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How to enable Instagram Dark mode on Android?

What is Dark mode?

If you asked me, I would bet that the most in-demand feature now on Android OS is the Dark mode. Why? Just a simple toggle on your phone can change the way your phone looks. Also referred to as the Night mode, Dark mode is a user interface option on operating systems, apps, and browsers that enables users to change the background from light to dark.

Big tech companies like Facebook and Google were the first ones to introduce the dark mode feature in their apps 一 Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, and more. In October 2019, Instagram rolled out the dark mode to its iOS 13 and Android 10 users. When it was initially launched, the app didn’t have an in-built option to change the theme from light to dark–the users had to change it in their phone’s settings. 

Thereafter, the Theme option was made available in the Instagram app and thus, it became easier for the users to switch between modes irrespective of their phone’s default theme. While many Android users have been using the dark mode already, there are still a few who either do not know how to enable it or are confused on whether the dark mode is good for them.

In this article, you’ll learn why you should (or should not) use the dark mode and two ways to enable it by a few easy steps. Let’s get started.

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Why Dark mode?

Let’s get this straight. In light mode, the white space in the display requires power to be lit, which drains your phone’s battery. Switching to dark mode will turn those pixels off. They’ll now appear black and not require any power. This saves your phone’s battery and thus, saves your electricity bills. Sounds cool, right?

There has also been a long-standing debate on whether the dark mode is good for your eyes. Dark mode eliminates the blue light emitted from your phone’s display, thereby saving your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light–although there is no science-backed evidence of dark mode protecting the vision.

Dark mode particularly helps during the night as the blue light emitted from the phone’s display, when using the light mode, increases alertness by suppressing the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. By eliminating the blue light, the dark mode may help with better sleep.  

How to enable Instagram Dark mode?

To enable Dark mode on Instagram, you can try either of the below methods, and the good news is both are really simple and effective. Read on!

Enable Dark mode from System settings

This is a system-wide setting, so it will change the theme of all the apps on your phone to dark mode. So if you want the dark mode to be enabled across all the apps which support the feature, you can follow these steps. Otherwise, skip to the next method.

To enable dark mode using this method:

  1. Go to the Settings app on your Android phone
Android settings app

2. Go to Display

Options in the Settings App

3. Tap on the Advanced option

Advanced display settings

4. Find the Dark theme or Dark mode or Night theme or Night mode option

5. Finally, turn the toggle switch on 

Dark theme option

You’ll find your phone’s theme has changed from light to dark. The color may vary from black to gray depending on your phone’s model. 

Dark mode turned on

To view Instagram in Dark mode, launch Instagram app and ta da! The app will appear in its all-black theme. 

Enable Dark mode on Instagram app

Enabling Dark mode on your Instagram app is much easier than the above method. Also, if you only wish to scroll through your Instagram feed in dark mode, this method will work for you as it will only change the theme of the Instagram app without interfering with the appearance of the other apps. 

To enable Dark mode on the Instagram app, follow these simple steps.

1. Open Instagram on your phone

2. Click on your profile button on the bottom right corner of the screen

Instagram profile

3. Click on the burger menu on the top right corner

4. Next, click on the Settings option at the bottom 

Burger menu options

5. Click on Theme

Instagram account settings

6. Tap the Dark option

Set theme page on Instagram

Bammo! Your Instagram just turned dark. It was simple, wasn’t it?

Instagram dark theme enabled

Should I use the dark mode?

The simple answer is yes and no! Once you enable the dark mode on your phone, you will be able to decide for yourself if dark mode is your thing or not. While some of my friends are in love with this ‘cool’ feature, I personally prefer the light mode to dark mode. 

Believe it or not, the theme you use on your phone may affect your mood. The lack of light may lead to greater levels of depression. Also, the most optimum reading interface consists of black text over white background. When this arrangement is reversed in the dark mode, you need to be cautious when reading or performing any task which requires accuracy and attention. 

I would suggest you use the dark mode for a while and check for yourself how you feel using it. The bottom line is, it’s not about the mode you use, but how long you expose yourself to the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is dark mode bad for the eyes?

Yes, if you are reading in dark mode. The optimum reading interface comprises black text on white background. Reversing it can lead to harmful effects on your eyes as our eyes are not equipped to read in dim light. No, if you are performing tasks that don’t require accuracy and close attention.

Which phones support dark mode on Instagram?

As per the statement by Instagram head Adam Monserri when the feature was rolled out in October 2019, your phone must be running the latest Android and iOS versions, i.e., Android 10 or iOS 13.

Which apps support dark mode?

Google Chrome, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Maps, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Slack Reddit, Tumblr, and Google Photos are some of the many apps that support the dark mode feature.

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Enabling the dark mode on Instagram is quite simple and takes just a few seconds. If you choose to use dark mode on Instagram, go to the Instagram app and change the theme as per the aforementioned steps. On the other hand, if you want the dark mode to be enabled across your device, change the mode in the system Settings app. 

While the tech world is divided on the use of dark mode, making a decision to use it or not is quite simple: experiment! Turn on the dark mode and see for yourself if it improves your energy level or has any effect on your vision.  

I hope this article brought some value to your Android phone usage. Feel free to express your thoughts on the dark mode in the comments section below. See you next time. Until then, cheers!

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