. This is not a great way to beat level 158 in Candy Crush. Trust me when I say you will need them later in the game a lot more. At least wait until the first hard level, level 70 to spend them but I suggest you save them for later use. This is one of the most important Candy Crush tips ever.

4. The Patterns

Try to train your head to first make the larger candy combos. You will be able to match 3 candies with almost no effort at all. Your head will make the whole process easier as you practice more. The real problem is that your head might not be that great in recognizing bigger patterns, so train early.

5. Ingredient Strategy

Do you know that the ingredients do not appear randomly? There are certain conditions which when fulfilled will make the ingredient appear. So learn what triggers that and use it to your advantage. You can even plan their arrival on a vertical column which generally is easier to clear.

6. The Quit Option

Want to know where you are at a level? It is very easy. Simply hit the quit button and the game will tell you how many jelly you have to go before the level is completed. The game will not kick you out of the level but instead invite you back in to continue the fun. So use this little gem of a feature to know where exactly you are at. This right here is a secret candy crush tip!

7. Le Bombs

I can relate to the urgent feeling you get when you see that bomb. Sure they are a threat but not as immediate as you think. If you are going to diffuse that bomb and mess up a striped combo, well this is just not good at all. Look at the move which the bomb would comes from. If you have only 10 moves left and the bomb is at let’s say 12, there is absolutely no need to waste moves on it.

8. Fishes Are Nice

The fishes are quite intelligent in the game. This Candy Crush trick is best used at the end of the level. Only activate the fishes when the level is ending and they will go straight for the hard to reach jellies you have missed.

9. Early Riser

If the level hinges on destroying chocolates, licorice and meringues, take initiative and destroy them early on. This will make the rest of the level easier. If the bombs need to be destroyed, do it at the earliest.

10. Striped Candy Direction

The striped candies can clear a row or a column depending how you made them. If the move involved making a horizontal swap, the resulting striped candy will be destroying in a horizontal line. If the move involved vertical shift, the striped candy will take care of the vertical line. This is a neat trick to keep in mind before you make the striped candies.

Beating Level 158

Now in order to beat the level 158 you will need to bring down the cheery as soon as you can. But it is the best way because if left unattended the cherry will dominate the right platform which will cause you precious lives.

You will also need to combine the wrapped candies with the striped candies right on the bottom of the left platform to collect the cherry. Use the nice candy crush tip I shared to make a horizontal striped candy to make the job easier.

Candy Crush Tips

Another thing you need to do is destroy the chocolate as it appears. Because the longer you wait to get rid of it, the harder the level will become.

Candy Crush Tips

You can also pass the level by using a color bomb in combination with the striped candy. But it will be quite hard to make such a powerful combo especially with limited number of moves.

Candy Crush Tips

In the end, beating Level 158 in Candy Crush depends on your luck too. So try again and again until you succeed.


Passing level 158 in Candy Crush is not that hard once you know what to do. It will take some time but eventually you will be able to formulate your own strategy. The best bet is to destroy that licorice first and then make further moves. If you have any questions about the level or need further guidance, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Photo Courtesy: YouTube user Skill Gaming

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  1. I’m on order level 254 and I am totally stuck. I’ve been on it for weeks. What does it take to win this one? I have been doing everything I did on all the other order levels, including clashing 2 color bombs together and I still end up with either 1 or 2 combos left. There’s gotta be 1 thing I can do to give me an advantage here. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Mark,
      Wow, level 254, congrats. Haven´t made it that far, but maybe some of the tips in the post might help. Drastic time call for drastic measure. You Never know. =-)

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