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The 12 Best Step Counter Apps for Android in 2021

Getting in shape can be tough sometimes. Walking, running, or jogging are great ways get fit, be healthy, or lose weight. But how can you  know that you’re getting enough exercise?

Well, the answer is right in your hands. Using step counter apps for Android, also known as pedometer apps, you can easily track and monitor your progress in real-time. Isn’t that convenient?

The best apps for counting steps can work with an Android device alone or together with a wearable device, such as a Samsung smartwatch.

Now check out the apps to start counting your steps and get the exercise you need!

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Best step counter apps for Android

After an intense research on the top step counter apps on the Play Store, I couldn't resist but list down the 12 best step counter apps, with each serving its own purpose. 
track your steps with step counter apps
Best step counter apps for Android
Best feature loaded step counter appPacer Health Pedometer, Step Counter, and Weight Loss Tracker
Best in Wear OS integrationRuntastic Steps
Best in user interfaceNoom Walk Pedometer
Best in privacyStep Counter
Best in graphical data representationPedometer
Best in immersive gaming experienceZombies, Run!
Best in adventure activity trackingView Ranger
Best in accuracyAccupedo Pedometer
Best in goal setting and personalizationStep Tracker
Best community based step counterRunkeeper
Best step counter overallGoogle Fit
Best step counter apps for Android

1. Pacer Health Pedometer, Step Counter, and Weight Loss Tracker

This app is one of the most popular step counter apps for Android that allows you to turn your phone into a personal health and weight loss tracker. Not only does it count steps as you walk or run, it also tracks calories, distance, active time, weight, and habits.

pacer health pedometer

Download: Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker

2. Runtastic Steps

Runtastic’s free version is quite powerful on its own. It lets you track steps, integrate Google Fit, and track progress, and it supports other apps and wearable devices. Just about everything you could need from a step counter app.

Download: Runtastic Running App & Fitness Tracker

Runtastic also has other features available for subscribers that let you track sleep, biking, and general fitness. For those who need a bit of motivation, this app lets you get cheers from friends who can track your progress. It also provides audio feedback from the voice coach,  an integrated music player, and more.

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It’s a very simple app to use. No need for wristbands or additional tracker device. Just use your phone to install the app and carry it as you go. The exercise plans and workout guides were designed by professional trainers to help you improve your health, stay active, and lose weight.

3. Noom Walk Pedometer

What I found the greatest about Noom Walk, aside from it being free, is that it consumes less battery compare with another step counter apps for Android. They have a simple and clean interface that is easy to use.

noom walk pedometer

Download: Noom Walk Pedometer

It runs in the background as it keeps track and logs all steps for us throughout the entire day.  You can connect with friends and see their walking activity and send a high five as you go. It also comes with a weight loss plan, which helps you reach your goals and develop a healthy and fit lifestyle.

4. Step Counter

It is another 100% free pedometer app that uses built-in sensors on phones to counter the steps for us. It saves battery as it barely uses energy and doesn’t use GPS tracking, which is great for those of us who want to keep our personal information private.

step counter

Download: Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter

The app design is clean and easy to use. It uses graphs to display walking data track statistics in the last 24 hours, week, or month. The app also lets you back up or restore your data through Google Drive.

5. Pedometer

This is an app best for tracking when you have a planned workout, run, or walk. It lets you count your steps with an Android phone, track calories burned, and view the distance, time, and speed during your run or walk. You can swipe left to see data from the previous day or tap the numbers to display a graph.

Download: Pedometer

To increase the distance, speed, and step count accuracy, the app lets you adjust the sensitivity and step length. Once you push the Start button, the app will record your steps even when you put it in a bag or pocket.

6. Zombies, Run!

I recommend for those who need a little something extra to enjoy jogging or running. Fun and challenging, this step counter app is also an immersive gaming experience that really motivates you to keep moving.

zombies run

Download: Zombies, Run! (Free)

Once you fail or lag from our goals, the audio will cue you in that zombies are not far behind. This app lets you join missions, training plans, supply runs, interval training, races, and so much more. It is fun and very exhilarating.

Use it at any speed while jogging, running, or walking around the park or on a treadmill.

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7. View Ranger

Here’s a step counter app great for us thrill seekers who like to go out on adventures like hiking, biking, backpacking, and other outdoor activities. View Ranger is a very useful app for discovering trail guides, downloading topography maps, and navigating the wilderness.

The Skyline is an impressive feature that uses augmented reality. Using the camera on your phone, you can see actual directional arrows to help us navigate through a trail on the real landscape.

Download: ViewRanger – Hiking Trails & Bike Rides

It works with Android smartwatches to record a track and view latitude/longitude and altitude data. There are over 180, 000 routes available for trails in national parks, state parks, and national forests.

8. Accupedo Pedometer

Accupedo is a pedometer app that tracks your steps very accurately regardless of where you keep your phone on your body . It even uses a 3d recognition algorithm that filters out non-walking activities or movements.

It provides easy to read charts, daily logs, a step counter, burned calories, and distance and time logs. You can use the app to set up daily goals and accurately monitor your progress in real-time. It also has very customizable settings and widgets, and lets you modify sensitivity, step distance, metrics, and more.

Download: Accupedo Pedometer – Step Counter

This app supports Google Fit health tracking and syncs with MyFitnessPal. View daily, weekly, monthly and yearly step counts using charts.

9. Step Tracker

The Step Tracker is perfect for those with competitive spirits. Get achievements by setting goals and raising ranks through daily steps with friends. This is one of the top step counter apps which lets you compete with others, level up, and win achievement badges.

step tracker

Download: Step Tracker – Step Counter & walking tracker app

Sounds exciting, right? It also has a customizable fitness plan, real-time step counter, a personal health report, and a personalized daily report. Lose weight and stay in shape using apps like this one.

10. Runkeeper

Track workouts while going on a run, walk, or jog with people in your community. You can use this app for marathon training or to work your way up to a goal. Using the GPS, you get a clear view of your progress in real-time.

Download: Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

Stay motivated by joining challenges, earning exercise rewards, and sharing progress and achievements with friends. This app lets you invite others into running groups to support and cheer each other on.

Runkeeper also supports partner apps like Spotify, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and others, and you connect devices like headphones or smartwatches via Bluetooth. There is also a stopwatch feature for cardio and other workouts.

11. Google Fit

For those who enjoys using Android wearable smartwatches, Google Fit is one of the best step counter apps to track progress online. The wearable device tracks activity effortlessly and automatically logs data with Google Fit.

google fit

Download: Google Fit – Fitness Tracking

This app provides you with real-time statistics for your runs, walks, and rides. It records speed, pace, elevation, route, and so much more. Google Fit allows you to achieve your goals through personalized coaching and recommendations.

It supports and collects fitness, nutrition, sleep, and weight data from numerous Android devices and apps like Wear OS, Nike+, Runkeeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal, Basis, Sleep as Andriod, and others.

12. Fitbit

Fitbit is an app designed to work with Fitbit trackers and smart scales. You can use this app to sync Blaze, Alta, Charge 2, Flex 2, Surge, Aria, or other trackers to your Android device. It tracks daily progress and goals for steps, distance, and burned calories.

Download: Fitbit

It uses GPS device to accurately track your hikes, runs, and walks. It can also log other exercises, such as yoga. The app lets you log food intake to measure calories to help you manage your weight easily.

Connect with friends to compare stats and send daily or weekly challenges.

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Final Thoughts

Of course, these apps won’t work equally well for all people. What step counter apps can do for your health depends on a lot of factors including lifestyle, fitness level, and general health.

Regardless, these apps can help get you inspired and keep you motivated to reach your goals.

You can even use this app to connect with friends and family to organize a walking group or compete in events. It’s a great motivation tool for those who are trying to lose weight by walking.

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