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15 Ways to Customize Samsung Galaxy S7 to Make It Even Better

Samsung has taken great strides towards making the Samsung Galaxy S7 a customizable device. However, customization is the basic ingredient that makes Android great and there are some awesome ways to customize Samsung Galaxy S7 other than changing some themes. Samsung has included a very great theme system in their latest flagship and it will satisfy a lot of people, but some people crave the control over their devices and will need additional help in customizing their device.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 looks remarkably beautiful. The 5.1-inch screen is a joy to look at, especially with a quad HD resolution and Super AMOLED nature of the screen. So naturally, you would want to customize the beautiful screen to show off a personal style.

These are a few great ways to customize Samsung Galaxy S7 and make it truly your own. Using a premade theme is good and all but to truly gain full control over your device, you may need some of these steps. So let’s start with some basic ways to customize Samsung Galaxy S7 and gradually ramp up the difficulty and complexity of the methods.

Methods to Customize Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Change the Wallpaper

Change the Wallpaper

This may seem like a very basic customization option, but it is perhaps the most impactful on the list. Simply changing your home screen wallpaper can have a great impact on the way you look at your device. If you have a black Samsung Galaxy S7, I highly recommend using red wallpapers because they will really pop out. If you have the beautiful silver one, try applying blue wallpapers on it to make the screen shine just like the smartphone.

And for a lot of people, a great wallpaper is the basic building block of their whole customization. For example, if I see a great wallpaper I try to tailor everything according to it. From the icons to the widgets and from the color scheme to the app drawer; I try to complement the awesome wallpaper. I highly recommend checking out the best wallpaper apps for Android list if you’re looking to get amazing quality wallpapers without having to search a lot.

2. Get Awesome Live Wallpaper

Live Wallpaper

What if static backgrounds are not your thing? Android has your back on this one as well. You can simply download great live wallpaper for your smartphone and make the home screen come alive. Some of you want your wallpaper to not only look pretty but are also quite interactive. Check out the

Some of you want your wallpaper to not only look attractive but also quite be interactive. Check out the best live wallpaper apps for Android to see some of the best ones available on the Google Play Store.

3. Use a Different Lock Screen

Different Lock Screen

There are a lot of different lock screen apps for Android that spice up the standard one. Even though that the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a very respectable lock screen, you may want to change to a different one just to try out something new.

I understand, the smartphone is relatively new and you will like the lock screen for a certain amount of time, but after a while, it will become repetitive and quite an eyesore. For those moments, you can sure use a custom lock screen app.

4. Change the Always on Screen

Change the Always on Screen

Did you know that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is capable of displaying certain images even when the phone is locked? The Super AMOLED screen featured in the smartphone eliminates only the pixels that are needed and keeps the rest of them completely turned off. This allows the smartphone to conserve a lot of battery life by simply using the pixels that are in use.

Samsung has cleverly implemented this in their always on feature. It basically displays time, date or even a custom picture on your smartphone all the time. You can easily change that in the settings menu.

5. Install a Samsung Theme

Install a Samsung Theme

The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with the ability to completely change the theme of the smartphone. This not only includes a custom wallpaper but also different icons. It is just like using a custom launcher with icon packs and we have all used before. We should applaud Samsung for trying something new and really shaking things up with their TouchWiz OS.

You can access those easily by going into the settings menu. There are a lot of themes available for you to download, some of them are free and some of them can be obtained by paying a small fee. However, all of them have the potential of spicing things up. Some themes even come with a Custom Always On image that you can use which is quite nice.

6. Change the Font

Change the Font

The simple step of changing the font can have a large impact on how you use your device. A lot of Android apps use the same font that is selected in the settings menu so you’ll not only change the whole look of your smartphone but also many apps.

For example, one of the most prominent changes you’ll see after swapping out the font, is the Facebook app. The app will also start using the font you have selected. In order to change the font, head over to Settings >Display >Font and simply select the font you need.

7. Get a Custom Launcher

Get a Custom Launcher

One of the most amazing things about the Android platform is the ability to use any launcher you want. If you don’t like anything about the custom hundreds of skins the manufacturer has put on your smartphone, you can easily change that by installing a custom launcher.

Now we have the option of installing a Google launcher that makes your high-end smartphone feel like a stock Android device. Some people are not fond of how TouchWiz UI feels and looks like, so they can easily get a custom launcher on their Samsung Galaxy S7 and make it their own.

There are some great custom launchers for Android available on the Google Play Store. I also recommend taking a look at the Nova Launcher Prime as your first custom launcher for Android.

8. Get an Icon Pack

Get an Icon Pack

Now that you have installed a custom launcher on your Samsung Galaxy S7, you should also try out a custom icon pack for Android. An icon pack has the ability to completely change the way your Android smartphone looks.

There are some incredibly unique icon packs available for almost every custom launcher there is. For example, if you’re using Go Launcher, a lot of icon packs support that launcher. There is a high chance that any Icon pack you select will have support for the custom launcher you are using.

9. Get a Different Camera App

Get a Different Camera App

I’ll be honest; the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with an amazing camera app that works wonderfully. There are a lot of features available in the stock app that Samsung provides with the smartphone. However, the front facing camera is a little bit lacking when it comes to different filters and fun features.

Sure there are some features that can make your eyes bigger for some reason in the stock app but not so much filters that can be used to make a picture pop. Thankfully you can easily get a different camera app for Android or better yet, get a selfie camera app for Android. I also recommend that you always keep secondary camera app handy on any Android smartphone as well.

10. Check a New Keyboard

Check a New Keyboard

The Samsung keyboard has improved over the years but it is still nowhere near the level of third-party keyboards. I recommend that you check out a different keyboard app for your Samsung Galaxy S7. SwiftKey Keyboard is my personal favorite and has been for a while now. One of the best things about using a third-party keyboard is that you can take it to another device without any loss of data.

For example, if your next upgrade will be from Huawei or LG, you can simply install a third-party keyboard on those devices. However, if you’re still using the Samsung keyboard, you’ll not be able to port your saved words to the next device.

11. Install Different Widgets

Widgets are what makes Android different from other mobile operating systems and they work really well on the Samsung Galaxy S7. There are a lot of widgets available on the Google Play Store that can really help you utilize the home screen better.

From great weather widgets to sports-related ones, you’ll be able to find just about anything you want on the store. I highly recommend that you check out different widgets to spice up your home screen. Better yet, get a stylish clock widget for Android that comes with different customization options.

12. Disable Haptic Feedback

If want to save battery life, you can easily disable haptic feedback on your Samsung Galaxy S7. It’s a great way to customize Galaxy S7 and have an immediate impact on the battery life. Haptic feedback is the little vibration’s you feel when you touch a button on the screen.

Sure, this is a fun feature to have but it also drains the battery a lot. In order to disable this feature, head over to Settings >Sound >Feedback. From there you will be easily able to disable haptic feedback.

13. Rearrange the App Drawer

Rearrange the App Drawer

There are different modes available in the app drawer that allow you to use it in various ways. One of the best ones is making the app drawer show apps in a vertical format. A lot of people are not aware of this feature but it can really help in locating apps if you have installed a lot of them. Tap on the icon on the top right corner of the screen while in the app drawer and you’ll see the options.

14. Screen Adjustment

Screen Adjustment

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a very bright and beautiful screen but the default setting is a little bit saturated for many people. Sure, the high contrast makes the colors pop and the screen looks incredible but if you’re looking for color accuracy, you won’t find it in the default mode. In order to change the screen settings simply head over to Settings Display and simply change the setting to a different mode.

I recommend the photo mode because it’s the most accurate one available; however the cinema mode combines high saturation with somewhat realistic color accuracy. Of course, all of this is up to your personal preference because some people really like the Samsung color representation.

15. Install a Custom ROM

This one is for the future when the Samsung Galaxy S7 is at least a year old. By then, you must surely be fed up with the Samsung TouchWiz and be craving something new on your device. Most people are stuck with a single smartphone for at least two years; it doesn’t make sense to simply use the device without spicing it up with a custom ROM.

Right now, the custom development scene for the Samsung Galaxy S7 is just starting. But after a little while, you will have a robust collection of ROMs to choose from. We will be writing about the best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 once there are at least five of them available on the XDA-Developer forum. So keep an eye out for those.


These were some of the best ways to customize Samsung Galaxy S7 without putting in too much effort. These methods range from fairly easy to a little bit hard but if you’re committed to changing the way your smartphone looks and behaves, they will be well worth it. If you’re looking to change how the smartphone looks on the outside, I highly recommend checking out the best cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy S7 list as well.

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