4 Cloud Server Backups: Keep Critical Business Data Secure

Businesses keep important files in their physical and virtual servers. However, these servers are vulnerable to various risks. Good thing there are cloud server backups you can use to keep your critical business data secure.

Threats come in various forms. There are hardware failures, ransomware, and even human error. Technology continues to advance, and so are data threats. This is why using physical storage and outdated backups is no longer as safe as you think.

By using cloud server backups, you get to protect important business data from any threat or data disaster. These backups protect virtual and physical servers by working as a comprehensive defence against data loss. Incidentally, you can also backup your personal files to the cloud.

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4 Best Cloud Server Backups

There are numerous cloud server backups out there. However, we’ve chosen those that do not only provide good backup and storage but also offer other features critical to the vitality of a business. In the list we’ve prepared, we narrowed down our choices to 4, each with its own strength.

Check them out below.

1. Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct- Best For Businesses of All Size

In the technological age, constant access to critical data, systems and applications is vital to the growth of a business. This is something that Arcserve guarantees to provide. It offers a comprehensive data loss prevention for businesses of all sizes.

Arcserve provides backup and immediate restore access to important databases, systems and business-critical files, preventing data disasters that may otherwise be costly or even fatal to your business.

Reduce IT complexity


  • Data loss prevention
  • IT complexity reduction
  • Protection against ransomware and cyber-attacks
  • Quick business restoration (minimal downtime)
  • Multi-cloud protection
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
Protection against cyber-attacks


It’s easy to set up and use. You can manage data protection and other features from a single console. That way, it’s fast and more efficient to use. Any level of users with access can easily manage it.


There are mainly 2 disadvantages to using Arcserve. First, it works best for Microsoft Windows, but not as much for other systems. There’s also no real bare-metal recovery option.

Bottom Line

But the advantages and features of Arcserve still outweigh its disadvantages. This cloud server backup is great for businesses of all sizes because of its multi-cloud features and user-friendly console. Its features extend from the basic such as file backup to the more advanced recovery solution. Great for business continuity and growth.

Learn more about Arcserver here.

2. Acronis Backup 12.5- Great for Larger Businesses

Acronis Backup is designed to help the IT team keep your business up and running. It prevents data loss and proactively avoids downtime. This cloud server backup is packed with intuitive and innovative security features and other solutions to safeguard your business.


  • Disk-imaging backup
  • Advanced cloud protection
  • Remote bare-metal recovery
  • Fast, instant restore
  • Virtual server protection
  • SAN storage snapshots
What the Acronis Backup dashboard looks like


Acronis is revered for its fast restoration options, important for business continuity. It is also hailed for its excellent technical support and advanced ransomware prevention and security features.


However, the major turnoff is that you’ll need to purchase cloud storage separately. This makes it more costly than other server backups. Its remote management is also not automatic.

Bottom Line

Nevertheless, Acronis Backup is still highly recommended, particularly for larger businesses. Its rapid restore and anti-cyber attacks features are solid and high-grade. Such is important for business continuity. The larger the business, the more advanced its IT should be. And that’s something that Acronis can guarantee. It’s just a bit more costly than the others though.

Learn more about Acronis in details by visiting their website.

You can also check out their mobile app which you can download below. It’s a great backup for businesses. It lets you recover contacts, videos, calendars, texts, and photos from anywhere through your mobile device.

3. IDrive- Best for Small Businesses

iDrive offers cloud server backups up to 5 TB, which is more than sufficient for small businesses. With this service, you can backup and secure all your business data into a single account. It can automatically backup your data or you can schedule when to backup. It also guarantees robust security to make sure that your data will remain secure from any data threats.


  • Multiple-device backup
  • Online file sync
  • Disk image backup
  • Continuous data protection
  • 256-bit AES encryption
Secure all your business data


iDrive is known for its robust security and free data-transfer option. It also supports most of the common servers. It backups mobile devices as well and keeps the old file versions (just in case you’ll need to retrieve them).


iDrive lacks the advanced services that are vital to medium to large companies. For instance, it has a slow restoration process, which is highly important for growing businesses. Its storage is also limited compared with others. And there’s Office 365 email support as well.

Bottom Line

This cloud server backup is a great choice for small businesses. It has the basic backup solutions that would suffice for small companies. Not to mention its solid encryption, great user interface, and other attractive features, all at a reasonable cost. But since it has a storage cap, then this is definitely not recommended for larger enterprises.

Visit the iDrive website and learn more about their offers and cloud solutions. If you’re a small business, these small business phone systems may also be worth checking.

iDrive also has a mobile app where you can backup your personal photos, videos, documents and files. Download it here.

4. Backblaze- Cheapest Cloud Server Backup

Backblaze is the cheapest cloud server backup solution. It’s also very easy to use. The service promises rapid upload speeds and generous restoration feature. However, it only backups 1 device for each account, which is a major turnoff for larger businesses.


  • Unlimited data backup for 1 device
  • Automated and continuous backup
  • Free hard-drive restore
  • Ransomware protection
  • Web-based admin console


The main attracting factor about Backblaze is its affordability. It also offers unlimited storage and is very easy to set up and use. Not to mention fast upload speeds. It even has a lost-computer tracker.


But the major downside is that it has no multiple-computer plans. It also has fewer extra features compared to the other cloud server backups on the list. There’s even no support for storage drives that are network-attached.

The Bottomline

Backblaze is only recommended for companies that are just starting. Definitely for small businesses that are looking for a very affordable cloud server backup and restoration solution. Not for those that need multiple-computer plans which are what most medium to large companies need.

Learn more about Backblaze on this website. 

Keep a data backup to your mobile and access them from anywhere using Backblaze’s mobile app. You can download it here for free.

Synology NAS DiskStation

The abovementioned cloud server backups are designed for businesses. If you want something simpler for personal use, this Synology NAS DiskStation is worth considering. It can be used for home and even for small businesses that simply need a dependable shared storage solution. Great for intensive workloads and data protection.


  • AES-NI encryption engine (dual-core processor)
  • Encrypted sequential
  • Advanced Bars file system
  • 2GB DDR3L memory
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FAQs About Cloud Server Backups

Is cloud storage better than hard drive?

In many ways, yes, especially if you’re using it for business. A hard drive is more limited in space and accessibility. Cloud storage offers huge amounts of storage space and can be accessed from anywhere using different devices by multiple users. That way, cloud storage is not only great for storing backup data, it’s also built for collaboration and integration.

What is cloud backup storage?

A cloud backup storage is a modern way of backing up data to the cloud (internet) through a managed server. This can either replace off-site backup or an addition to it. With this kind of backup, the data can be remotely accessed, shared and managed across multiple devices by admins and users.

Is cloud-based backup safe?

Yes, it is safe. It may not be risk-free, but it’s far safer than using hardware backups. To ensure that you’ll get the safest backup, it’s important that you choose reliable and trusted cloud server backups.

Backup Your Server to the Cloud: For Ease and Security

To reiterate, a server backup is more than just having a backup to your business-critical data. It also protects it from various threats, both physical and cyber. Overall, it ensures business continuity. And that goes for both small and large businesses alike.

Now that you know the importance of using reliable cloud server backups, it’s up to you to decide. We have carefully selected the server backups and made the list as varied as possible, to cater to the needs of different businesses. If you need an affordable but reliable server backup, there’s Backblaze. Or if you are a small business that wants something that’s worth your buck, then there’s iDrive. And so on.

How do you find this article? We hope to hear your thoughts. Please leave us a comment below.

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