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7 Free Emoji App for Android to Shun Tedious Conversations

Are you having trouble expressing yourself with words while chatting? An emoji app for Android devices is the way to go. So, if you want to know the best emoji apps for Android you can use, then read on.

It’s a fact…

Texting or mobile messaging can sometimes be confusing or worse, uninteresting when it comes to the emotional side of communication.

Such a bummer, right?

Expressing how you feel is just not that simple in the text format. While some people may be gifted enough to find it easy to say exactly how they feel in texts, others are not.


Thankfully, emoticons are invented along with text messaging and mobile chatting. You do not have to express, in lengthy sentences, your sadness, joy, and exasperation anymore. Now, you just have to type in sequence the characters that represent each emotion.


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Emoji for Android – Animating Yourself

Emojinate Yourself

As technology evolves, so as the emoticon. Emojis have taken over which gives users a more defined look of a certain emotion. Conveying exactly how you feel has never been easier with the emergence of a wider range of facial expressions and has even evolved into objects, places, and even weather.

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7 Best Emoji App for Android

I tried the top rated free emoji apps on the Play Store but nothing could beat these 7 apps I listed in this article. 
  1. Kika Keyboard by Kika AI Team
  2. SwiftKey Keyboard by SwiftKey
  3. Keyboard by KK Keyboard Studio
  4. Textra SMS by Delicious
  5. Emoji Keyboard
  6. GO Keyboard
  7. Typany Emoji Keyboard

But, do you have all these interesting emojis on your phone, right now? For some of it, yes; readily built-in your devices’ keyboards with Google’s GBoard. But there are tons of other emojis out there that not only spice up your conversations with your friends but also let you be clear on what you really want to communicate.

Using free emoji app for Android, you’ll be able to do all of it. And here, we are going to give you 7 of them that let you express your feelings loud and clear.

1. Kika Keyboard by Kika AI Team

Kika Keyboard

Kika is a highly rated keyboard app in Google Play and arguably the best keyboard app for Android that’s free. It lets you play with its more than 5000 emojis and emoticons and is one of those free emoji app for Android that houses tons of colorful themes that you could get your hands on.

Kika Keyboard emoji app
Kika Keyboard – Emoji App for Android

It also provides you with a smooth user experience that really helps you communicate easily. Kika not only predicts words more accurately but also predicts emojis remarkably through its “emoji dictionary.”


  • Has a multilingual keyboard that supports more than 60 languages
  • Quicker and more efficient typing with smart auto-correction and word prediction
  • Personalized keyboard—set the background using pictures from your camera
  • 5000+ emojis and emoticons plus tons of animated GIFs

Notable feature:

Kaka uses a feature called “Voice Board” that lets you type words using your voice as you go. This feature along with its smart auto-correction and word prediction allows you to relay messages quickly and accurately while on the go.

Google Play

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2. SwiftKey Keyboard by SwiftKey

SwiftKey Keyboard
SwiftKey Keyboard – Emoji App for Android

SwiftKey Keyboard is fun and convenient to use. This emoji app uses artificial intelligence (AI) that gives you an overall personalized keyboard experience. The AI studies your word and emoji usage as well as your typing style and adapts to it. This allows you to type words and send emojis quickly, accurately, and easily just the way you want them.

SwiftKey Keyboard emoji app
SwiftKey Keyboard – Emoji App for Android

The app also holds numerous amounts of emojis and it predicts when you are most likely to use it. More often than not, SwiftKey’s predictions are on point which just adds to the app’s efficiency. For example, if you want to eat out with a friend and tell her in your text that you are hungry, SwiftKey will automatically suggest emojis such as pizza, spoon & fork, a hungry face, and even a very angry face.

Emoji App for Android


  • Adaptive emoji keyboard that learns and predicts your favorite emoticons
  • Built with more than 100 colorful keyboard themes to choose from
  • Supports 300+ languages and allows you to set up 5 languages at once

Notable feature:

Not all free emoji apps for Android have all these useful features. But the most notable and useful SwiftKey has is its adaptive and learning AI that analyzes your way of communicating such as slang, nicknames, and emojis.

Google Play

3. Keyboard by KK Keyboard Studio

Emoji Keyboard emoticon app
Keyboard – Emoji, Emoticons – Emoji App for Android

Emoji Keyboard is also one of the contenders for the best free emoji app for Android found on Google Play. The app is an independent keyboard with some essential features such as keyboard personalization, emoji prediction, and even GIF prediction. And, thanks to the robust selection of emojis, emoticons, stickers, Lenny faces, and GIFs, you will never be short of expressing yourself freely.

Emoji App for Android


  • Great keyboard with 1000+ themes, gesture typing, and auto-correction
  • Supports over 65 languages
  • More than 3000 free emojis, emoticons, stickers, and GIFs
  • Word suggestion and word completion
  • Fully-customizable keyboard

Notable Feature:

With this one of the best free emoji app for Android, you can use your emojis from wherever you want, be it from emails, texts, messaging and even word files.

Google Play

4. Textra SMS by Delicious

textra sms
Textra SMS by Delicious – Emoji App for Android

Textra is fast. Textra is gorgeous. And Textra is convenient. These are the three words that best describe this amazing emoji app for Android. Textra is more than just an emoji or a keyboard app. It has several features that are not available on most Android keyboard app.

Textra Keyboard emoji app
Textra SMS Keyboard – Emoji App for Android

First, it can schedule messages in the future. You set the date and time you want the message sent, and then the app will automatically send the message at the designated time and date.

You can also:

  • Delete a message with one slide of the screen
  • Talk to an in-app bot for app tutorial
  • Send GIFs from GIPHY
  • Customize everything

Textra’s features are not only limited to the ones mentioned above, but you can also do much more with it other than send emojis and emoticons to your friends. The app is more like a tool to enhance your phone and messaging experience.

All of Textra’s features are free. Although, 14 days after installation, ads will start to pop up. You can upgrade to pro for $3.99 (at the time of writing) for ad-free usage, or maybe not because the ads do not really affect the overall user experience that much.

Google Play

5. Emoji Keyboard by Emoji Keyboard & Sticker Design Team

emoji keyboard
Emoji Keyboard – Emoji App for Android

If you want an app the integrates every emoji icon within the keyboard of your phone, then we recommend checking out the Emoji Keyboard app. A keyboard app that comes with cute emoticons, GIF, stickers and makes typing more fun.

Emoji App for Android

The app includes over a thousand emoji themes to decorate your keyboard with style and new themes are added weekly. Furthermore, the app also supports over 150+ different languages and different keyboard layouts.


  • Sticker, GIF & Emoji Keyboard.
  • Custom Keyboard & Photo Keyboard.
  • Swipe to type messages single-handedly on Emoji Keyboard and type faster.
  • Multilingual Keyboard supports 150+ languages.
Google Play

6. GO Keyboard by Best Free Video Editor & Video Maker Dev

go keyboard
GO Keyboard – Emoji App for Android

The GO Keyboard app is by far the most popular emoji app for Android that you can find on the Google Play store. It currently has over 100 million downloads with over 4 million reviews.

Emoji App for Android

The app supports over 25 languages and a ton of keyboard themes. Similar to the rest of the apps on our list, this app also incorporates emojis within the keyboard. Other than that, here are some of the things that this app can do:


  • Take a picture to create a cartoon avatar that looks like you.
  • Get your own sticker library – all with your avatar emoji.
  • Share your avatar emoji with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.\
  • Emoji Search.
  • AutoCorrect.
  • Gesture Typing & Voice input.
Google Play

7. Typany Emoji Keyboard by Sogou Inc.

Typany Emoji Keyboard
Typany – Emoji App for Android

If you’re looking for an app that has it all such as themes, emoji maker, gif maker, DIY, and such, then we highly recommend checking out the Typany Emoji Keyboard app. This app is by far the most popular app that offers emoji, doodle, DIY, translator, imoji maker, and more.

Emoji App for Android

This app is by far the most professional-looking emoji app for Android we have seen so far. Compared to the rest that values adorability and being cute, the Typany app really comes professionally.


  • Customize your own keyboard theme.
  • Doodle Function.
  • Translate over 100+ languages.
  • A.I. Powered Input.
  • Typany Keyboard offers many kinds of Emoji Figures, including Universal Galaxy, Monster, Spider face, etc. to allow you to make your own Emoji Maker.
  • Typany keyboard provides options to customize your font style and sound style.
  • Supports voice input.
  • Tenor to offer the latest GIFs. It contains all kinds of the most popular GIFs and Memes.
Google Play

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you download emojis on Android?

Yes. You can download emojis on Android to use them for texting and chatting. All of the apps on this list are available for download.

Why can’t I see certain emojis on my Android device?

You may see some emojis that are replaced by a box or a question mark on your Android device. This does not mean that there is something wrong with your phone, it only means that those are blocked emojis. Blocked emojis exist when a sender sends a supported emoji on their phone to a receiver phone that does not support that emoji.

Final Thoughts

The 7 free emoji app for Android list covers a wide range of emoji apps available. While there are some apps that integrate with your existing Android keyboard, they almost always require a rooted device.

In this fast-paced modern age, there is almost no time to type in full and detailed sentences. Most of the time we are conversing with people across multiple platforms and this is where emojis can be useful. These cute little icons not only save us time but add humor and a personal touch to the conversation.

After installing these great Android emoji apps, do tell us which one is your favorite. Comment them down below and we’ll be glad to hear from you.

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  1. How can i get the emojis that moves like the ones that pulls their pants down then up n those that are laughing and falling down laughing

  2. I just put the movable ones on my android phone they work. Download the app smiley central to your android phone. You have to use share in message to get them to work.

  3. Found a few good emoji apps but they’re all coming out as the sort of squidgy squashed emojis rather than the old school (iPhone) emojis when posted on anything, although when actually using them before posting they are the old school ones, help anyone?

    1. Hey Lindsey, I think every phone renders emoji in its own style. I’ll try to find a solution to your problem though.

    2. U & I R on the same page, I hate those old silly emoji’s. who ever came up with this crap should have their brains examine over & over again. give the customer a choice on what they want 2 use of the emoji’s. this crap makes me not even want 2 use an android phone. I am seriously thinking about giving the android phone up & stay with my Iphone I use 2 have & still has. I put it down on the back burner but, the thinkers of the androids give their customers what they want us 2 have but, the iphone gives U options.. so disappointed with the androids phones !!

      1. Hi Dee,
        I´m sure that more and more emoji options are being added every now and then. Don´t give up on Android, there is a lot more to it than emojis. =-)

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