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6 reasons why “My Downloads” are queued on Android phone

Waiting is annoying, whether it’s waiting in line or waiting for your queued downloads on your Android devices.

Most Android users are familiar with the problem of apps or downloads queued on Android phones and other Android devices for long periods with no apparent explanation for why they aren’t just downloading. There are even instances when an error message will appear or notification from Google Play Store will state that your download is pending, but it doesn’t seem to actually be doing anything!

There are several reasons why downloads on your Android phone are queued, and knowing these reasons will help you get these files on to your device and out of the download queue.

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Why Are My Downloads Queued on Android Phone? | Joy of Android
The version of the Google Play Store you use can affect your downloads.

Reason 1: New Version of the Google Play Store

A recent Play Store update could be the reason why apps are stuck in the Google Play download queue. Google’s official app store has been changed so that it will only allow one download at a time. Attempting to download numerous apps simultaneously can cause these apps to remain queued on  an Android device.

You can clear the Play Store’s queue to get your downloads moving again. Start by opening the Play Store then swiping to the right. Select “My Apps & Games” to see all the apps on queue. Pick an app and tap on the cross or X icon found near the progress bar to cancel the process.

Another way to clear pending downloads will be to go to “Settings,” look for “Additional Settings” and tap. Select “Application Management” then look for the Play Store on the Installed apps list. Tap on the Play Store then choose “Clear Data.” Restart your device and see if the queue has been cleared.

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You need a reliable internet connection for smooth downloads.

Reason 2: Slow Internet Connection

The state of your internet connection could also cause your downloads to remain in the queue. Your Android device requires a stable connection to download any apps or updates.

Check that your device isn’t in Airplane Mode. Go to Settings > Airplane Mode. Turning off the Airplane Mode will cause it to automatically connect to the default WiFi or cellular connections.

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Reason 3: Outdated Version of the Play Store

You can also encounter problems if your device is running an outdated version of the Google Play Store. Remember that updates provide visual changes and stability improvements, and introduce new features. So make sure you always update to the latest version of the Play Store.

To check and update to the latest version of the Play Store, swipe through the app drawer or home screen to locate the app. Open the Play Store and swipe to the right. A slide-out menu will appear.

Scroll down and look for “Settings.” Tap on it and then head to the bottom of the screen until you locate the “About” section. Select the Play Store version. A notification stating that “Google Play Store is up to date” will appear if there’s no available update. However, a download will start immediately if there’s a new update.

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You can delete apps to create more space in your device.

Reason 4: Device Out of Space

Your device running out of space could also be the reason why an app remains on the download queue for Android. You can check how much room is left on your device and which applications are consuming the most memory.

If you do need to clear up space on your Android phone or tablet, you can delete the apps you’re not using or back up photos and videos on the Cloud. You can also delete long text conversations and files like audio books. Once you have cleared enough space, check if the queued app has started downloading.

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Reason 5: Software Problems

Sadly, the software running on our devices do not always work at optimal levels. This could also lead to pending downloads. Restarting your device is one way to go around this problem. You can also try resetting the settings on your device if the problem continues even after you rebooted your phone or tablet.

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Bugs and other issues can still plague the Play Store.

Reason 6: Issues or Bugs With Google Play Store

Bugs or other issues with the Play Store or your Google ID can also cause apps to freeze when being downloaded. Logging out and signing back in to the Play Store can fix this problem.

Start by going to Settings. Go to “Accounts” and tap on “Google.” Choose the account you used for the Play Store. Open the menu and choose “Remove account.” A confirmation will appear; pick “Remove account.” You will be logged off. To log back in, simply open the Play Store.

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Get the Queue Moving….

Apps that become pending or downloads queued on Android devices can’t be avoided. You just have to understand that there are several reasons why this happens and take comfort in the fact that there are numerous ways to go about this.

How many times have you experienced problems with downloads Android phone? What did you do to resolve it? We’d love to hear about your experience and the solution you came up with in our comments section. You can also post any questions you might have. Your friends might also benefit from your input so feel free to share this article with them.SUBMIT AN EDITORS REVIEW

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