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5 Best Fingerprint Door Lock for your Home (Guarantee All-Out Protection)

Even with the most expensive padlocks, some homes are still not exempted from home robbers. These criminals will still find a way to enter houses and wreak havoc. 

Imagine this…

You’re alone with your kids when suddenly robbers enter your home and steal from you. We can only imagine the horror and trauma you and your will have to go through. If only there’s a lock door that guaranteed 100% safety and protection.

Good thing…

In today’s ever-changing technology, manufacturer’s have found a way to incorporate fingerprints into door locks. The best thing about this is that only those people’s fingerprints registered in the lock can open it. 

Now, talking about the added safety and protection. Plus, they are stronger than your regular door locks.

So, are you looking for a fingerprint door lock that will ensure your family’s safety? We’ve got you covered. With over thousands of options available, we have shortlisted the ones that are the best in this field.

Is this your first time buying fingerprint door lock for your home? Well, you must be confused on what specifications you should look into and the features that will suit your requirements. 

Then, read on because in this article we will help you find the best fingerprint door locks for your home, workplace, business stores, or wherever!

Without further ado, let’s begin!

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5 Best Fingerprint Door Locks

Quickly navigate through the items and jump right into your preference:

  1. Eufy Security Smart Lock.
  2. SamtechT Keyless Entry Door Lock.
  3. Smonet Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock.
  4. Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock.
  5. Level Bolt Smart Lock.

1. Eufy Security Smart Lock

Fingerprint Door Locks
Eufy Security Fingerprint Door Locks

The Eufy Security Smart Lock is a keyless entry door lock that unlocks doors in 1.3 seconds. Users can unlock the door in 4 different ways that includes key unlock, fingerprint unlock, keypad unlock, and security app unlock using BlueTooth. 

The lock is compatible with Wi-Fi bridges that are sold separately. It consists of IP65 weatherproofing and automatic locking feature as well so it’s a perfect main door lock.


Material usedZinc
Lock type‎Keypad Lock, Biometric Lock
BrandEufy Security
Dimensions (LxWxH)6.26 x 2.8 x 1.06 inches
Finish type Metallic painting coated
Shape Rectangular
Control methodApp
Controller type Vera
Power sourceBattery powered
Pattern Bluetooth electronic deadbolt
Weight 1601 g
Special featuresHigh security cylinder, 4 ways to unlock that includes Key unlock, fingerprint unlock, keypad unlock, and security app unlock using bluetooth
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2. SamtechT Keyless Entry Door Lock

Fingerprint Door Locks
Samtech Fingerprint Door Locks

Another great fingerprint door lock is the one from Samtech. This keyless entry lock unlocks the doors in five various ways.

One, you can unlock the door using a passcode which you can share with your family members so they will all have access. Next, there’s a key card unlock feature, which resembles that of hotel rooms,  fingerprint unlock, key unlock, finally, app unlock.

The app unlock is very convenient because you can already unlock your door even when you’ve just parked your car and you’re carrying the groceries so you can enter right away.

The best thing about the SamTech fingerprint door is that it unlocks in just a span of 0.3 seconds –– that’s one of the quickest smart door locks.

Furthermore, users will be able to monitor when the door was last locked so you can also detect who might be the last person to leave your house too.


Material usedZinc
Lock typeKeypad lock
Dimensions (LxWxH)‎7 x 3 x 1.12 inches
Finish type Satin Nickel 
Shape Rectangular
Control method App
Controller type Safely smart lock app
Power sourceBattery powered
PatternKeyless smart lock
Weight 1814 g
Special featuresKeyless smart lock, 5 ways to unlock that passcode unlock, key card unlock, key unlock, fingerprint unlock, and app unlock
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3. Smonet Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock

Fingerprint Door Locks
Smonet Fingerprint Door Locks

If you’re looking for a smart door lock that is well integrated into your other smart home devices then this is it. The Smonet fingerprint electronic deadbolt door lock is connected to your smart devices. It’s compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant however, you must ensure that it’s connected to the home Wi-Fi for this feature to work.

This door lock unlocks in 0.5 seconds which is way faster than still having to look for your keys in your bag. What’s great about it is you can customize a specific passcode that’s timed or just for one-time passes for your friends and guests. Imagine the convenience of not having to go back and forth when someone arrives.


Material usedZinc
Lock typeKeypad lock
Dimensions (LxWxH)6.54 x 2.56 x 1.57 inches
Finish type Satin Nickel
Shape Rectangular
Control method App, Touch
Controller typeAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Power sourceBattery powered
Pattern Smart deadbolt
Weight 1047 g
Special features5 ways to unlock that includes fob unlock, key unlock, fingerprint unlock, app unlock, and passcode unlock
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4. Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock

Fingerprint Door Locks
Sifely Fingerprint Door Locks

Sifely promotes the highest level of safety and durability for its smart door lock. This keyless lock door allows you to unlock your door in five ways. It also promotes safe and easy installation as it does not require drilling. 

This is the perfect option when you want your place rented out like in AirBnb’s. You can remotely set up a passcode and you don’t have to necessarily input it.

In addition, the Sifely entry door lock is designed for maximum durability that can withstand any weather conditions so it’s the perfect main door lock. Moreover, you can quickly unlock your door in just 0.3 seconds.


Material usedZinc
Lock typeKeypad lock
Dimensions (LxWxH)1.2 x 3 x 7 inches
Finish typeStainless steel
Shape Rectangular
Control method App
Controller typeSifely Smart Lock App
Power sourceBattery powered
Pattern Keyless smart lock
Weight 1814 g
Special featuresRemote control access with optional wifi bridge, durability, high level of security, simple installation without having to drill, and 5 ways to unlock that includes key fobs unlock, key unlock, fingerprint unlock, smartphone unlock, and passcode unlock
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5. Level Bolt Smart Lock

Fingerprint Door Locks
Level bolt Fingerprint Door Locks

There’s no more unique-looking smart door lock than the one from Level Home. Despite its look, the smart door lock is keyless. This lock allows you to unlock using the Level app that’s BlueTooth enabled.

The lock’s design is thoughtfully crafted to provide the best security to your home. It’s relatively smaller compared to the other items on this list. Furthermore, the lock is compatible with Apple homekit. 


Material usedStainless steel
Lock typeSmart lock
BrandLevel Home Inc.
ColorSatin chrome
Dimensions (LxWxH)3.31 x 1 x 2.25 inches
Finish typeSatin chrome
Shape Round
Control method App
Controller type ‎Android, Apple HomeKit, IOS
Power sourceBattery powered
Pattern Deadbolt
Weight 471 g
Special featuresSmart deadbolt lock, can work with your existing lock for keyless lock entry, app enabled bluetooth lock with smartphone access, and can be unlocked with Apple homekit
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A Detailed Comparison

Eufy Security Smart LockBluetooth electronic deadboltAppVeraYes
SamtechT Keyless Entry Door LockKeyless smart lockAppSifely smart lock appYes
Smonet Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door LockSmart deadboltApp, TouchAmazon Alexa, Google AssistantYes
Sifely Keyless Entry Door LockKeyless smart lockAppSifely Smart Lock AppYes
Level Bolt Smart LockDeadboltApp‎Android, Apple HomeKit, IOSYes

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is a fingerprint door lock?

Like most smart gadgets, users frequently overlook the fact that a smart lock is a miniature computer that is vulnerable to hacking. If your lock is Bluetooth-enabled, hackers may be able to access the lock itself or the data on your phone to gain entry.

Which is more secure, a fingerprint or a password?

PIN- and password-based authentication methods are less secure than fingerprint recognition. A fingerprint scanner is difficult to hack, and recent advancements in scanning technology have further increased its security.

Final Thoughts on Fingerprint Door Lock

We have curated the best fingerprint door locks that can help keep your home and belongings safe and secure. Investing in a good product that is manufactured by one of the well reputed companies is very important. 

Investing in a fingerprint lock with good specifications and features is also essential. You can choose a fingerprint lock that best suits your requirement from the above-mentioned list. After all, you and your family’s safety shouldn’t be compromised.

Which among the items above did you buy? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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