Change Paint Color of Room on Android

How to Change Paint Color of Room on Android

Are you planning to recreate a room in your house? Then we have the right apps for you to easily change paint color of room on Android phone.

Here’s the thing:

Recoloring your walls can bring a whole new look. But if you haven’t made up your mind on the final color, it could be a lot of work. Before, changing the paint of your house requires you to bring in a lot of swatches and paint samples only to realize that it is not the color that you want.


Wouldn’t it be better if you can see right away how your room would look like even before you dip your paintbrush in the paint? Changing the paint color of your room can now be as easy as taking its picture and doing virtual painting right at the tip of your finger through paint apps available on Android.

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But first, let us look at some tips on how to bring your old room to life.

Tips on How to Bring Your Old Room to Life

  • We have been accustomed that when a room is small, putting light-colored paint is the safest bet. Although this presumption can oftentimes be true, experimenting with colors can add a whole new drama. Be open to trying bold colors and minimalistic design. This can also be an effective way to make your room look modern and cozy.
  • Use pastel shades. Some of us prefer a room that reflects natural lighting. Pale colors brighten the room and are a perfect fit for children and teens. It will make the room feel airy, comfortable, and clean.
  • Bright colors for the ceiling. Ceilings with lighter shades provide an illusion of height. If you have a low ceiling, paint it with white, off-white, cream, or beige will make it look raised. If you are feeling a little adventurous, you can add popping colors to the ceiling to make it look lively.
  • Contrasting colors. Color contrasting your walls is an effective way to change the mood of a room. But make sure not to overdo it. One advice is to paint one section of your wall dark and the rest of 2-3 shades lighter. You can also do color contrasting between your wall color and furniture.

Now that you have an idea on how to redecorate your room, let’s talk about you can do it by using your trusty Android phone.

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Step 1: Plan the Furniture That You Wish to Remain Inside the Room

You cannot start with your renovation if you still haven’t segregated which furniture to keep and which ones to throw away. Channel your inner Marie Kondo.

Minimalism-Change paint color of room on Android phone
Getting rid of the things that you don’t need will make your room look spacious-Change paint color of room on Android phone

Step 2: Start bare

Make sure that you have a clean wall with minimal objects obstructing your wall. Remove the paintings or any decorations.

Take a picture with most of the walls in focus. Include the ceiling. This will provide you with a better perspective when recoloring the whole room.

Ceiling and Wall-Change paint color of room on Android phone
Make sure to capture the ceiling, the walls, and the floor. (Image Credit)-Change paint color of room on Android phone

Step 3: Do a Paint Test

These Android apps will help you paint your house without having to go to the paint shop. All you need to have is proper lighting and creative imagination.

  1. Launch the app that you have selected from the list.
interface-Home-Harmony-Change paint color of room on Android phone
Home Harmony-Change paint color of room on Android phone

Take a snapshot of the room/part of the room that you want to paint.

Bare Wall-Change paint color of room on Android phone
Start with a bare wall-Change paint color of room on Android phone

You can select different colors from the pallet provided from the app. Play with it until you find the color that satisfies you.

Pink Wall-Change paint color of room on Android phone
Paint away!-Change paint color of room on Android phone

Step 4: Experiment

Don’t be afraid to play with different colors. Find the one that will suit your taste. Mix and match the colors. It can be contrasting or minimalism. You can also create a theme.

Bold Color Painting-Change paint color of room on Android phone
Bold colors can make your room look warm and cozy. (Image Credit: Quora)-Change paint color of room on Android phone
Light Colored Painting-Change paint color of room on Android phone
Light colors will make the room brighter and feel airy. (Image Credit: Quora)-Change paint color of room on Android phone

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app that lets you paint your house?

Yes. There is an app that lets you see what your house would look like if you painted it. Home Harmony is one of those apps, and it’s an app we highly recommend.

Is there an app that helps you arrange your room?

Yes. There is some apps help in room arrangements. Houzz, BrightNest, and MagicPlan are some of these apps, to name a few.

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Painting With Ease

You will never know how many colors there are unless you start trying them on your wall. If you are afraid of experimenting with colors or having second thoughts on your chosen shade, painting apps will surely help you.

Are you torn between the room painting apps available on the Google Play store? If you are, we believe that Home Harmony is the best app to use. You can check how Home Harmony is compared with other paint apps here.

It’s time to say goodbye to bringing home color samples or swatches when changing the paint color of the room. All you need to do is download paint apps from your Android phone and you’re set to choosing the best color that would fit your taste.

Have you tried any painting apps before? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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