8 Best DirecTV Apps for Android

Instead of rooting for our local NFL team, my husband is enamored with one across the country, close to where he grew up. DirecTV is one of the few ways he gets to see his favorite team play. But what about when we aren’t at the house? With DirecTV’s apps, that’s no problem. We can still go out and attend social events, and while he ignores everyone (including me), I’m still happier.

Are you still worried about your phone screen being too small? DirecTV offers an app especially for tablets. Tablet too small? There’s even a DirecTV Sports Bar Finder app. There’s bound to be an app on this list that can enhance your DirecTV experience.

1. DirecTV for Tablets

As you might guess, this app is specifically designed for your tablet. Using it, you can watch shows you recorded, live TV, On Demand shows and movies, and schedule recordings on your DVR on the go. If your tablet’s operating system is running Android 4.2 and up, it’s compatible to install the free DirecTV Tablet app. DirecTV and AT&T have a partnership that allows users of both eligible services to stream data from DirecTV on A&T.

Download: DirecTV for Tablets

Directv Tablet

2. NFL Sunday Ticket

This is the invaluable app for my marriage that I mentioned above. He can watch his out-of-market games away from home. Some international games aren’t included. The subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket Max itself isn’t cheap though, at around $50/month, plus taxes and regional sports fees. And that’s the discounted contract and auto pay rate.

Included in this package is the DirecTV Fantasy Zone Channel, the live Red Zone Channel, real-time highlights, and NFL.com Fantasy Tracking. You can use it to keep track of specific players as well. Keep apprised of fantasy league live stats and coverage. Games can be viewed full screen.

Download: NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday

3. DirecTV Remote App/Remote+ Pro for DirecTV

The DirecTV Remote app allows you to control your High Definition receiver from your Android. It is free, but may be an example of You get what you pay for. The free app has less than stellar reviews, with a lot of users complaining that it doesn’t work properly. For $3.98, you might save yourself some headaches and gain a few more features and options.

Download: DirecTV Remote App

Directv Remote

Download: Remote+ Pro for DirecTV

4. DirecTV vs. DirecTV NOW

You might be wondering why there are two DirecTV apps, and what’s the difference? Both DirecTV and DirecTV NOW offer mobile, live movies and TV on a large variety of devices. Both services are owned by AT&T, and both apps allow data-free streaming for AT&T customers (at no extra cost, but certain terms and conditions do apply). But it’s the DirecTV app that has loads more downloads and a higher satisfaction rating. So which one is the best DirecTV app for Android? That’s for you to decide.

Download: DirecTV

Download: DirecTV NOW


Maybe the DirecTV NOW app just gets a bum rap because you have to pay the app itself, but either way you will end up paying for the DirecTV service. In fact, you can pay far less overall for DirecTV NOW, but you’ll also receive fewer channels. DirecTV NOW requires no contract, but it is more limited when it comes to DVR offerings. And more users complain about DirecTV NOW acting buggy than its counterpart, DirecTV app. If you just aren’t sure which one to go with, DirecTV NOW does offer a free trial for 7 days. You can see if the complaints are valid before you switch over to the more expensive satellite service.

5. Sports Bar Finder

If your phone or tablet won’t cut it for the big game, find a bigger screen and some drink options with this DirecTV app. DirecTV partnered with Yelp, and employs the help of GPS to show you sports bar locations that offer DirecTV programming. Use the Yelp aspect to find pictures, feedback, and ratings; the GPS to give you directions to the bars that will give you access to your sport’s team’s games, and send an email to invite your friends. The app offers more in terms of specifics (which sports are being played at which bar) than any of these services alone, and is a lot cheaper (free) than purchasing the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Before you hop in your car, it’s best to still verify with the bar itself what games are being shown. If, out of the 30,000 restaurants and bars to choose from, you find a favorite, you can designate it as such in the app. You need to be 21 years or older to use this app. Sports Bar Finder didn’t really help in my husband’s situation, however, as local bars and restaurants tend to play local teams first and foremost.

Download: Sports Bar Finder

6. DirecTV for Fire Tablets

This is basically just the DirecTV app optimized for Amazon Fire tablets. It allows you to access premium channels, seamlessly switch between devices, binge watch all of your favorite shows, and set your DVR so you don’t miss anything. You can use your Fire tablet as a remote, at least to some extent. Don’t worry about what your kids are watching—use the app to set parental controls.

DirecTV Fire

Download: DirecTV for Fire Tablets

7. Pandora and More on Your Android TV

Even though AT&T calls it an app (and technically it is), you will probably grow to think of it as a menu option. If you aren’t already familiar with Pandora, it caters to your likes and interests by creating up to 100 custom radio stations based on artists and/or songs you enter. To enjoy Pandora on your Android TV, first go to pandora.com/directv to sign up for a free account.

Then, using an HD DVR connected to the Internet, select Menu on your remote > Extras > Pandora. DirecTV also offers an integrated weather app, but you will probably think of this as simply another button on your remote (the red one) or another channel (or six). For instance, AT&T launched an impromptu Severe Weather Mix channel in response to Hurricane Matthew, and weather services do tend to vary by region. Additionally, you can use your DirecTV or DirecTV NOW credentials for certain standalone channel apps, like DisneyNOW. Here’s a complete list of websites and/or apps.

Download: DisneyNOW – TV Shows & Games

Disney NOW

8. DirecTV for Business

If you just so happen to own one of those sports bars, or any other type of business that utilizes DirecTV on multiple receivers, things can get tricky fast. DirecTV for Business lets you group, controls, and assign custom names to your receivers; views sports schedules; and view what’s playing on all of your TVs in one location. You will need access to a compatible tablet running at least OS 4.4, and to register under a business account on the DirecTV website. In addition to sports packages, you can sign up for Pay-Per-View, international programming, and various channel lineups in 4K Ultra HD. If you own a business, this is definitely the best DirecTV app for Android for you.

Download: DirecTV for Business

DirecTV Business

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I know that there are some days when all I want to do after work is escape through a good movie or TV show. A DirecTV subscription can more than satisfy this need. And if you are on the budget (DirecTV NOW), or on the go (DirecTV app), a huge NFL fan (NFL Sunday Ticket), want a drink while you watch the game (Sports Bar Finder), have a tablet (DirecTV for Tablets), or own a business (DirecTV for Business), there’s an app for you. There’s also the variety of apps you can take advantage of by simply exploring your menu, or credentials you can use for various third-party channel apps. You can also ensure that you only have to lift a finger at most (but probably not, with voice command ability) using the remote apps.

DirecTV NOW or regular old DirecTV? DirecTV Remote for free or is the paid version definitely worth it? Share with us in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: “Directv Remote Control” by ciron810 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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