5 Alternative Clock Widgets for Android

The Android home screen is something special. I love customizing it with different widgets and icon packs. One of the most important elements on my home screen is the clock widget, and it seems many people value it just as much. It’s not surprising that the Google Play Store is filled with a ton of great clock widgets for Android.

Choosing a clock widget for Android is just like choosing a real one. It all depends on your personal taste and style. I, for one, like to mix and match the color schemes on my personal Android smartphone.  Having to test a ton of apps make it easy to select the best ones there are. I would highly recommend that you also check out the custom launchers for Android to gain more control over your Android device.

Note: The Clock Widgets for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The widgets all are of small size and will download in a few seconds. Some of the widgets will not appear in your app drawer so don’t be surprised. Simply long press on the home screen and select the Widgets option to activate them. The apps are in no particular order.

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1. Retro Clock Widget

Have you seen those mechanical clocks at the airport or the train station that roll to show the time? If you live in a small town you may have seen them.

Retro Clock Widget uses the same animation to roll time on your home screen. I’m an old fashioned guy and really like these kinds of analogue clocks.

The widget can be modified and changed if you so desire. But the color options are a little limited. However, you will need to install another app to change the settings. The animations are smooth, which in my opinion is the real charm of this widget.

Free Version

2. Minimal Clock

Some people like to keep things simple and easy. This free clock widget for Android makes looking at the time stylish and convenient. If you have a custom ROM installed, you can even place this widget on your lock screen making it even more stylish than usual.

The clock follows a simple design and shows time in elementary style. The only downside is that the clock is always round. This makes it look odd when using circular launcher icons. But if

Free Version

3. Sense Flip Clock & Weather

The first Android phone I saw was my dad’s HTC. Back then I was new to widgets, and the Sense Flip Clock fascinated me. The possibilities seemed endless.

Unfortunately, my dad didn’t want me to make his Android beautiful, so I never got the chance to play with the original widget. Thanks to the openness of the Android platform, I can now use the clock widget on any device I want.

It’s a clock widget tailored after the one featured on HTC smartphones. The flip animation of the Retro Clock is present here as well. The widget, however, can save a lot of space if you are also using a dedicated weather widget for Android as it comes with a great weather panel integrated into the clock. There are a lot of changes you can make to the widget that further adds the potential for customization.

Free Version

4. BobClockD3

I would have ignored the app thanks to its odd name, but the icon intrigued me into clicking. And boy was I glad that I did!

BobClockD3 may sound like a folder name from Bob’s work PC, but the clock itself is anything but clunky. The stylish clock complements the way I want my home screen to look.

There are not a lot of customization options available for this clock widget, but you can change the colors to your liking. If matching the colors of your home screen is important to you, then this is one of the best clock widgets for Android.

Free Version

5. wp clock

This is not exactly a clock widget, but it looks phenomenal. If you didn’t find any likeable wallpapers from the best wallpaper apps for Android, then this one might interest you.

It is a simple live wallpaper with clock imbedded in it. That is all there is to the wallpaper. The time, date and even the weather are displayed right on your home screen.

You can change what you need displayed on this clock. From the colors to the size and from animations to the cellular network, the wallpaper is capable of doing almost anything you want it to do.

This clock will look amazing if you are going with a text-based launcher for your Android device and avoiding icons altogether. The app was also on the best live wallpapers for Android list thanks to its amazing looks and simplicity.

One more thing, if you are fed up with your little kids messing with the widgets, get this clock as it is non-interactive.

Free Version


There are a lot of clock widgets for Android on the Google Play Store. These are the ones that caught my eye, and I wanted to use them myself. I will be constantly revisiting this article and updating the list with new and exciting clock widgets for Android. If you have a personal favorite, drop me a note in the comments below, and I would love to check it out.

Which clock widget are you happy using?

The small ones that take little space on the top or the almost fullscreen ones? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Try out some of the devs work who make poweramp skins and widgets.Some excellent clock widgets (paid). I hot 2

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