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Fitbit App Review Android, Keep your Body Fit

Running is the best way to keep yourself in shape. Although I’m not an avid runner I do tend to partake from time to time.

I’ll be honest here, I only run to test apps which require running. So far I’ve run around four times this month, which is a lot for a guy like me. I’ve really enjoyed running with other pedometer apps for Android and Fitbit is among them.

This is one of the few great running apps for android which makes you feel at home. This is an essential part of welcoming a newcomer into healthy lifestyle.

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The Good

This app basically works well with Fitbit activity trackers. But it can work without one too which is surprising for a first party app made for a health band. The app can use GPS to track your runs, hikes and walks. The results are quite accurate and app provides you with the necessary details. There is also a food log to keep track of your calorie intake.

The Bad

The app is designed to be used with a dedicated activity tracking band. Although it can provide a good experience without a band, it will be better with one. I can’t just blame the app here because it discloses the information right on the Google Play page. The app sometimes miscalculates the steps I take.

The Bottom Line

This workout app for android will work great with a band. But as a bare-bones pedometer App for android it can work out just fine. However I would flat-out recommend other apps if you don’t own the peripheral. Other apps can provide the same features with added details.

The First Look

Installation of Fitbit can be achieved directly from the Google store page. Simply tap on the install button and the app will be downloaded. The package is of only 20 MB and will download in a few seconds. If your mobile data allows, you can even download the app with it.

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After the app is downloaded, launch it from the notification bar or the app drawer. The first screen you see will be the login one. I don’t like apps which force me to login and Fitbit is guilty of doing just that. After you’ve logged in, the app will help you pair the tracker easily.

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Don’t worry if you don’t have the tracker yet, just select the bottom option and you’re ready to run.

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But wait, you still have to enter your information into the app. This is an essential step which cannot be avoided. Enter the information as accurately as you can. And ladies you need to lie about your age here, it’s for your own good.

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The Interface

After you’re done with all that data entry, you will be taken to the main screen. Here you can see your personalized data and plan.

Fitbit 006

This pedometer app for android also comes with a standard interface. It’s a tried and tested formula which works really well on running apps. At the top left corner of the screen you will see three horizontal lines, these will activate the side panel.

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Tap on an option and you will be taken to a new screen. For example, if you tap on theTrack Your Exercise option on the main screen you’ll be taken to another one. From there you can manually enter your run or take an actual one.

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The app is designed really well and it reflects in the interface. Everything is easily accessible and nothing is hidden behind additional menus. A running app should be kept simple and Fitbit follows the formula to the latter.


The app works well if you have a tracker, that much is clear. Even if you don’t have one, you can still use some of the features in the app.

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There is a robust Create Food Plan feature available in the app. While it doesn’t have the quality of the best weight loss apps for android, it does come close. All you need to do is enter your current and desired weight and the app will make a custom plan for you. From there you can use the best cooking apps for android to control your diet.

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The app even has different levels of workouts. You can select the one which suits you best and it will arrange the proper calorie intake automatically.

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In usage Fitbit is a very comfortable app to use. It is abundantly clear that this app is designed with the trackers in mind.

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The food logging, calorie counting, and the weight loss features are great to use. This running app for android can put a dent in your fat gradually but surely. The graphs and the details will motivate you to do better on till you reach your goal.

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The app can know my location and it can even access my accounts and contacts. But that is just fine because it will need to use GPS for the runs. And the social features will definitely need access to my contacts. But what I don’t understand is why the app would need to access my messages. There might be a feature which I’m not aware of but as of now this permission seems unnecessary.


Fitbit is an app made for first party trackers. If you don’t have one I don’t see any reason to use this app. There are several great pedometer apps available for android. Walk with map and Runtastic both are quality running apps. Honestly, I would push you in the direction of those apps first. But if you do have a tracker then this is the best app for you. If you have any questions or queries about this app feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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