Best Deals for Android Watches on Amazon

Best Deals for Android Watches on Amazon – Top Picks in 2022!

We all know the feeling of having a busy day and missing every notification on your phone.

But, guess what?…

Android watches on Amazon are here to help you monitor your activities– may it be for work, fitness activity, or even just meeting a friend!

Every smartphone fanatic witnessed the shaky start of smartwatches. But now, developers are enhancing their features.

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Do you know what’s more amazing? The operating system of these Android watches is compatible with iPhones. They are now flaunting their powerful processors and advanced features that help users be more active and health-conscious.

Other than its performance, each Android watch has pleasing designs making it easier for people to match their watches with their style. Good design meets outstanding performance!

Are these smartwatches worth buying?

Check the Android watches on Amazon that we have put together. We have not ranked it accordingly, but they are definitely the best deal for Android watches! On a tight budget? You can also take a look at a cheap Android smartwatch suitable for your needs!

Best Android Watches On Amazon

Best Over AllSamsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
CheapestFitbit Versa 2
Best ValueMichael Kors Access Lexington 2

Android Watches on Amazon to Help You Track the Day

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Android Watch Amazon - Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2-Android Watches on Amazon

Are you looking for a well-rounded wearable? The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is best for you! It is compact and lightweight, with a clear touch display that makes it easy and entertaining to use! Moreover, it goes with any stylish wear you use.

When you have the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, it does not mean you should have a Samsung phone, too. The wearables provide benefits to Android and Apple users.

It’s Tizen Operating System may differ from Wear OS by Google, yet it offers the core applications to its users. It supports Android notification and lets you answer calls or even send a text message through voice, with the built-in keyboard, or quick answers. Accessibility with the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is best provided with its features.

Android Watch Amazon - Customized Faces of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2
Customized Faces of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2-Android Watches on Amazon

Health-conscious and active wearers of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be in awe as it helps them understand more about their health. Whatever exercise activity you do, it can help you track your pace. Its advanced sensors will motivate you to push through to your fitness goals.

Moreover, it can determine your heart rate, and automatically sends an alert whenever your vital signs are high. Other than your vital signs, its integrated calm app also allows the users to monitor their stress levels.

The galaxy watch will not disappoint its users! Even when you are asleep, its built-in sleep tracker can monitor and give you an insight into your sleep quality. With these features in hand, you do not have to worry about draining its battery.

Its battery is built for endurance. The watch can go for more than a day with just a single charge. Moreover, if it got really drained, you can quickly charge it with Qi-compatible wireless chargers or the PowerShare feature from Galaxy S10. What more do you need?

Product Features:

  • Built-in Pace Coaching
  • Tizen Operating System
  • Lightweight
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Long-lasting battery capacity
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2. Fitbit Versa 2

Android Watch Amazon - Fitbit Versa2
Fitbit Versa 2-Android Watches on Amazon

It looks like Apple Watch, isn’t it? Fitbit gets on to the challenge of convincing every smartwatch users that it is more than a fitness tracker. How did they step up their game?

Aside from their sleek, colorful, and modern design, they incorporated a faster processor to provide a smoother performance to its users.

Moreover, it has built-in Alexa support! It quickly provides news and information to its users and gives more access to Smart home devices.

As it is built for health-conscious users, it monitors the fitness activities 24/7. After the day, the smartwatch will sync the fitness pace of the user to their smartphone. By this, you can easily track your progress.

Moreover, it also tracks your sleep pattern to help you determine your sleep quality. Fitbit Versa 2 provides helpful personal insights to its users.

Android Watch Amazon - Fitbit Versa2 Special Edition
Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition-Android Watches on Amazon

Furthermore, Fitbit has its own social network where you can challenge your friends. Moreover, there is a weekly discovery for challenges and adventures to keep you motivated each week.

It is also exciting to have the special edition of Fitbit Versa 2! It has a premium exclusive offer that is only valid for the special edition smartwatch.

Product Features:

  • Built-in with Amazon Alexa
  • Integrated with the Sleep Score app
  • Integrated with Smart notification app
  • Battery life capacity of 6 days or more
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3. Michael Kors Access Lexington 2

Android Watch Amazon - Michael Kors Access Lexington 2
Michael Kors Access Lexington 2-Android Watches on Amazon

The beautiful smartwatch from Michael Kors is the ultimate combination of next-generation technology and iconic silhouette design.

What attracts your eyes is the raised bezel and elegant strap that gives a distinct look. Moreover, its clasp bears the MK initials. Aside from its premium design, what makes this Android watch exciting?

The new watch offers the latest Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor, backed up with Wear OS by Google.

Android Watch Amazon - Display on Michael Kors Access Lexington 2
Display on Michael Kors Access Lexington 2-Android Watches on Amazon

Although there was a backlash regarding the Wear OS with the delay on its responsiveness, it is a full-featured smartwatch. Like the other smartwatches, it monitors your heart rate and fitness activities.

Are you fond of swimming? Well, you do not have to take off the watch! It is water-resistant up to 50-meters. Furthermore, you can pay through its NFC feature and it has a built-in GPS navigator.

Product Features:

  • Supported with Wear OS by Google
  • Integrated with Google Fit
  • Integrated with App alerts
  • Built-in GPS
  • Water-resistant up to 50-meters
  • 24-hour battery capacity

Hype up your game with the stylish smartwatch of Michael Kors Access Lexington 2! You can choose from three colorways with this beautiful smartwatch– you can wear it in silver, gold, or rose gold. Get yours now at Amazon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Android watches do?

Android watches can do more than what you expected, and it has the potential of a smartphone. You can run apps, answer calls, send a message with it. Most smartwatches are specifically designed for athletes and fitness purposes. It can track health variables that are important to monitor during exercise activities.

Can you use Android watches with iPhone?

Yes, you can. Within the last two years, Android watches are compatible with the operating system of Apple devices. Most smartwatches work with smartphones that have Android 6.0 and higher or iOS 10.0 and higher. Moreover, the supported features may vary according to the Android watch or the phone you are using. We have to acknowledge that Android Watch and Apple Watch has its distinct features, and only your preference can help you choose which smartwatch to buy.

Are Android watches waterproof?

Yes, there are. It is understandable why most users are looking for waterproof smartwatches. Mainstream and affordable smartwatches have an IP68 rating. With this Ingress Protection rating, they can be submerged in shallow water for a short period. But, there are also introduced models that are water-resistant to waters that are 50-meters deep and beyond!

Final Words on Android Watches on Amazon

There are several outstanding Android watches on Amazon that you can choose from. But of course, everyone has their preferences, and that’s what matters.

As far as finding the best deal for Android watches, track Cyber Monday deals and discounts on these smartwatches to see its latest prices from time to time. Moreover, there are several accessories to check out on the Joy of Android.

Are you looking for an Android watch? Tell us about your preferred watch on the comments below. If you find this article helpful for Android watches, share it with your friends and family!

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