Top 5 Facebook Updates for 2021

If you say that you haven’t heard of Facebook, then chances are–you’re lying!

With approximately 2.7 billion users every month, Facebook has indubitably become part of our everyday experience.

The simple truth is this: Everywhere in the world, Facebook has revolutionized the way people build relationships. It has made communication faster and easier and helped people in almost every aspect of life–business, education, healthcare, and more!

But have you ever wondered what Facebook updates are in store for us this year?

If so, then without further ado, let’s dive in!


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Facebook Updates for 2021

Account Status Feature

Facebook Updates Account Status Feature
Now it’s easier to track your Facebook Groups and Pages (Source: Hootsuite)

Do you want to see all the pages and groups that you manage, along with your account’s restriction history, all in one place?

If so, social media consultant Matt Navarra has good news for you!

In a Twitter post, Navarra has announced that Facebook will be adding an “Account Status” feature to your Profile Settings menu.

You will see the minor update as a briefcase icon. Once clicked, you will be redirected immediately into a different window containing your “Account Status” screen.

Audio Photo Descriptions

Facebook Updates Audio Photo Description
Facebook moves towards inclusivity

Facebook experiences vary from person to person and this can be especially relevant for those visually impaired.

Hence, making Facebook more inclusive, the social media app has further improved its AI tool to create audio photo descriptions that are more detailed and more comprehensive.

For instance, Facebook’s object recognition can now identify details such as landmarks, animals, and activities.

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Redesigned Facebook Pages

Facebook Updates Facebook Pages
It’s still a Facebook Page–but even better!

Be honest: how many Facebook pages do you visit a day?

Visiting different Facebook pages is a fun thing to do, isn’t it?

From watching humorous videos to reading unrequited love posts, these pages give us a sense of community.

Of course, Facebook is pretty aware of that fact! So this year, Facebook pages will be getting a makeover.

The design will become more intuitive so users can navigate them more efficiently.

In fact, important posts and other information will be more visible to visitors. Moreover, Facebook will also remove the “Like” button to eliminate confusion with the “Follow” button.

A new Q&A feature will also be available so you can easily interact with your followers. And if you log in as your page, a customized News Feed will be dedicated for you.

At the same time, users can now follow a page straight from both comments and recommendation posts.

Prioritization of Groups and Events

Facebook Updates Facebook Groups and Events
Facebook revolves around social relationships

Connections lie at the heart of any social media site? Do you agree?

And so, this year, Facebook wants to prioritize Group and Event posts to strengthen personal relationships on the site.

This Facebook update, however, could pose quite a challenge for different brands. This is because brand owners will now be encouraged to create content that builds relationships and stimulate engagement. Otherwise, it would be harder for them to reach customers.

But guess what? Ads will become more interactive, and job seekers could effectively connect with employers and explore which skills have high demand in the digital workspace.

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Detection of Low-quality content

Facebook Updates Detection of Low-quality posts
Spam post spotted!

As just mentioned, Facebook is determined to invest in meaningful interactions.

Therefore, improving the quality of content that users see on their News Feed would surely go a long way.

Facebook updates bring an increased ability to detect click baits and spammy posts.

Meanwhile, for content creators, Facebook has added more features in the Creator Studio. Creators can now track how people engage with their videos so they can optimize their Facebook strategy accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get Facebook updates?

To get Facebook updates, make sure to update the Facebook app you’re using. To do so, open the Play Store, search for the official Facebook app, and click “Update.” Or better yet, turn on the auto-update feature, so you won’t have to update it manually each time.

Does Facebook have updates?

Yes. Facebook continuously updates its features and services to better cater to the needs of its users worldwide.

How to disable Facebook updates on Android?

Go to your device’s phone settings and look for the “Application Manager.” Select the “Facebook App Installer” and tap “Disable.” Afterward, go to the “Facebook App Manager,” and do the same. Tap “Enable” if you want to turn it back on.

Why can’t I see Facebook updates?

First, check if you’re using the most updated version of the app. If the problem persists after updating, try restarting your phone or computer. Alternatively, you may uninstall and reinstall the app if you’re using a phone.

Update your Facebook App now!

You won’t be able to experience all of these fascinating Facebook updates unless you install the latest version of the app.

So make sure to download the updated Facebook app in the Play Store, and maximize your Facebook experience!

Facebook Updates Facebook App
Update your Facebook app
download google pay through google play

Now that you know what to expect with Facebook this year, do you have any thoughts on how Facebook could further improve its services? Tell us more in the comments below. And who knows?

Perhaps your Facebook update ideas will be next in line!

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