6 Awesome Custom ROMs for Seamless Gaming Performance

People tend to think that there are no suitable custom ROMs for Gaming. But want to learn a secret?

This is not absolutely true at all! The best thing about Android is that it is an Open Source Project. An open-source means that people can take the source code, modify it, and create custom ROMs out of it.

In a nutshell, all of the custom ROMs out there in the open is actually based on this source code. This gives developers the freedom to do whatever they want to do as long as it doesn’t cause any harm to anybody.

The truth is most developers create a custom ROM with the sole focus of giving the pure Android experience to users. This means that all the unnecessary bloatware and all the restraints will be removed from your device! You can finally free up resources so you can improve your mobile gaming experience greatly!

But first, let’s discuss some things beforehand.

Why install a Custom ROM for Gaming?

Custom ROMs make your device better!

We cannot deny that the Stock Android ROM is one of the most stable firmware ever. The problem with it is that it is riddled with unnecessary additions prescribed by device manufacturers.

And sometimes, after a year, these manufacturers will drop the support for your phones and will no longer update your firmware. That pretty sucks, right?

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In order to address this problem, many users install custom ROMs on their devices. This will make their firmware up to date and will ensure that their devices will keep receiving updates even after the manufacturers drop their support.

Do you need one?


The most straightforward answer is NO. You don’t need to install a custom ROM in order to game. The fact is the firmware that comes with your device is the most stable and suitable ROM for Gaming.

However, it comes with many impediments. If we’re only looking after stability, then there’s not much to be discussed here. But the catch is that most manufacturers install plenty of constraints and unnecessary Softwares that prevent users to try what they call ‘The True Android Experience.’

But the very essence of Android you can do an absolute amount of stuff with your device. People wanted to have more features, more customizations, and total control of their device. Hence, they need to get a Custom ROM.

Now that you already have an idea, perhaps you’re dying to know which custom ROMs work best for gaming, right?

So what are we waiting for?! Let’s proceed!

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6 Awesome Custom ROM for Gaming Performance

1. Pixel Experience

The Pixel Experience.

Pixel Experience is one of the best custom ROMs for gaming at this moment and there are three reasons why. Firstly, the Pixel Experience is supported by a wide array of Android devices from Realmi to Xiaomi and Samsung to Asus. This means that there is a greater chance of installing it on high-end devices which has better hardware and performance.

Secondly, it brings a lot of features that are priorly only available to Google Pixel. This includes the newest Google Assistant, Pixel live wallpapers, GCam Support, and many more.

Lastly, it is one of the most stable among the other custom ROMs on this list. By this, you can expect smooth and slippery as butter gameplay and performance. You don’t want to game on an unstable device. Oh no, you won’t.

Just try thinking about absolutely killing it in PUBG Mobile and you’ll just get this monstrous lag which then prevents you from getting that delicious chicken dinner. Crap!

2. Lineage OS

The interface of the LineageOS.

Back in 2016, Cyanogen Inc. announced that it will not continue developing and close the infrastructure of CyanogenMod. However, the developer community decided to keep the project alive and renamed the project as LineageOS. To this day, LineageOS is the biggest name in the custom ROM scene.

LineageOS is built on the same AOSP that Google uses and added with their own code to it. It then works as a stand-alone OS and even acts as a source code for other custom ROMs out there.

With the largest developer team and with over 190 compatible devices, we can assure you that LineageOS can give you the customizability, privacy, and stability. This allows you to game endlessly without worrying about your security while maintaining total control of your device.

3. Evolution X

The Evolution X quick settings.

Think about it this way: a more stable version of Resurrection Remix. Evolution X offers plenty of customization features without sacrificing the stability of the ROM.

Evolution X has Android 10’s gesture navigation system and has its own customization bar where you can make any system-related changes. However, the development team decided to any unnecessary and unneeded features that are dragging the system down.

Meaning, you can have all the stability you want for your gaming needs as the latest versions are easier on your phone’s resources.

4. AOSP Extended

Get the best Android experience with AOSP Extended.

AOSP Extended is a result of building directly from the Android Open Source Project.

Like all other AOSP-based custom ROMs, the AOSP Extended provides a smooth and no lag experience which is crucial whenever your pumping out those damage upon the enemy and driving your FPS up.

AOSP Extended does not fall short on features and customizations as it boasts multiple options such as modifying the lock screen, the status bar, color accent, and other settings giving you total control of your device and allowing you to transform your device according to your taste.

Most importantly, the development team is highly active and is constantly rolling out timely updates to keep your device problem-free, making this the most dependable custom ROM for Gaming.

5. Arrow OS

Night Mode and Day Mode of Arrow OS.

Do you prefer minimalism over your usual cluttered interface? Then this ROM might be for you!

The Arrow OS offers a clean interface but packs a powerful punch on the back lines. The Arrow OS project is also based on the AOSP code with the addition of useful changes to it. The feel is somehow almost the same as the Pixel Experience ROM. However, it has more features and options.

This firmware includes an option to select the system accent color the Android 10 Gesture Navigation System, Recents menu, and the Android 10 Gesture Navigation System. Other features are also present like a custom Quick Setting Tiles, custom dialer,  piracy guard, and Lock Screen shortcut.

The most impressive trait that Arrow OS has is…

It is simplistic and minimalistic that gives users a clean interface. Needless to say, this trait makes it the lightest and most functional custom ROM in this list giving you all the room you need for your gaming.

People Also Ask

Will a custom ROM slow my phone down?

No! a custom ROM will even make your device faster if you choose the right ROM for your phone. The truth is that the stock ROM that comes with your brand new device is filled with apps and features that the manufacturer prescribes. This is known as bloatware—those annoying generic apps you never use.

Is a custom ROM safe?

Yes! In fact, it might even be better than the stock firmware that comes with your device right out of the box. Just make sure that you choose the right ROM and you follow the correct way to install a ROM and you’re good to go!

Will a custom ROM improve my phone performance?

No. A custom ROM will generally not improve your phone’s performance. While the factors vary, the most important aspects are your Phone’s hardware such as RAM, Processor, and Connectivity.
However, a custom ROM can provide you a more stable platform and gives you more control over your device and doesn’t necessarily improve your phone’s overall gaming performance.

Mobile Gaming—with Style!

The best thing about Android its capability to give its users absolute control over their device. And this includes improving your gaming experience to some extent,

While the process might be lengthy and a bit complicated to some, unlocking these options and features will be all worth the effort. Once you get your device to your suiting and uninstalled all those unneeded apps and features that you don’t normally use, you will begin to notice a big difference in your Android experience. Got it?

And now that you already know the Best Custom ROM for Gaming, what are you waiting for? Install one in your device now!

Installed one of these Custom ROMs already? Don’t hesitate to share your experience with us at the comments below.

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