4 Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business: Safer, Easier and Faster

Securing important files and data can make or break a business, particularly small businesses. This is especially true in this day and age, as businesses produce more and more data. While you can keep these data and files in local drives, there’s a safer and better way: cloud backup solutions for small business.

Understanding Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business

Basically, a cloud backup service is designed to help businesses store their data on the internet. Instead of storing backup data and files in local drives or tapes, they are uploaded on the cloud through a cloud backup service provider.

Usually, businesses can directly backup their files from their computer, data center or other local sources to the online server. They are provided remote access to this server. It’s as easy as logging in the application. It’s also pretty secure because the online server has an encrypted connection. So you can keep your company secrets safe and confidential. Aside from data backup, a cloud-based phone system is also helpful for small businesses.

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Cloud Backup: Its Benefits and Why It is Helpful for Small Businesses

Using a cloud backup service is actually safer, easier and faster. Copying backup data to local drives takes more time and effort and is prone to various hazards. The local drive is vulnerable to hardware failure, theft, fire and other damage. Losing important files can be fatal to your business. That’s why shifting to cloud backup is a wiser move.

Basically, the main benefits of using cloud backup include the following: automation, affordability, scalability, security, and accessibility.

Storing data in off-site recovery system and hardware backup is actually more costly than cloud backup. Hardware can deteriorate and is prone to various risks. Fixing the damage is actually more expensive than preventing data loss.

Cloud service is actually simpler and more convenient than keeping backup data off-site. It’s a faster and easier way of storing, restoring and managing tons of files. It only takes a few minutes to backup and restore data. It also lets you backup files automatically without any disruption. Moreover, with a cloud solution, you can access important data anywhere with the internet through a connected device.

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Best Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business

Remote Backup

There are many cloud backup servers out there. But we’ve only picked up which we think are the best for small businesses. In choosing these servers, we have considered the services they offer and how much they cost, looking into how they are beneficial to starting and small businesses.

Without further ado, here are 4 of the best cloud backup solutions for small business:

1. Carbonite Safe – Best for Managing as Many Devices as You Need

Carbonite Safe is the best cloud backup solutions for small business if you’re looking for something that runs on as many devices (NAS drives, hard drives, computers, etc.) as you need. It is the most convenient, helping businesses get rid of the hassles when managing every aspect of their data backup.

It may be more costly than other cloud backup services, but it’s a quality package, packed with great security and backup features. It backup files automatically, so it saves small businesses more time and effort.

It’s also very safe because Carbonite uses various technologies. For instance, it uses 128-bit Blowfish during the storing and TLS during the transfer. And if you accidentally deleted or updated certain files, you can easily restore them through various ways. Multiple technologies make your data safer from getting accessed by people who are not supposed to.

This is most recommended for small businesses who need a large data storage and who want a safer, faster alternative. However, the price is also relatively higher. So if you want cheaper cloud backup solutions, scroll down further.

But before that, you might want to learn more about Carbonite. If you do, just visit their official site. You can also download their mobile app below.

2. Backblaze- The Best Mid-Range Backup Solution

If you want a cheaper alternative to Carbonite Safe, the runner up would no other than Backblaze. The service focuses more on simple features and cheap price, which makes it ideal for small businesses who are trying to keep up with their finances.

Despite its price, it actually has great features. For example, it has no limits on bandwidth or capacity. Other features include versioning, anti-theft feature, and central management tools. The latter allows admins to assign certain employees or team members (users) to separate groups so that each can access, manage and receive alerts on specific data.

As already mentioned, the brand’s focus is more on simplicity. With this backup service, you don’t need to browse through multiple service levels. Everything is straightforward. Basically, the backup process works by backing up the data, backing up individual files as they get updated, and making these data accessible online through a mobile app or web interface.

However, the downside of using this service is that its plan can only have an unlimited backup for 1 computer. So it’s not for businesses who want to manage tons of data on multiple devices.

If you are considering Backblaze, you can know more about their services and plans here.

3. IDrive- A Versatile Cloud Backup for Small Business

If you want something more versatile to cater to the needs of your business, check out IDrive. It works on most PCS and has backup support for Oracle, Windows Server, Exchange, Microsoft SQL, and SharePoint.

It backups your data online, which can then be accessed through a web interface and synced with mobile devices and computers. You can even share the files via Twitter, Facebook and email. Despite its versatility, it’s really easy and straightforward to use. It has a web-based management console to help businesses keep track of everything. Great for managing accounts and sub-accounts.

However, it only has 250GB, which may not be sufficient for businesses who keep tons of data. To remedy this situation, it has hybrid backup support which allows businesses to select which they want to backup to the cloud, and which they want to save locally. Its IDrive Express feature is great for a quickly backing up files and restoring the system through a physical drive.

Check out their website if you’re interested to learn more about their services.

4. CrashPlan for Small Business – Easy Backup Solution

CrashPlan is a well-designed and easy to use backup solution for small business. Since it’s easy to utilize, it is a great option for small businesses who want a simpler way of establishing a backup solution for their data.

It supports Linux, Windows and Mac OS. It is also customizable with its deleted file protection, file versioning and retention, and individualized data set features. This service also features fast file uploading, backing up and processing.

With multi-layered security options, this service keeps your data secure. The robust security functions cover encryption, password, account, transmission, and secure messaging. The backup data is protected by AES-256 encryption and the backup communication is scrambled with a reliable 28-bit encryption. This protects the data from unauthorized access.

But the major turnoff is its limited web and mobile interface. It does not have a mobile device backup. It does not also allow you to share files.

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What People Ask About Cloud Backup Solutions

Is it safe to backup to the cloud?

Yes, it is generally safe. It’s also totally safer than keeping files on physical hardware only. It is not a 100 percent impenetrable though. That’s why it’s also important to choose the best cloud backup providers.

How do I backup my Android to the cloud?

There are various methods of backing up your Android to the cloud. Here’s one: 1) Go to Settings; 2) Find and tap “Backup and Reset” option; 3) If you have a PIN/passcode to unlock your phone, then you’ll be prompted to enter your PIN; 4) Swipe on “Backup my data,” as well as “Automatic restore”; 5) Tap “Backup my data” and select your Google Account name; 7) Return to the main Settings; 8) Go to and tap “Accounts” option; 9) Select your Gmail account; and 10) Swipe to choose which apps you want to backup and then Sync. Check this out to learn more about Android backup.

Are there free cloud backup solutions?

Yes, there are. However, these free services are usually limited in their functions. They are best for personal or home use, but not so much for businesses.

A Safer and Smarter Way to Keep and Backup Data

Keeping and sharing data safely and efficiently is important for small businesses. Aside from this, using small business phone systems will also prove helpful.

Storing data in computers, devices and hard drives is okay. You can also save backup files in other physical storage. However, this has more risks than using cloud backup solutions. Physical hardware is prone to damage or hazards. There’s also less safeguard against unauthorized access and data restoration.

Using a cloud backup service is the safer, smarter and faster way of keeping and backing up data. If you don’t have the budget, Backblaze is a great option. However, if you are willing to spend more (and this can be cost-efficient in the long run), we recommend Carbonite Safe. It allows small businesses to scale up and grow.

We hope you’ve learned something from this article. Please let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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