How To Change Font on Android Phones [3 Methods]

When things get a little too standard, we tend to look for varieties. It’s the same feels when it comes to changing the fonts on your Android phone.

One of the things we love about Android is how flexible it could be. We can always use a different font for Android device, personalize our interface, or choose a different theme. These will make our experience a more personal one.

There are several ways on how you can change your font on your Android. Let’s go through them one by one.

How to Change Font on Android

1. Using Built-in Options

Some Android devices offer a feature that allows you to change the font, but this does vary according to the manufacturer.Most mobile phones have an option to change fonts in their settings. This is the easiest and safest way to change the font on your Android since you no longer need to download anything.

System Fonts
System Fonts

While some apps may tend to slow down your phone, this option won’t. Plus, there will be no annoying ads that would continually pop-up on your screen.


  1. Tap on your phone’s settings
  2. Go to “My Device”
  3. Select “Display Font Style”
  4. Choose your desired font
Display Settings
Display Settings

These steps may vary depending on the manufacturer of your Android device. The easiest way to locate your font’s setting is to type “Font” on your Settings Menu’s search box

2. Change Your Launcher

Go Launcher1
Change your phone’s theme.

Launchers are responsible for your Android’s home screen and many other parts of the interface. It’s a great place to start if you want to implement a comprehensive change, like customizing the font everywhere on your Android.

Downloading a launcher is the best way to fully customize your device. It will not only change the fonts on your Android, but you can also fully transform your device’s theme.

One of the best Android launchers that we’ve tested and recommend is the Go Launcher 3D. It has over 100 million downloads so far. What’s cool about it is that it supports 3D Parallax effect that doesn’t freeze your device even if you’re running a 3D wallpaper.

It has about 1000 different mobile themes to choose from, so you’ll never run out of themes to use.

Google Play


  1. Download and install your launcher
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. Go to “Preferences”
  4. Select “Font”

3. Use an App

Font Manager

You can also use an app specifically intended to change the font on your Android device. One example is Font Manager for Huawei / Honor / EMUI, which is free, user-friendly, and gives you hundreds of choices.

Font Manager UI
Font Manager Interface

One downside of using an app as a font changer for Android is that free versions come with ads. Buying a premium version might solve the issue but if there are other ways to do it without spending money, it’s better to opt for that first.

Some font apps for Android could also slow down your system. Some could crash now and then while you’re using it.

Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download TTF fonts for Android?

A simple Google search could yield hundreds of websites offering TTF fonts for Android. The process of downloading is as simple as selecting the TTF file and clicking on download. The real question is how to use this to change the font on your Android phone.
This process normally requires you to root your phone. We strongly advise using this option with great caution because you will be modifying your phone’s system files.
Root Explorer
You can download and install Root Explorer for free and follow the steps on how to change fonts on your Android manually.

How do I revert to the default Android font after I rooted my phone?

Font Resetter
Before you start messing up your phone because you want to revert to your default font after you’ve done the rooting process, you can try using FontFix. This will work for Android phones such as Huawei, Honor and other EMUI phones.

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Make Your Phone Distinctive!

It feels great to own something custom-made for you. To change the font on your Android is just one step to personalize your device.

The easiest way is by checking if your phone comes with interchangeable fonts. If it does but you still want more, you can install apps that features fonts for your Android. The only downside is that some require you to root your Android. If you aren’t ready to take that step, try a new launcher first.

Do you know other font changer apps for Android? Do you have a personal favorite font style? We’d love to hear all about them. Share it with us in the comments section below!

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