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5 Best Drawing Prompt Generator For Seamless Artistic Ideas

Whether you are a professional artist, doodler, or one who draws for fun, it’s not always that you have ideas for drawing. We all have been in a situation where we feel like drawing something, but don’t know what that something is. If you can relate to this, this piece is just for you. In this article, we will cover some of the best drawing prompt generators.

Before diving deep into it, let’s cover some basics.

Here is the list of best drawing prompt generator

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What Is a Drawing Prompt Generator?

A drawing prompt generator is a software, or tool, that generates random prompts to help you with drawing ideas. It effectively eliminates what is called a creative block for artists, and helps us be more innovative with our art.

The Best Drawing Prompt Generators


Drawing prompt generator - Drawfee
Drawing prompt generator – Drawfee

[Image source: Drawfee]

Drawfee is the perfect drawing idea generator for anyone looking to incorporate pop culture into artwork. This includes creative prompts involving popular celebrities and TV stars. You can generate as many prompts as you like by hitting the “I want another one” option that is given on the bottom left side of the screen. 

2. Andesign Labs

Drawing prompt generator - Andesign Labs
Drawing prompt generator – Andesign Labs

[Image source: AndesignLab]

Andesign Lab drawing idea generator comes off as unique when compared to others. The interface looks something like the above picture when you open the site. If you click on the places where it says “click me,” it will generate easy drawing ideas in the form of an art prompt. 

The best part is, you don’t have to click on each section to alter the art prompts it offers, and you can generate them all at once by hitting the randomize button at the bottom. It should look something like this below.

Drawing prompt generator
Drawing prompt generator – Andesign Labs

3. DrawingPrompt.com

Drawing prompt generator - DrawingPrompt.com
Drawing prompt generator – DrawingPrompt.com

[Image source: DrawingPrompt.com]

Drawing prompt is another excellent art prompt generator to enhance your simple drawing ideas. It is a great help for amateur artists who are looking for inspiration for drawings to kindle their creativity. The unique thing about this tool is that it provides detailed and varied prompts, like in the image below. This tool is customizable in varied details, such as scenes, settings, things, animals, vehicles, and places.

Drawing prompt generator - DrawingPrompt.com
Drawing prompt generator – DrawingPrompt.com

[Image source: DrawingPrompt.com]

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Drawing prompt generator - Magatsu
Drawing prompt generator – Magatsu

[Image source: Magatsu]

Magatsu is yet another unique drawing prompt generator that gives up to 10 prompts at a time. You also have the option to choose between the type of prompt that you wish to generate. The option ranges from simple to elaborate, or somewhere in between. As the name suggests, the generated prompts are random, and the best part is, you can control the number of prompts you wish to generate.

Drawing prompt generator - AudityDraws
Drawing prompt generator – AudityDraws

[Image source: AudityDraws]

5. AudityDraws

If you are looking for an art prompt generator that kindles your creativity and helps you draw, look no further. AudityDraws has a simple interface where you can take a screenshot of two gifs, namely, “Who are you drawing?” and “What are they drawing?”. 

All you need to do is take a screenshot of these gifs and implement those ideas in your drawing. The example prompt that popped up when we generated was drawing Albert Einstein as a pro wrestler. You can find hundreds of ideas like this.

Drawing prompt generator - AudityDraws
Drawing prompt generator – AudityDraws

[Image source: AudityDraws]

Benefits of Using a Drawing Prompt Generator

Enhance Your Drawing Skills

The first and most obvious benefit of using a drawing prompt generator is to enhance your drawing skills. Oftentimes you might feel like you are just stuck at a specific level of drawing, and nothing has really improved. This is where a drawing prompt generator comes in. By using this, you can brush up on your current skills, and try new ideas to hone those skills.

To Practice Regularly

You know how they say, “practice makes a man perfect.” It applies to almost every skill set, and drawing is no stranger to that. The drawing prompt generator serves as an excellent tool to improve your drawing skill by helping you to practice regularly.

Generate New Ideas

In the busy lifestyles we lead, we don’t find much time to focus on what we truly love to do. Even if we find time to spend on it, we run out of ideas. After all, we all are human, right? If drawing is something you like to do, generating new ideas every time might be really difficult. Using a drawing prompt generator can help in this situation. This can open new artistic horizons for your mind, and help generate new ideas.

Get Feedback for Your Work

As much as generating new ideas and practicing are important, getting feedback also plays a crucial role in improving your artwork. With the help of a drawing prompt generator, you can also get feedback on your work from others.

Try New Challenges

Only by trying new challenges, can we achieve greatness. This applies to drawing as well. By using a drawing prompt generator you can try new challenges for your cool drawing ideas and digital art to create artwork.

How To Create Your Own Drawing Prompt Generator?

If you are technically strong enough to take things into your hand, and build a website on your own, that’s great. But, creating your own drawing prompt generator shouldn’t be that complex, right? 

In this method, let me guide you through how you can create your own drawing prompt generator manually with just the things found around your house.

Things you will need:

  • Pen or pencil
  • A few pieces of paper
  • 2 or more jars
  • A little time and interest

Here’s How To Do It:

  • The first thing you need to do is cut the pieces of paper into your desired size. 
  • Next, fill in the sheets  randomly with full sentences, adjectives, verbs, pop culture references, and put it in one jar.
  • After writing the prompts, you have to repeat the same procedure but with different prompts this time, like characters, animals, plants, or any other material you are going to focus on in the above mentioned setting. Now secure it inside a separate jar.
  • This step is completely optional, but you can fill in an extra jar with the artistic style, aesthetic settings, the scene, or extra details like the season, weather, feeling, or focus color.
  • If you can’t think all of this on your own, which is the whole point why we are creating our own drawing prompt generator, you can surf ideas on the internet as well.
  • Now with the three jars, you can randomly pick one from each, choose the characters, setting, and style, and unleash your creative journey. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drawing prompt?

A drawing prompt is an idea of what you should draw. It is a great way to improve your imagination, and kindle your art ideas. The main idea is to keep the ideas free flowing.

What are some examples of drawing prompts?

A drawing prompt can be anything random and silly, like a dinosaur eating a cupcake, an elephant jumping on the trampoline, a toad kissing a butterfly, or a sheep sniffing a flower.

How do you come up with a drawing prompt?

You can make two lists, with one list full of random character names or animals, and the other list being a situation or setting. By mixing these two lists and choosing randomly, you can come up with your own drawing prompt.

What are some of the best drawing prompt generators?

As we have mentioned in the article, Drawfee, AnDesign labs, DrawingPrompt.com, Magatsu, and AudityDraws are the 5 best drawing prompt generators.

Final Thoughts

It is not always true that we have something on our minds to draw. Some people can have a creative block in their head that is hindering them to become the better version of themselves in art. With art prompt generators like these, you no longer have to worry about running out of ideas for your next artwork.
In this article, we saw some of the best drawing prompt generators to enhance your drawing skills. If you found this article helpful, feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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