4 Cloud Based Phone System for Small Business

Cloud-based phone systems are no longer a thing of the future. It’s now the trend and will continue to do so as more and more small enterprises switch from on-site telephony to a cloud-based system. Taking phone calls, sending text messages and checking emails can take up so much time, especially for businesses with a small team. Make things easier by migrating to a cloud based phone system for small business.

Adapting to this change is not only helpful for your team. More importantly, it establishes a better and faster communication to your clients, partners, vendors, and prospects. And better communication is always great for business. Additionally, using an app to track business expenses is also equally important.

Now here are some reasons why you should use a cloud based phone system for small business.

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Benefits of Using Cloud Based Phone System for Small Business

1. It’s convenient

Connect anywhere

With a cloud-based phone system, communication is no longer tied inside the office or store. This makes it highly useful for small companies with remote teams. It allows the team to access the system wherever, whenever. Everyone can collaborate and connect with each other in real time through their tablets and smartphones.

Do anything from managing phone settings, arranging conference calls, sending messages, or browsing the company’s call and text activities. It’s one reason why it’s highly beneficial and useful for small businesses. It’s that convenient.

Since it relies on an internet connection, using internet boosting apps is also recommended, especially for team members who are in the field or remote areas.

2. It’s cost-efficient

Using a traditional telephone system is more costly in the long run. This is because you’ll need to hire professionals to regularly maintain and upgrade the physical hardware. This piles up on the operational costs. And that can badly hurt small business, financially-speaking.

By switching to a cloud-based system, you get rid of the physical hardware. Everything’s hosted in the cloud or the internet.

3. It allows small businesses to grow and compete

Using a cloud-based phone system allows small companies to grow. It levels the playing field, enabling them to compete with larger businesses.

The main problem with the traditional system is that employees spend more time connecting calls, transferring files, and the like. A cloud-based system get rids of such delay. It allows businesses to have faster and better output. Employees can spend more time on more important activities such as satisfying the customers and increasing sales.

As the business grows, you can also easily scale up. It’s just a matter of adding direct numbers and extensions.

You’ll receive the same benefits from these other small business phone systems.

Best Cloud Based Phone Systems for Small Business

There are many phone systems for businesses out there. But we have focused on making a list that is best for small businesses and companies. While there are other phone systems that offer communication and collaboration solutions, we have chosen only those that are cloud-based.

Here are the best of them:

1. 8×8 – Best Cloud Based Phone System for Small Business

8×8 is easily the best cloud-based phone system for small players because of all the providers listed here, it’s the most comprehensive. It gives small businesses the edge, allowing them to compete and grow. It has a one-system of engagement for chat, voice, video, team collaboration, contact system and more, improving both employee and customer experience.

8×8 has a feature-filled platform to serve the customers, partners, and prospects more efficiently. Its features include collaboration tools, business features, online administration, mobile support and more. No need for PBX hardware because everything in this software is cloud-based.

Here are some reasons why you should choose 8×8:

  • The IP phone system is feature-filled. It includes all types of calls, internet fax, group intercom paging, voicemails, long distance call, and more.
  • It is built for better collaboration among team members with its instant messaging, video meetings, web conference, contacts integration, and much more.
  • It works as a virtual office where anyone can collaborate. Store and access data easily wherever you are.

They offer various service plans specifically tailored for small businesses. It’s just a matter of mixing and matching to find the best solution. Check out these small business plans and find what suits your company best.

Available plans


  • Auto attendant
  • Directory assistance
  • Ring groups
  • Instant messaging
  • Online meetings and virtual calls

You can try their mobile app for free.  If you want to experience their service, you can try their free trial and learn more about them by visiting their official site.

2. RingCentral – Cloud-Based Communication and Collaboration

Enjoy the benefits that large businesses have in terms of communication and collaboration but without the complexity and high cost. Specifically built for small businesses, the RingCentral is easy to set up and is completely mobile-ready. It can give small businesses a head start and an edge.

This all-inclusive phone system has a lot of features, including but not limited to cloud PBX, auto-receptionist, video and audio conferencing, multi-level IVR, team messaging, and so much more.

For seamless communication

It is designed for better mobility and business administration. Thanks to its mobile and flexible cloud phone system. Improve communications with the team, customers and partners with their apps and calling features.

With its advanced analytic and administration tools, everyone can collaborate and make the business better. Gain deep insights, share real-time management, supervise the team, you can do all these where you are, through your phone, tablet or computer.


  • All-in-one phone system for
  • Great for team collaboration to maximize productivity
  • Accessible office phone system wherever from any connected device
  • Secure VoIP service
  • Advanced analytics and call management system

They offer 4 plans to suit your company’s budget and needs. You can scale up as your company grows. Check out their pricing plans.

Plans and subscriptions

You can download their mobile app below. Also, feel free to visit their site to learn more about their services.

3. Grasshopper – Virtual Phone System

Grasshopper believes that using a cloud-based phone system makes small businesses appear more professional. Appearance is key. It makes the business attract most customers and partners.

This software helps you get rid of traditional phone lines. Everything is virtual and automated. No need for hardware, which makes it easier to set-up and use. It also does away with regular maintenance costs.

Grasshopper is a call-forwarding and answering system. With its automated phone assistant, anyone who calls is automatically forwarded to the right person or department.

Stay connected and sound professional

This service is integrated with other apps and software such as Skype, Google Voice, LiveChat, Bitium and Zapier. The plans basically include the following features: unlimited calls, mobile apps, WiFi calls, customer greetings, call forwarding and answering, inbound faxing and business texting.

Make and receive calls and texts anytime, anywhere

However, Grasshopper is more about communication than collaboration. It does not have features pertaining to analytics and business management. It also has comparatively less features than 8×8 and RingCaller.

4. Vonage Business – Phone Service and VoIP Provider

Vonage Business puts emphasis on the importance of communication for small business. For this phone service and VoIP provider, communication goes a long way. It helps a small business easily scale up. It also makes the team more productive.

This provider offers online collaboration and video conferencing to users. It also gives web-based console access. That way, it’s easier for everyone in the team to communicate and collaborate with each other, as well as with business partners and clients.

Scalable and productive

Like the 8×8, it does not require a PBX hardware. It’s totally cloud-based, which makes it more cost-efficient and easier to set-up.

Vonage Busines offers a variety of plans. Their premium plan comes with features like online meetings, conference calling, multi-level auto attendant, and CRM integrations. This is on top of the basic services and features, including free plug-ins like Google G Suite, ConnectWise and Clio.

While Vonage Business has great communication and collaboration solutions, it’s biggest let down is its connectivity issues. But you might have a different experience with this software so it’s still better if you see it for yourself. Check out their mobile app or learn more about them by visiting their official site.

Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service

If you also need a phone system for your home, you can check out the Ooma Telo. It works with smart devices and Amazon Echo.


  • Superior voice quality
  • Free nationwide calling and low international rates
  • It can block robocallers
  • 911 calling and text alerts
amazon buy button

You can take the Ooma service on the go by downloading their mobile app.

Cloud Based Phone System: What People Ask About

How do cloud-based phone systems work?

Basically, a cloud-based phone system works by using the internet connection to provide more efficient and centralized communication. It gets rid of the traditional voice network or phone wires.

Are cloud-based systems secure?

Generally, cloud-based systems are secure. They utilize complex algorithms and encryption methods to keep your data protected. However, to make sure that you get the best protection, it’s important to choose trusted and tested phone system providers.

What’s the main difference between a cloud-based system and on-premise? 

An on-premise phone system uses wired phone lines to connect employee extensions and business departments. On the other hand, a cloud-based system is software-based. You can use and connect with it anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection.

A Faster and Better System for Small Businesses to Grow

Switching to cloud based phone system for small business is not just a matter of convenience and cutting down on operational costs. Using a faster, better and more advanced unified phone system actually has a domino effect on your business. Incidentally, using an inventory app may also prove helpful to your business.

Since your business is no longer tied to traditional phone desks and the like, you can have a more systematized and efficient communication system. That way, everyone can easily contact and connect with the rest of the team, the client, business partner or prospect. A more efficient communication improves a small company’s chances of growing and competing with other businesses.

There are lots of cloud-based systems out there to choose from. So we decided to help you decide by narrowing the choices down to 5 of the best. All these are great for small businesses. But if we are to choose just 1, then we recommend 8×8.

What do you think of this article? We hope we have helped you know more about cloud based phone system. Do let us know by leaving a comment below.

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