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How to Connect and Use GoPro Camera with Any Android Phone

A GoPro camera is one of the breakthroughs of all personal and compact cameras of this generation. With GoPro, you can be adventurous and document all your experiences without worrying if your camera will encounter exposure to water, dust, mud, and the like.

It’s also very user-friendly and easy to install to smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, especially with me here to walk you through it!

Here’s my guide for how to connect and use GoPro camera with any Android device.

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1. Download the GoPro App on Google Play

How to Connect and Use GoPro Camera with Any Android Phone | Joy of Android
GoPro Google Application from Google Play

To begin connecting your GoPro to your Android Phone, you must first download the GoPro camera application (formerly Capture) on Google Play. Once installed, connect your GoPro camera to the Wi-Fi network and follow the configuration that will prompt on your screen to successfully connect it to your Android device. Make sure that the camera is also turned on.

Click the ‘Setup’ on the menu screen and pair the camera. Once done, there will be a prompt on your screen that will showcase the signal and if you successfully connected and can now use your GoPro camera with your Android device.

2. Start Connecting And Recording From Your Android Phone

How to Connect and Use GoPro Camera with Any Android Phone | Joy of Android
Android Phone and GoPro

Once you have successfully connected your GoPro camera on your Android Phone, you can already start exploring the application and control the camera through your Android device. Make sure that you have a microSD card on both on your device to support all your recorded files.

Start controlling the camera by clicking ‘Control’ on the menu setting. You will be able to see how your camera views the subject through your phone. You can now start capturing and recording videos and scenes through your phone and conveniently preview what is being logged.

3. Make Sure All Connections Are Working And Shareable Through Wi-Fi App

How to Connect and Use GoPro Camera with Any Android Phone | Joy of Android
Android GoPro Application

If you are already testing the connection, ensure that your control and access through the application is working well. This is to be sure that everything you will record will automatically saved on your phone. In this way, you can also manage to download it from both your Android device and GoPro camera.

Securing the connections are working well will give you less hassle time connecting back and forth your GoPro camera to your Android Phone every time you may want to use it. In this way, you are sure that your device is at default and no need the hassle of configuring it all over again.

4. Import From Your GoPro Camera

How to Connect and Use GoPro Camera with Any Android Phone | Joy of Android
Import From Your GoPro Camera

Once secured with all the connection needed, you can start importing from your GoPro Camera towards your Android phone. In this way, you would see on the smartphone what the camera can view depending on where exactly you set it.

You can also see the ‘Need Help’ option if you want additional support or having problems trouble pairing both of your devices. If you have successfully paired both devices, you will be redirected to the main camera, viewing screen, or the Coach Eye section.

Are You Still Having Trouble Pairing Both Of Your Device?

If you are still having problems pairing both of your devices, you may opt to change your Wi-Fi identifier or name, and your password. There could also a need to restart the device after all the changes to reboot it all over and apply the said alterations.

In case there is still a need to troubleshoot the devices, you can resort to restart it both and follow the steps again. Make sure that you read all the prompt actions and choose the right options to guarantee that there will be no other subsequent pairing trouble with both your GoPro and Android phone.

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