How to install Samsung Galaxy S5 drivers for your PC

If you’ve ever wanted to download custom ROMs, try your hand at rooting, or do anything non-standard with your Galaxy S5; there are a few extra files you need to download first. To get anywhere with the S5, you need USB drivers, ADB access, fastboot, and then to top it all off, bootloader drivers.

Thankfully, all three of these are easy to install, and the hardest part is finding them. If you’ve already made it this far, I’ve got good news; I’ve already found them for you. I’ll show you where each file is, and what to with it when it’s finally in your hands.

How to Download and Install Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Drivers

Let’s start with what’s arguably the most important—USB drivers. If you don’t have these, using your Galaxy S5 in conjunction with a PC becomes almost impossible.


Normally, this first step would involve a lot of searching around, and possibly downloading from questionable sources. Instead of that, we’re going to visit the Samsung Developers website to download drivers straight from the source.



Now that you’re on the site, you’re just one click away from the zip file you need.



After the download is finished, unzip the file using any zip program of your choice. Personally, I’ve been using WinRAR for ages. Unzip the exe anywhere you want, just as long as you can get to the file easily. (7zip also works well.)


I decided to put the exe in a folder, but if you want, you can just dump it to your desktop.


Once the exe is where you want it, double click it to start the installation process.

The install wizard will take you through all the steps necessary, and then your drivers will be set up completely. If you want to test the install process after it’s done, plug in your Samsung Galaxy S5 to see the difference.

How to Download and Install ADB and Fastboot Access for the Samsung Galaxy S5

We’re going to cover ADB before we get to Fastboot, but I’ll let you know that they’re similar to download and install. Installing ADB Access is thankfully similar for every Android phone, and we’ve already covered that here.

While Fastboot access is similar, it’s important to learn as much as you can about ADB before continuing, and install it properly by following the instructions provided.

How to Download and Install Fastboot Drivers on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Have you installed ADB access on your phone yet?

If you have, then as shocking as it may be to hear; you already have Fastboot access. If you’ve researched ADB before; you’ll often see Fastboot mentioned alongside of it, that’s because the two work in a very similar way. Once you’ve installed ADB access, you can use both types of commands.

At this point, you’ll have everything you need at your disposal to make full use of your Galaxy S5.

What about Bootloader Drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S5?

While unlocking the bootloader is an important step for phone customization, the question remains…

Where do you download drivers for it?

For the Galaxy S5, this answer is a very short: nowhere. If you’re trying unlock, or relock your bootloader, the only drivers you need are the ones listed above. As long as you install Android Studio ADB access correctly, you’re good to go.

This may have all sounded like a lot to download at the start, but now that you only have to install two things; it doesn’t sound nearly as time consuming.


If you’re thinking that there’s no way it should take this little time to set up all of these drivers, you’ll be pleasantly surprised once you’ve invested what little time it takes. Now that your Samsung Galaxy S5 has all the tools it needs, the only step left to take is getting root access. Once that’s done, your customization potential is nearly limitless.

If you get confused along the way, or just want to know where to go next, you can ask any questions you have down below!

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