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12 Ways To Customize Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a unique phone on the market today. Its curved sides are the first of its kind. These “edges” display notifications that you once had to look at your home screen to see.

With this capability, you can leave your phone faced down on the table and stay up-to-the-minute with your notifications. Given the nature of this feature, it is highly customizable. The edge is meant to be personalized for each individual user.

Did you know you could customize many of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge features without downloading external apps? Here is a list of twelve ways to customize your phone. Most of these customizations are done through the Settings app within the phone, making it even easier to personalize the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for you.

1. Change Homescreen Grid Size

Do you ever get bothered by not being able to put enough icons on your home screen? Do the bulky widgets take up most of the space? The home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is now editable for this very reason.

You can change the size of the home screen grid to allow for more icons by simply holding your finger down on the home screen. Once you are holding your finger down, tap on “Screen Grid.” The options will be 4×4, 4×5 and 5×5. Most of us will probably want 5×5 to increase the phone’s productivity.

S6 Edge homescreen grid size

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2. Set Up The Night Clock

An easily overlooked feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the Night Clock. Like many other features you will read about in this article, the Night Clock appears on the curved side of the phone’s screen. It discreetly shows a dimmed screen clock and your next alarm. It is dim enough not to other you while sleeping but prominent enough for you to see it all night next to your bed.

Setting up Night Clock is easy. First, go to the Edge Screens settings panel and then scroll to Night Clock. You choose the time you want it to turn on and off each night. Hit the back arrow after you have chosen your settings.

When finished, the Night Clock will appear at the time you specified. With this feature staying on all night, you may be worried about battery life. To combat this, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will automatically turn the feature off if your phone battery falls below 15 percent. Ideally, you would want to have your phone plugged in so you don’t wake up to a low or dead battery.

3. Toggle Edge Lighting

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s dual-curved screen display shows many of the notifications you once had to look at your home screen for. Now these notifications are visible with a slight glance at phone’s edge. Some examples of these notifications are news, weather, phone calls, emails, Twitter trends and RSS feeds. You can customize how these notifications appear by toggling the Edge lighting on and off.

To toggle the Edge lighting, select Settings in the phone’s apps. Under Settings, scroll to and select “Edge screen”. Then, select “Edge lighting” from the subsequent menu. Touch the slider to enable or disable the Edge lighting.

When Edge lighting is on, the side curve of the phone’s screen will light up for notifications when the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is faced down. When Edge lighting is off, the edge will not light up.

S6 Edge lighting

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4. Set Up Easy Mode

Many Samsung devices have the Easy Mode feature. Easy Mode lets you simplify the phone’s layout to make it more user-friendly and foolproof.This is a feature available on the Samsung Galaxy S6 as well. Even if you are not planning to use Easy Mode, it is still useful to set up. The font will be larger and fewer applications will appear on each screen making it less cluttered and easier to use. Here are some instances in which Easy Mode would be useful:

  • You have a young child who plays games on your phone.
  • You give your phone to elderly person to use.
  • Someone not tech-savvy needs to borrow your phone.

To set up Easy Mode, tap on Settings and scroll down to the Personal section. Tap on “Easy mode” and choose which applications you want to appear. Then, you are all set.

5. Enable Private Mode

There are some things on your S6 Edge you will like to keep for your eyes only. This phone has a built-in Private Mode –no need to download an external app.

To enable Private Mode, tap the “Settings” icon in your phone’s applications. Under Personal, select “Privacy and safety” and then select “Private Mode”. This toggles Private Mode on and off. You can opt to have the toggle feature password-locked with a pattern, fingerprint, alphabetic password or PIN.

Customizing Private Mode

Private Mode is meant to hide certain files within a few of the apps on your phone. For example, it works with Gallery, Music, My Files, Video, and Voice Recorder. You can choose which photos to hide in Private Mode by long-pressing the file and selecting “Move to Private.”

These photos will only appear when Private Mode is disabled. When in Private Mode, there will be no sign that there are hidden files – the files just will not show. This is perfect for when your parent asks to use your phone and you have “personal” pictures you would rather not disclose.

6. Get Updates For News, Weather And More

The Information Stream is a new feature that can display a customized stream of your local news and weather updates. Go to “Settings” and then select “Edge Settings”. You will see an option for “Information Stream”. Here is where you can select your location to customize your news and weather updates.

In addition to news and weather, you can synchronize your Twitter account and display RSS feed notifications by using the “Manage Feeds” option.

S6 Edge - news and weather

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7. Set Up Fingerprint Reader

The newly improved fingerprint reader is sophisticated and secure. It lets you unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge by placing your finger directly on the home button. In addition to unlocking your device, the fingerprint reader can be used to activate Private Mode, which we discussed earlier.

You will be prompted to place your finger directly on the home button. Do this and then lift it off. When prompted, shift your finger up and down to readjust. Repeat this process with your other fingers to complete the setup.

S6 Edge - fingerprint reader

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8. Choose Edge Primary Screen Position

By now you have learned a lot of cool tips and tricks for customizing a Galaxy S6 Edge. Most of the tips revolve around the phone’s actual edge. This is where those news and weather updates pop up as well as where you can display a night clock. Did you know you could choose which side of the phone you want the edge notifications to appear?

Go to Settings and then select Edge Screen. You will see an option for “Edge screen position” with small text underneath reading either “Left side” or “Right side.” Select Edge screen position and choose which side you want notifications to appear based on your preference.

9. Edit Quick Reply

There will always be occasions when you cannot answer your phone. In these instances, you may want to send an automatic text message to the caller rather than simply ignoring the call. The S6 Edge makes it easy to do so.

The curved side of the phone lights up to show you who is calling. If you press your finger on the heart rate sensor that is next to the camera, the phone will send a “quick reply” and dismiss the call.

The quick reply is pretty generic by default, but you can customize it. Go to Settings and select Edge Screen. From there, select Edge lighting and then Quick Reply. Edit the message to what you would like callers to receive via text when you dismiss a call.

S6 Edge - quick reply

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10. Reorder Quick Toggles

Quick toggles are the primary applications that show up on the upper portion of your phone’s screen. They appear when you swipe down on the device. On the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you can reorder those quick toggles to display the apps that you use the most. By default, some of the apps in the apps in the list include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Airplane Mode.

To reorder quick toggles, tap the “Edit” button that looks like a pencil. You can then drag and drop the icons to any order you choose. You can also add additional app icons such as Do Not Disturb and Private Mode.

11. Assign People Edge Contacts

People Edge contacts are essentially your favorite contacts. To assign People Edge contacts, head over to Settings and select “Edge screen”. You will see an option for “People edge”. Turn this on to be able to access your People Edge contacts from the edge of the phone.

When you click People Edge, you will have the option to choose five people from your phone’s contacts. Assign each person a color so that when that person calls or texts you, the edge of your phone will light up that color.

Pretty neat, right?

S6 Edge - people edge

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Now you have learned twelve simple ways to make the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge phone your own. With all these customizations, it will be easy to tell your device apart from your friends’ phones. These customizations will also make your phone time more productive and efficient. With features like Private Mode and Easy Mode, you make it easier for other people to use your phone when needed.

Which of these customizations do you think you are most likely to use?

Already tried a few of them, which one is your favorite?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I have used a few of these apps . I like the edge lighting and time as a night clock. I don’t use the curve really but I like the look of it. The phone can do little more than my Sg4. Fingerprints scanner comes in handy if I want to lock the phone but the heart rate app I use a lot. I went for the Sg6 plus. What I don’t like is the microphone at the bottom as to use one handed my little finger covers the Mike for voice activation. . You need to support the phone with your finger to use it on handed.. It’s a great phoneye apart from that..

    1. Hi Trevor,
      Having used the apps, which one is your favorite? The Galaxy S6 Edge is a great phone and I think even the greatest models have a little something that we don´t like. I completely agree with you about it being a great phone. Thanks for your comment.

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