Caseology Vintage Leather Case review

Caseology Vintage Leather Case Review (Nexus 5): Sleek Security

Perfect protection for people with a bit of style

We’ve outlined the best Nexus 5 cases to keep your phone safe in the past, but now we want to dive deeper and pick out the case that we think gives you the most protection for your buck. It’s not all about protection though, since I know my sister and girlfriend enjoy a little color on their phones, and I also like to add a futuristic or rustic look to my phone. When I started my Caseology Vintage Leather Case review I snapped on the case and immedietely realized how beautiful it looked. The matte finish shined through and gave the phone a trendy, yet professional look.

Caseology Vintage Leather Case fit in hand

I don’t expect everyone to run out and buy a case with a cool look, but it actually holds up quite well in the durability department. Checkout my Caseology Vintage Leather Case review to understand if it holds up to drop tests, fits well in your pocket and stands out next to your friends’ phone cases.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Amazon Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


The Good

The Caseology Vintage Leather Case is built with leather for a stylish look, and the case offers a matte finish with small texturization which looks pretty darn cool. You can choose from 16 different color options to fit with your own customization needs. All the ports and buttons are easily accessible. It’s lightweight and I didn’t have any problems with the case getting damaged because of the TPU materials.

The Bad

You don’t receive any additional components such as screen protectors or a place to hold money. Every straight audio cable I plugged into the port fit perfectly for cranking my music apps, but L-shaped inserts don’t seem to fit all that well. The case actually adds a bit of bulk to your phone. It’s not terrible, but they advertise the Caseology Vintage Leather Case as a “slim” option, which is not entirely true.

The Bottom Line

The Caseology Vintage Leather Case is a stylish option to protect your Nexus 5, and the materials are strong and snug enough to protect it from damage. Although it doesn’t come with any additional accessories or components, the color options more than make up for this.

Customization and Style Without Looking Tacky – 5 out of 5

When I pulled the Caseology Vintage Leather Case out of its box I noticed that it was quite lightweight and slightly flexible so you can slip it on your phone easily. The exterior is supposed to be leather, but it has a bit of a plastic-like material to it. Regardless, it looks like leather and judging by some of the other pictures online it really depends on the color you choose.


The exterior also has some textured ridges (see below photo) which seemed to help it from sliding, but primarly making the case look more stylish. OK, you can’t actually customize the case, but they offer so many color options that it’s the next best thing. I went with the Leather Black because it’s simple and elegant. I also think the Carbon color options make the phone look a little futuristic, which would be awesome. So, overall, the 16 color options allow for some nice customization without having to wait around for a company to design a completely original case for you.


Covering the Soft Spots – 5 out of 5

When I slid the Caseology Vintage Leather Case onto my Nexus 5 it provided a snug fit without any little crevaces that might let in dirt. When you place the phone on a table it makes sure that the camera and ports are not touching the surface, so that you don’t damage anything or so water doesn’t leak in if you accidentaly spill. The phone components are all raised off of the surface for some added protection. This is nice so you don’t break the glass if it’s dropped on its face.

Caseology Vintage Leather Case on a desk

When I dropped the case on the ground it used the nice interior bumpers to absorb the shock. I didn’t see any damage when performing my drop tests, although keep in mind that it doesn’t have a screen protector, so you should go grab one to put on your phone. In terms of corner gaps, I tried to pry the corner out a little bit and it seems to fit perfectly to the corners. This leads me to believe the case has an overall snug fit and is protecting the corners well.

Clean Button Pushing With a Questionable Audio Port – 4 out of 5

The audio port was the only area that I found a bit tedious in terms of functionality. Basically, I have one set of headphones that has an L-shaped insert and it rubbed along the case, making it difficult to stay in. Luckily I don’t use these headphones and my headphones with straight set plugs fit just fine. Most companies don’t make the L-shaped headphones anymore so you shouldn’t have to worry about that. When I pushed the power and volume buttons I didn’t have any problems with the functionality. This is great for those who need every button possible to install ROMs or root their Nexus 5.

Caseology camera area

It obviously doesn’t have a screen protector, so the touch screen movements aren’t affected at all. I’ve seen a few reviews that state the volume buttons are difficult to push, but I didn’t experience this. It might have something to do with the color options, since they seem to be built slightly different.

Holding the Caseology Vintage Leather Case is quite nice, since it has a soft matte finish and the small textured ridges feel comfortable and are possibly useful for creating friction. It adds a little bulk to your phone, but the only reason I thought of that was because the case is advertised as being a “slim” option. It’s actually quite smaller than other cases I have tried out. It fits well in my pocket and doesn’t slide around or feel awkward when making calls or doing something more technical like installing Android L on the Nexus 5, since this takes some rougher handling and more button pressing.

Caseology Vintage Leather Case screen

Keeping Some Cash in Your Pocket – 5 out of 5

At the time of this Caseology Vintage Leather Case review, Amazon lists the case at just $8.99. I’ve never seen the advantages of the Caseology Vintage Leather Case in other cases with comparable pricing. Overall, the value is impeccable, and the Caseology team obviously knows what they excel at. They try to give customers a case that looks and feels professional and not too flashy. It actually would fit nicely if I placed it next to the leather-bound books in my living area.

Caseology Vintage Leather Case back

Although you don’t get a screen protector, belt clip or anything like that, the Caseology team knows that it’s customers don’t want that. You can always purchase a screen protector to go with this case, since I feel that installing a plastic screen protector in the factory would take away from its charm. It’s a steal in terms of Nexus 5 cases, with the durability and style you need.


My Caseology Vintage Leather Case review consisted of drop tests, holding it in my hand, playing with the buttons and checking out the style. The case is definitely my top choice for the Nexus 5, since it fits so nicely around the phone and makes the Nexus 5 look professional and stylish. Think about checking out Nexus 5 accessories to go with your case, because I’m certain the Caseology Vintage Leather Case would fit right in.

Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions about the Caseology Vintage Leather Case. When you’re done reading this review take the next step to make your Nexus 5 awesome with unexplored tips and tricks.

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