Best College Football Apps for Scoreboard, Radio, and Betting

The football season is in full swing these days, so many football fans are looking for the best college football apps to follow scores, listen to games, and check odds. College football is an incredible phenomenon and is quite popular across the United States with good reason: everyone loves watching young, hardworking athletes work as team, especially when our favorites find success. And, of course, there is the collegiate pride.

As a disclaimer, I’m not an American, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I don’t have a personal interest in American football. However, I do have multiple American friends who absolutely adore the game and were kind enough to give me some insight. I’ve asked them to test out the apps and they confirm that they are accurate and reliable. I’ve also crosschecked the scores and commentary from the apps with other sources on the Internet, and they seem to check out pretty well.

Note: The 4 best college football apps for score, radio and betting were tested on a Sony Xperia Z. All of the apps on the list need an active Internet connection to display up-to-date information. The apps performed fine and there were no problems faced during testing. They are not in any particular order.

1. Sports Alerts – NCAA Football Edition

Sports Alerts - NCAA Football Edition App

The Sports Alerts – NCAA Football Edition app is a great way to get instant information about the games that are scheduled. You’ll be able to dive deep in the game with powerful stats and information. The app uses very little system resources and almost no data while updating scores.

The app also provides full team rosters, team schedules, rankings and conference standings. Basically you use this app to get alerts about when the game is going to start, score changes, lead change, choir and when the game ends. You can also customize your notifications, which is convenient since not everyone wants to be disturbed for every single update.

Overall I really like Sports Alerts, and appreciate how fast the updates are.

Free Version

2. College Football Radio

College Football Radio App

College Football Radio is a great app to listen to live CFB radio streams. This app allows you to select radio stations that are streaming your favorite games, so that you never have to miss a college football game you want to follow.

In addition, College Football Radio will instantly provide you with college football scores, news and rankings. You can even check scores while the radio is playing in the background, so you can keep up with multiple games at once. You can also select your favorite team and their info will be displayed as soon as you open the app.

One of the best things about College Football Radio is that it’s not that data consuming. Sure it will still use a fair chunk like most any internet connected app, but it doesn’t drain data like most other radio or streaming apps.

On the other hand, I found the audio quality a little bit lacking, but not severe enough to be difficult to understand or severely impact your enjoyment.

Free Version


These were the 4 best college football apps for scoreboard, radio and betting. I know these awesome apps can add an extra something to your enjoyment of the college football season.

If you know of an app that you think should be on this list, or want to see lists for other sports and leagues, feel free to let us know in the comment section. I hope to catch you next time.

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