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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review – All You Need to Know

Dealing with tons of mobile and computer files is very common to students and professionals alike. One cannot simply avoid it. When these files clutter up our devices, one thing to go around it is to delete files that are of no use anymore.

These files just takes up precious space on your computer, don’t they? When you can save up some space if you just simply delete them.

But sometimes, when you are very deep into clearing out some space on your computer, you have accidentally deleted a wrong file or formatted the wrong drive. Panic strikes as you search for what was once in a folder but now it is gone.

Are those files gone for good? Your computer could not have died in the worst possible time. If you relate to it then, a good data recovery software is the thing for you.

Lucky for you, EaseUS Data Recovery will get the job done. The software is very easy to navigate around. And most importantly, it effectively recovers deleted files from all possible reasons. You can download the software from the link below.

Download EaseUS Data Recovery

How to recover deleted files?

1. Select location to scan

After downloading EaseUS Data Recovery, launch the file. Once the home page is displayed on the screen, select the location of files that you want to scan. The window shows all sectors of a hard drive and connected removable devices.

recover deleted files

2. Start to scan

After selecting the location of the files that you wish to recover, you can then start the scanning process. The EaseUS Data Recovery will then perform two types of scans.

Quick Scan

First, EaseUS will first check for data that has been flagged for deletion. This is done with you have deleted a file, emptied your Recycle Bin, reformatted your drive and others. It also tells that space is now available in the drive.

Deep Scan

This is the process where the software goes to every nook and cranny on the hard drive to find raw files to increase the chance of a successful recovery. Both types of the scan will display an estimated time to complete the scan. But deep scan will take a longer time depending on the capacity of your drive.

Start to scan

3. Select the files you want to recover

After the scan is completed, you can go in the folders to look for the files that you want to recover. In this case, we will be recovering video files. If you find that there are too many results and you feel a little bit overwhelmed, you can easily type in the search box for the files you wish to recover.

files you want to recover

4. Select the destination of the files you want to recover

Then, select the destination of the files that you want to recover. It is important to note that it should have enough space to cover the size of the files.

destination of the files you want to recover

Recovery of the files and data will then start.

Recovery of the files and data

5. Recovery Completed

As easy as that, you can then go ahead the destination of the files and find that all the files have been successfully recovered.

Recovery Completed

What’s good with the software?

When recovering lost files, one can’t simply deal with a software that’s completely too hard to navigate. Well, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is named like that for a reason. You can recover files, navigate your way around the software with total ease.

The software has a very straightforward, user-friendly interface. It doesn’t take too much knowledge on the computer to recover lost important files. Everything is just a few clicks away which is sweet considering it saves you a good amount of time.


With the EaseUS Data Recover Wizard, there is no need to cry over deleted files anymore. It is available in Windows, Mac and can recover files not just in computer drives but also Android and iOS devices.

Download EaseUS Data Recovery


Accidents can happen all the time. But for busy individuals, you just can’t afford for it to happen it on your mobile and computers. There are just too many precious files to lose with an accidental click, on a virus attack, or drive crash.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

I would recommend that you go for the pro version of the software. While the trial is as good as it is, it only allows 2GB of the amount of data you can recover.

And how lucky, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is offering a huge deal for a limited time offer that will surely get you on your feet. So, if you want to be trouble-free, you might as well take advantage of the mega discount.

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