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How To Download Manual For Samsung Galaxy S4: Know It All

Are you looking for a way to get the manual for the Galaxy S4 without purchasing the device? If you answered yes, then we’ll show you how you can download manual for Samsung Galaxy S4. I enjoy taking a look at how I can modify videos settings, change ringtones and even reset my phone. The accessories and cases are great for customizing the S4, but looking at the old manual helps you keep your phone fresh.

Manuals are usually available in the box when you purchase a brand new phone, but it might not be accessible if you purchased a second-hand smartphone. The good news is that the Samsung manual is available for free on the company’s official website and you don’t have to root your phone or do anything technical.

Step 1

Go to the official Samsung product website for your model of the Galaxy S4. Click on one of the links below to open the website for your model.

AT&T Galaxy S4

Verizon Wireless Galaxy S4

Sprint Galaxy S4

T-Mobile Galaxy S4

Octa-core Exynos 5 Galaxy S4 (English Direct Link)

Step 2

Scroll down on the product page and click on the Manuals tab. You’ll now see the available manuals for your model.

samsung manuals

Step 3

Click on the PDF button below the Download File tab next to the manual that you want to download. You’ll be able to download the manual in either Spanish or English.

manual pdf

Step 4

Click on the SEND button in the Global Download Center popup. The manual should now start loading in your browser.

manual send

Step 5

Click on the Save icon to download the PDF file to your PC.

Step 6

If you’re looking for the manual in another language, then click on one of the links below for your preferred  language. These are direct links to the PDF file. Congrats. You just learned how to download manual for Samsung Galaxy S4.







If you purchased a second-hand Galaxy S4 or if you lost the manual that came in the box, it’s a good idea to download the manual on your PC. Manuals contain information about almost everything related to the device, from hardware use to software use. If you’d like to get the maximum use of your Galaxy S4, then you should definitely read the manual.

Samsung has done a great job at making the manuals for its phone available on its website, and for users who don’t have the manual, they can easily download it in just a couple of minutes. All of the links mentioned above are of Samsung’s official website. Make sure that you download the correct manual for your model and according to your preferred language and feel free to ask any questions below on how to download manual for Samsung Galaxy S4! You might even be interested in tips, apps, screenshots and ROMs for your S4.


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