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9 Ways to Fast Charge Samsung Devices

Waiting for your device to fully recharge is a thing of the past. In 2018, most Android and Samsung devices now have fast charging compatibility.

This means the devices take less time to reach full battery. It also means your device will not be constantly plugged in your wall and will instead be on your hand where it belongs.

Isn’t that awesome? Now you don’t need to spend grueling hours praying that your battery will be full before you leave.

These tips will save you time on trying to figure out why fast charge Android apps won’t work on your phone. So fast charge your Samsung device and get more time to enjoy it.

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1. Turn On Airplane Mode

smart phone flight mode
Charge faster by turning on Airplane Mode to lower battery use.

Network signal is the number one culprit when it comes to draining your battery. Having a poor network signal amplifies this issue, making your battery drain even much faster.

A poor network slows charging even with a fast charge Android charger. By turning off your network, Wi-Fi, location, and Bluetooth, you’re reducing your device’s battery consumption.

Lowering battery use allows your phone to charge faster than before and reduces the amount of time you need to charge it by 25%.

You can do this by simply swiping down your notification bar and tapping on Airplane Mode. Just make sure you turn this feature off after charging.

2. Turn Off the Screen

smartphone touch screen
Save power by setting screen brightness to low.

Another thing that gravely affects battery consumption is the device’s screen. It uses up to 30 to 60% of your battery usage, depending on its size and brightness setting.

Turning off your device’s screen is a great way to fast charge an Android tablet and other devices, especially those with huge screens.

You can also set the brightness settings to low and use black wallpaper to save your Android battery.

Turn your ringer volume up if you are waiting for a call or message if you don’t want to miss a notification.

Technically, you are not even supposed to use your phone while it’s charging but few people heed this advice.

But for safety purposes, it is advisable to refrain from using your phone while it is plugged in a charger.

3. Power Down the Device

device power down
Power down your device by turning off features, sensors, and apps not in use.

Is your device still not charging fast enough to your liking? Why not try turning your gadget off?

If you’re not planning to use your device anyway, then it would be a great option to power down instead. It is also one of the best ways to fix Android quick charging problems.

Like the previously mentioned tips, the idea here is to decrease or ultimately stop battery usage by turning off your phone.

With no apps, sensors, features or anything running and using the battery, it is the best and most advisable method to fast charge Samsung Galaxy devices.

4. Remove the Protective Case

Protective cases are there to shield your phone from scratches, bumps, and the most dreaded of events – accidental falls.

But certain cases may hinder the natural heat flow of the device. This could cause your mobile device to overheat during charging.

As a safety feature, Samsung devices are designed to automatically decrease charging speed whenever your device seems to heat up, or if there is a rise in the surrounding air temperature.

So, it would definitely help to remove the protective case temporarily just to let your device cool down and fast charge your Samsung S9.

5. Plug Your Charger in a Wall Socket

Fast charge your Android device by plugging your charger into a wall socket. The USB port on your laptop, computer, and other devices can only offer 0.5A power output.

This amount isn’t sufficient, especially when compared to a wall socket that can offer you 1A, depending on your device.

It only means that wall chargers can give you twice the charging power you need. This in turn will result to twice as fast charging speed.

Don’t expect fast charging Android devices when using car chargers either.

6. Use a Fast Charge Battery Pack

samsung fast charge power bank
The Samsung Fast Charge Power Bank 5100mAh can provide up to two full charge cycles.

There is a super simple way to make sure your device is charged while on the go. If a wall socket is unavailable at the moment, you can always use a fast charge power bank.

This is your best option for those moments when you are without a socket to plug in your super fast charger for Android.

The Samsung fast charge power bank is portable and can provide up to two full charges.

7. Use Fast Charging Cables

fast charge cables
Fast charge cables for Samsung Android devices have a larger gauge for better performance.

You may have heard about fast charge Samsung cables. These are cables that have a larger gauge that can carry 2A and can charge your phone faster.

Compared to the standard cable, which can only carry 0.5A, a fast charge Android cable can effectively increase the speed of charging.If you dislike plugging in the cable on your phone each time you have to charge, you can use a magnetic fast charging cable for Android instead.

magnetic fast charging cable
Fast Charge Magnetic Charging Cables

8. Use Fast Charge Samsung Wireless Charger

samsung fast charge qi wireless
Samsung Qi Wireless Chargers enables you to charge up without plugging in.

Some might tell you to stay clear of wireless chargers if you want to fast charge Samsung S7 and other devices, but Samsung has a solution for how wireless charging works for fast charging devices.

Samsung fast charge Qi wireless charger can charge any Qi-compatible devices without needing to plug it in.

Fast charge Samsung wireless chargers with stands enable you to use your device while it is charging safely. And, it is a nice alternative when your Samsung fast charger is not working.

The charging speed of course still varies on the device and whatever is running on the device.

9. Use Adaptive Fast Charging Charger

enabling fast charging
Learn how to enable the fast charge in your Samsung S7.

There is a built-in fast charge feature in Samsung devices that enables charging the battery faster while the screen or the device is turned off.

The feature uses the latest battery charging technology that increases the device’s charging power, thus allowing fast charging.

Numerous Android phones support fast charging. Some Samsung devices that support fast charging are:

  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S6 +
  • Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S8+
  • Galaxy Note 4
  • Galaxy Note 5
  • Note Edge

Note that this fast charging feature will not work with standard battery chargers. You would need to use a battery charger that supports Adaptive fast charging or Quick Charge 2.0.

Samsung’s fast charging chargers not only charges the battery more quickly, but it also helps in extending battery life.

Your Samsung device can automatically identify when a fast charger has been plugged into the device. You can also manually enable it by going to your device’s Settings and tap on “Battery.”

Find “More Options” to access the “Advanced settings.” Tap on the slider to enable “Fast cable charging.”


Charge Faster and Play Harder!

It is time to let go of that all time-consuming charging habits and jump into the fast charging bandwagon. There are a number of ways to charge your Samsung devices more quickly.

You have options like fast charging cables, a solid battery pack, or powering down your device. Hopefully you’ll find a method that will make fast charging a common thing for your Android.

Do you hate turning off your device to charge it? Have you gotten into the habit of using your smartphone while it’s still plugged into the charger?

We’d like to know your questions or hear how you dealt with your charging woes in the comments below. Lend your friends a helping hand and let them know about these tips. Charge faster so you can play more and enjoy more with your Samsung Android device.

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