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How to Find Out Which Version of Android You’re Running

Without looking at your phone, can you remember what version of Android you’re on right now? Your Android version is important for updates, compatibility, and pretty much anything you want to do with your phone, so there isn’t a time where you don’t need to know. Whether you’ve updated recently, or haven’t checked in a while it’s thankfully easy to check.

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This information is always available to you, no matter your version of Android, but the steps will differ slightly. It’s one of the few things about your phone that doesn’t need developer access to tinker with, but if you don’t have that already, we’ll show you how to enable that at the same time.

How to Check Your Version Number

We’re going to check our Android version number first, but right after the way to enable developer access is just below it.

1. Access Your Settings

There are more than a few ways to get to your settings. It’s easy to find the settings app in your app drawer, find it in your recent apps, or even swipe down from the top of your screen and tap the little gear icon in the corner.

How to Enable Developer Options on any Android phone - Settings app
Settings app

We usually end up doing all three every few days when we forget about one of the other methods, so there’s no shame in taking the long way to get into them.

2. Scroll all the way Down

Whether it’s scrolling or swiping, what we’re looking for is usually all the way at the bottom of your settings. You’re looking for the “About phone” tab or button. Once you’ve found it, give it a tap.

Tap on About Phone

3. Look for Your Version Number

We’re lucky enough to have ours staring at us in the face here without scrolling, but don’t be afraid to scroll through the menu until you see it.

Android Version

How to Enable Developers Options

If you want to know more about this subject, we recommend reading our article on Developer Options.

1. Go to Settings

If you don’t know how to get to your phone’s settings, check out our article 20 Ways to Go to Your Phone’s Settings.

How to Enable Developer Options on any Android phone - Settings app
Settings app

2. Go to About Phone

Scroll down and tap on the About Phone button.

Tap on About Phone

3. Tap on Build Number 7 Times

Discover Developer Options
Discover Developer Options

You are now a developer! Congratulations!

Find Your Android Version – Be Informed!

Thankfully, checking what version of Android you’re running doesn’t take very long, and you can even update your Android version from the same menu. The number updates exactly when your Android does, so go back to this menu anytime you’re wondering what version you’re running now.

If you have any questions about the Android version or info that you can’t find on your Android, please leave them down below.

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  1. Hi…. i have recently aquired a note 8 that does not upgrade. Its stuck at 8.5 and security level last upgraded at april 2017.
    Can you assist?

      1. No it didn’t do anything. Is there no other way to update other than flashing it or using Odin? I tried that and it didn’t work either using a MAC and it doesn’t play well with android…… (not a techie and not very patient either).

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